When Public Schools Will Do Just Fine

Send your kid to a prestigious New England boarding school for 100K or so a year, and maybe they’ll get to hear Karl Rove at commencement, on your dime. From Huffington Post blogger, Marty Kaplan:

It’s sad that Choate will offer its reputation and podium as a laundry for Karl Rove’s legacy. But in an age when cable news networks scramble to sign up as “analysts” boldfaced names like Tom DeLay, G. Gordon Liddy, Ralph Reed, Bill Bennett and Dick Morris, I guess it shouldn’t be surprising when marquee value trumps moral values.

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  1. Rogue109 says:


    If some parents object, they can remove their children from the school and stop paying that institution the required tuition. What is wrong with Choate doing this if they want? It’s a private school, after all! Are you going to object if they have former President Clinton speak for an equal amount?

    Aren’t you in favor of an open exchange of ideas and listening to all sides? Can’t alleged Conservatives be paid for speeches if people want them to come and speak? Or is it only left-of-center individuals that are worthy of free speech in your eyes?

    Of course, with your defenders on this site, it appears that even the merest criticism of you is viewed as the automatic presence of bias. Such a viewpoint is as preposterous as the need you feel for making the above posting here on PP.

    The SpaceyG legacy lives on…

  2. juliobarrios says:

    Liberals only like the free exchange of ideas if all of the ideas are liberal. Just take a trip to Emory the next time a Conservative speaker is brought in – maybe they’ll let him speak in a “free speech zone”. The free exchange of ideas in academics is a myth.

  3. Rogue109 says:


    You are exactly on point. Just ask David Horowitz who can’t even complete a speech without having something thrown at him or having the stage rushed by enlightened and free-thinking liberals!

    And, no, I’m not talking about ALL liberals (grin).

  4. SpaceyG says:

    At what point Rogue hon did I say Rove should NOT speak there? Frankly, if I was a yappy little priviledged rich wanker at Choate, I’d relish the opportuity to make a big ‘ole stinky mess at such a speech. I’m sure many will not miss such a priceless opportunity themselves. As they say, freedom ain’t exactly free, eh?!

  5. StevePerkins says:

    juliobarrios hit the nail on the head. No Democrat from the hometown of Emory University is in any position to talk about intelligently responding to guest speakers on a school campus.

  6. rugby fan says:

    Steve et al:

    Just curious, but do you think Liberty, Bob Jones, &c. allow free thinking and a ready flow of ideas?

    So perhaps the issue is not liberalism v. conservatism but ideologues? No, of course not. Let’s score political points where we can.

  7. Rogue109 says:

    “Frankly, if I was a yappy little priviledged rich wanker at Choate[…]”

    SpaceyG, as always, you are the beacon of tolerance and respect for others. I can see why you feel you are so progressive and enlightened.

    And Rugby Fan, if you can point out when a Liberal speaker at one of those universities had a pie thrown in their face, or had people in the audience shout them down, or had audience members rush the stage to assault the speaker, you would find me just as outraged.

    Now, it could be that no Liberals were invited to speak. If so, that’s their own fault. But when a speaker is invited to a school (be it Conservative or Liberal) they should be allowed to speak and move on.

    The problem with this posting from SpaceyG is that she (1) thinks Conservatives are sub-human, should not be allowed to have opinions and, of course, should bow down to her enlightened thinking and (2) she just is plain jealous of the rich.

  8. StevePerkins says:

    Rugby: Nah, you’re certainly not going to sucker me into leaping to the defense of pseudo-schools like Liberty or Bob Jones. I would simply think that a school like Emory would aspire for better.

    Not allowing thoughts an ideas on campus (i.e. Liberty and Bob Jones) is bad. Allowing them, and then shouting them down like baboons (i.e. Emory) is equally bad… and has the added drawback of making you appear to have even less class than the former.

  9. rugby fan says:


    You could, or rather should, be able to draw a distinction between institutions inviting speakers and students acting out of turn.

    If students wish to be young and disrespectful for authority (which I feel transcends all political ideology) then so be it.

    However, if Baylor, or Dartmouth, or whoever else, does not even make an attempt to have a chance for dialogue, that is far worse.

    Emory (which I must admit, your one example out of 2,000 or so colleges is a little weak and growing old) invited a speaker to challenge popular conventions, good for them. Students were being dumb. So what.

  10. juliobarrios says:


    “Just curious, but do you think Liberty, Bob Jones, &c. allow free thinking and a ready flow of ideas?”

    First of all your list would drop off dramatically with the “&c” and second I find it very humorous that your equating these schools with mainstream academia.

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