20% More Democrats Vote In South Carolina Primary Than Republicans

What gives when such an incredibly intelligent man like Senator John Douglas (ha!) says that it’s “disturbing how radically left wing the national democratic party has become.”

I could go on and on about how much bigger the federal government has gotten under the Bush Presidency and when Republicans were in control of Congress. About how our Republican Congress and President couldn’t get enough of big government meddling in the personal lives of its citizens, taking over state control of education, expanding Medicare to buy votes from seniors, spending money recklessly on pork projects, and mindless meddling in other state functions (remember Terry Schiavo?). Not to mention that one of the top 3 GOP Presidential candidates pushed for and signed a law when he was Governor of Massachusetts that required its residents to purchase health insurance whether they wanted to or not.

But all that is beside the point.

Don’t the numbers tell a completely different story from what party hacks like Douglas would have you believe as far as how “extreme” the Democratic Party has become? Many more voters are participating in the Democratic primaries than the Republican primaries. And it is not that one party’s primaries are more competitive than the other. They are both very heated even at this late date. So which party is the one who is out of touch?

Take South Carolina for example. Republicans should be very concerned that in one of the most conservative states in the country, 20% more South Carolinians voted in the Democratic primary than voted in the Republican primaries. I would not be surprised to see similar results in Georgia next week.

So how in the world can a party that is supposedly drifting towards McGovernism be so popular? And if that is really true, based on these numbers, isn’t Douglas predicting doom for the GOP this year?


  1. IndyInjun says:

    Speaking as one who voted for every GOP POTUS from Nixon to the present moron in the White House, the GOP must die and be reborn.

    Only the GOP destroyers of America could make the Democrats so appealing.

    Y’all are down to 30% nationally and a LOT of Georgians are getting antsy.

    Never, ever say around me that the Republican Party has anything to do with conservatism.

    My apologies go to the kids for destroying their future by ever voting for this crowd.

  2. juliobarrios says:

    “So how in the world can a party that is supposedly drifting towards McGovernism be so popular?”

    As less and less people pay income tax and more and more folks are getting “free” stuff from the government, the idea of an expanding federal government becomes increasingly popular. The allure of “free” stuff is a tough trance to break.

    If you haven’t saved any money for your kid to go to college and a politician comes to you and says, “I’m going to take $5,000 from your neighbor and give it to you so your kid can go to college.” – it would be very difficult to turn down.

    See Hillary’s recent give away proposals for $5,000 baby bonds and $1,000 in 401k starter money for further proof.

  3. Decaturguy says:

    I’m not saying I support those proposals, juliobarrios, but isn’t the point of those proposals an attempt to get people to start saving for themselves so they don’t have to rely on government programs or social security? Didn’t the GOP propose something similar as part of its social security reform package that never got of the ground? How come when a Democrat proposes such it is called “socialism,” but when a Republican proposes it it is called “reform.”

  4. juliobarrios says:


    It’s not saving if the Government is doing it for you. I don’t see how giving someone $5,000 encourages them to save. To me the message is: “don’t save and the government will take care of you.”

    I know there were a number of GOP SS reforms, if any of them were taking other citizens’ money to subsidize another’s private fund then feel free to call it socialism.

    I was generally supportive to the SS opt-out idea of taking the money you earn and placing it in a private fund – although I’m not sure how we can get there since the politicians have spent the trust fund and the whole thing has turned into a Ponzai scheme.

  5. IndyInjun says:

    JulioBarrios wrote:

    “To me the message is: “don’t save and the government will take care of you.””

    The message from the GOP is “IF you are stupid enough to save, we will drop interest rates to 1% to TAKE CARE of the corrupt bankers”

    The supposed “stimulous” package initiated by the GOP gives money away that will be borrowed from China AND it throws $hundreds of billions of liablities onto the GSE’s from the banks that will be bailed out by the public.

    It has come down to choosing the lesser of the toxic political poisons and the GOP ain’t it.

  6. juliobarrios says:


    On some level I agree with you, although what would your immediate solution be (I know what it would be longterm) to avoid an economic meltdown. Or do you not do anything or believe it’s just delaying the inevitable.

  7. IndyInjun says:

    It is not only delaying the inevitable, it is making the day of reckoning worse. America can be great again, but not with this kind of “leadership.”

    Some economists worry that the falling dollar and falling interest rates on the dollar will make foreign lending dry up. What they miss is that US citizens will send $hundreds of Billions out to places like Switzerland in a flood of capital pouring to havens outside the USA. As for the $6 trillion in $US reserves that foreigners hold, it is pouring in to buy up America and into South America and Africa to buy commidities secured under long term contracts while the US was mired in Iraq.

    This is the damage that the GOP has done.

    They won’t do it anymore with my vote.

    It is time to take our medicine, end the empire, close the borders, curtail the welfare state, and spend the next two decades rebuilding America after the Republican disaster.

  8. StevePerkins says:

    I’m angry that I have absolutely nothing to say in defense of the GOP against this. Well, I suppose I should point out that Dems haven’t really accomplished anything positive themselves, and are more effective at critiquing Bush than they are at being leaders in their own right. Still, that’s not a real defense of where the GOP’s been over the past decade.

  9. Still Looking says:

    Perhaps the most important trend in the election so far is that participation is way up for the Democrats in every state. Some of the increase can be attributed to Obama’s appeal to youth and black voters. Hillay is also bringing women to the polls in record numbers. But most of the surge in voter turnout can be laid at the feet of George Bush and the enormous failures in Iraq where we are wasting nearly $10 billion per month – with no end in sight. McCain who matches up best with Hillary, has been winning the votes of people oppossed to the war. That vote will be highly suspect in November.

    The pubic was deliberately deceived on Iraq (wmd, welcomed as liberators, Iraq oil would bankroll the war, etc, etc). To most Americans we haven’t accomplished anything except waste money and waste the lives of dedicated, brave soldiers. The GOP is going to pay the price in November for its deception and for mis-managing government.

  10. IndyInjun says:

    I ask myself if even the blithering idiot Cynthia McKinney could have done a worse job than Saxby Chambliss.

    SERIOUSLY all you GOPers, if someone had told you that the Dems would get into total control in 2000 and:

    2. increase all social programs by 70%;
    3. run up a $2.5 trillion tab on a war against the wrong country while giving $12 billion to the real enemy;
    4. launch a NEW $8 trillion unfunded entitlement;
    5. have an outbreak of gay perversion encompassing a White House lobbyist, a party Rep, a party Senator AND the leader of the preeminent church group behind the party;
    6. fire, scapegoat, demote, and ostracize a LONG list of good party folks just for standing against the avalanche of corruption and
    7. give GRANTS of $180 grand to irresponsible folks living in flood zones with no insurance – you would not have believed it because the DEMS NEVER DID ANYTHING LIKE IT IN FORTY YEARS OF CONTROL!!!!!!!

    This week an old friend who swiched from the Dems to GOP in the early 80’s announced his candidacy for a commission seat. I asked him if he recalled how bad it got to be a Dem in the early 80’s, to which he replied “Yes.” I then told him that the GOP was now worse and he needed to run as an Indy, because friends don’t let friends run or vote under the GOP label.

    ‘666’ imprinted on their foreheads is about the same here as ‘GOP.”

    A vote for the GOP is a vote against America.

  11. souldrift says:

    You guys are dancing around the point. Voters listing themselves as “Independent” is UP. Voters listing themselves as “Democrat” are UP. Voters listing themselves as “Republican” are DOWN. <a href=”http://www.harrisinteractive.com/harris_poll/index.asp?PID=727″2006 figures.

    People are frustrated by Republican big government and Republican “machisimo” foreign policy in which every problem needs to be solved with a “War”, and even more important, they are FED UP with being told they’re inferior Americans if they disagree.

    If the GOP had results to back up their rhetoric it might be different, but I wholeheartedly disagree that my opposition to the war and believe that it SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN WAGED is inferior in any way to the mindless “stay the course” horse-patootey. Then to be lectured about it day-in-day-out by loudmouth blowhard spokespeople like Limbaugh/Orally/Spammity and the asshat Glenn Beck–which convinces other idiots to treat Democrats the same way–is adding insult to injury.

    Personally, I am enjoying that Mike Huckabee is splitting the GOP by inserting populism into the mix–mainly because I am gaining personal pleasure at the self-destruction of the pompous, arrogant GOP.

    Good riddance.

  12. souldrift says:

    Funny — my wording of “pompous, arrogant GOP” reminds me: Don’t forget that your anointed President, Bush, is one of the few Presidents in recent memory who openly mocks those who disagree or question him. He also flagrantly and flippantly disregards facts when he has opposed beliefs–such as the conclusions of the NIE on Iran, where for some reason he thinks he knows better than the 18 intelligence agencies who no doubt have far more intelligence than he’ll ever be able to comprehend.

    This trend leads to my assertion that not only is the GOP of late pompous and arrogant, but they consider themselves the only ones of valid opinion! Examples take going no farther than the comments on this post–where only the opinions of the self-important elite are considered acceptable.

    We’re sick and friggin’ tired of the attitude, to be totally honest.

  13. Bill Simon says:


    He learned how to stirke out against his enemies by watching Bill Clinton all those years. The only difference appears to be that Bush’s enemies STAYED ALIVE.

  14. juliobarrios says:

    “The pubic was deliberately deceived on Iraq”

    Not sure if I agree with the deliberate part. Too many notable Dems (including both Clintons) are on record talking about Iraq and WMD’s before Bush was sworn in.

  15. rugby fan says:

    “He learned how to stirke out against his enemies by watching Bill Clinton all those years. The only difference appears to be that Bush’s enemies STAYED ALIVE.”

    When did Newt Gingrich die?

  16. Icarus says:


    If Newt is no longer with us, and that has been kept from the news, then we have moved on to a bigger set of problems than people who can’t get sworn in.

  17. Still Looking says:

    Julio, In the run-up to the invasion, Bush conducted a more thorough analysis of Iraq than had been previously conducted. There is a broad consensus that information was cherry-picked to make the Iraq threat greater than it was in reality. Bush administration has a habit of creating their own reality, regardless of an objective consideration of the facts.

    BTW, Obama’s SC vote exceeded the combined votes of McCain’s and Huckabee.

  18. Goldwater Conservative says:

    I may be the only republican to defend the low turn out, but it seems as if the GOP base is generally satisfied with how things are going. Regardless of which GOP candidate wins the nomination,…it is unlikely that the administrations would be very different from each other. We all, those old enough to remember, knew that Humphrey was going to win in 68…democratic performance was very high, but only because of how angry and loud they were. Nixon won though. Remember that silent majority. I am sure this same “high participation” phenomenon will happen for us when Clinton in the democratic nominee.

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