Obama – Miracle Worker

Being a native South Carolinian, I have never seen a gathering of South Carolinians, of all traditionally polarized populations, so unified or so diverse, or so energized and thrilled, as I just saw during Obama’s terrific speech, just now, following his gi-normous primary victory in the Palmetto State. He was seriously on his A-game, and his speech was truly mesmerizing, exhilarating and uplifting. Dude is on to something. If he can do that to South Carolina, shouldn’t be too hard to work that magic elsewhere.

And now we’re on to Bill Bennett on CNN’s critique of the entrance/exit music choices for each campaign. Hmmmm….


  1. John Douglas says:

    Earth to Spacey….. (no pun intended)

    It is disturbing how radically left wing the national democratic party has become. Left wing policies that would make George McGovern blush are batted around like they were the best thing that could ever happen to America. Pure socialism is in store for America is Obama or Edwards wins, only slightly less if Hillary were to win.

  2. BubbaRich says:


    Do you have an example of any of this? I’ll admit, the current Republican Party has become socialist, and would disgust McGovern, but I haven’t heard the fairly conservative candidates Obama or Clinton saying anything more socialist than the GOP field, except Ron Paul.

  3. juliobarrios says:

    “If he can do that to South Carolina, shouldn’t be too hard to work that magic elsewhere.”

    This wasn’t a surprise at all since 1/2 the Dem primary voters are black in SC.

  4. Jmac says:

    Aside from the fact that the central core of Obama’s stimulus package is tax relief, it’s quite clear John’s stuck in 1983 – or possibly 1953 – since turnout for the Democratic primaries are dwarfing turnout for Republican ones (450,000 in the South Carolina GOP primary, compared with 500,000 in the Democratic one … again, in South Carolina).

    But, hey, use whatever talking points you like, that’s fine. It’s easier to ignore reality that way.

  5. souldrift says:


    I expect we’ll hear the words “socialism” and “socialized medicine” and “socialist” over and over from now until November. Don’t you realize that your party has had 8 years in power, and has failed to get the people’s work done?

    He appeals to those of us who think the Iraq war was a mistake, and who think the Right’s Limbaugh-Coulter-Hannity-DeLay vicious style of politics is nauseating at best, repulsive and laughable at worst.

    Therefore, more name calling and belly-aching isn’t going to do it for you. You have your work cut out for you.

    Obama ’08.

  6. I remember when I was a kid we were in Miami in 1968 for my cousin’s wedding. The Democrat Convention was a literal riot. Looks like the Clintons would like to make this as split as possible. They do know how to play hardball.

  7. Harry says:

    A Freeper spoke: Has Clinton successfully marginalized Obama as the black candidate? Doing so will certainly hurt her in the general as precious resources must go to defray the damage to the plantation.

  8. John Konop says:

    The truth is Obama has a moderate record on spending. In fact one could argue other than Ron Paul his record is better than most of the candidates.

    …..The Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act, co-sponsored by U.S. Sens. Barack Obama, D-Ill., and Tom Coburn, R-Okla., requires the government to set up a free, searchable Web site listing all entities receiving federal grants, contracts or other monetary awards of $25,000 or more……..


    I agree with Bill Bennett that if you agree or not with Obama on issues he has done a great job of moving beyond race with his message and bringing people together.

    I disagree with Obama on issues like immigration and taxes yet agree with him on trade and transparency of government.

    At the end Obama does seem like a rational leader who can work with different views and reach across Party lines to bring people together. I also think Huckabee, Romney, McCain and Paul have the same ability.

    Comments like John Douglas made from either side only serves to divide the Country and keep them in power.

    If John Douglas was really concerned about spending why did he support Bush and company while they put the government 9 trillion in the red and growing?

    John Douglass can you defend the Highway, Energy, Farm, Drug Prescription, No Child Left Behind……..? This was the largest expansion of government in history!

  9. Redcatcher says:

    Find and read Dick Morris’s latest about the Clinton vs Obama. The Clintons wanted the S.C. win for their opponent as now race will really become an issue. I think you will find the article interesting. It is on Real Clear Politics

  10. SpaceyG says:

    Actually, I got a little ahead of myself in SC. I should know better, knowing full well how biggoted and racist and hateful most white men really are in SC. Obama only got a quarter of the white male vote there. Still, it was more than they gave it up for Hillary. So rest easy, those who think SC white men may have actually changed their ways… they’re still comfortably racist AND sexist!

  11. Decaturguy says:

    You can always count on John Douglas to give us some moronic talking points and use the term “left wing” or “socialist” in every argument.

    Pretty weak.

  12. John Konop says:


    Could it be that Black Democrats voted for the best candidate? Obama never played the race card in fact he message was opposite. Edwards used the two Americas sales pitch and got the lowest support from blacks and had most of his support from whites with no college education.

    Any rational person can see Obama has been a very positive force bringing people together. I agree with Bill Bennett, agree or not with Obama he does represent what is great about America. Obama has demonstrated you can run a contest on character and issues and if people agree they will support the person based on ideas not race.

    The part I found most interesting is how Obama support is a combination of young and college educated people that includes all races.

  13. juliobarrios says:


    I didn’t throw the race card out on the table and agree with you 100%. My only point is if your going to label the SC Democrat white males as racists and biggots because 3/4’s of them didn’t vote for Obama, then what do you label the demographic where 4/5’s voted for Obama?

    There were 3 people in the race – 2 whites and 1 black so the 4/5 number is even more statistically astounding than a cursory comparison to the 3/4 number.

  14. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    How does this guy (Douglas) get elected? What are people like in his district? There has to be a beeter candidate out there.

  15. juliobarrios says:

    To be fair Obama won with 55% of the vote. So in a society desperate to label people you’d have to compare a given demographic to the 55% number. If you’re given demographic voted less than 55% for Obama than you’re a racist, if you’re demographic voted more than 55% for Obama then you hate white people.

  16. John Konop says:


    Obama won 52 percent of the non-black vote under 30. Among the over-60s, he won a mere 15 percent of the non-black vote.

    It looks like an age issue?

  17. GodHatesTrash says:

    Surprised that that sack of crap Bill Bennett can waddle away from the buffet lines at the casino anymore. What an effing pig.

  18. GodHatesTrash says:

    That a clown like Senator Douglas can rise to the rank of Major in the US Army speaks volumes as to what’s wrong with our military.

    At least his superiors had the good sense not to send troops into harm’s way under his command.

  19. John Konop says:

    Clinton Camp Says Obama Is Now “The Black Candidate”

    WOW Clinton has lost any dignity at this point!

    HP-Barack Obama routed Hillary Rodham Clinton in the racially charged South Carolina primary Saturday night, regaining campaign momentum in the prelude to a Feb. 5 coast-to-coast competition for more than 1,600 Democratic National Convention delegates….

    …Clinton campaign strategists denied any intentional effort to stir the racial debate. But they said they believe the fallout has had the effect of branding Obama as “the black candidate,” a tag that could hurt him outside the South.

    Meanwhile, Bill Clinton compared Obama’s win in South Carolina to Rev. Jesse Jackson’s two South Carolina victories during the eighties. Watch the video, and Obama’s response this morning on ABC’s This Week:


  20. BubbaRich says:

    John Konop:

    I don’t take the Huffington Post as a good source, any more than I take the right wingnut newspaper that leaked something and blamed it on Hillary Clinton seriously.

  21. souldrift says:

    Bubba, that article John quoted is from the Associated Press. Another copy is found here:

    Strategists working for the New York senator deny any intentional effort by Bill Clinton, his wife or even surrogates like Bob Johnson, who referred to Obama’s admitted drug use, to stir the racial debate. But they say they believe the fallout has had the effect of branding Obama as “the black candidate,” something he has worked to avoid.

  22. Icarus says:


    If I type what I want to with regards to your last comment, I will be very ashamed and probably (and rightfully) be banned from PeachPundit forever.

  23. juliobarrios says:


    Obama and company aren’t clean on the race card and one could argue they played it first. When Hillary was trying to explain how LBJ, and his legislative prowess, got much of the Civil Rights Laws passed, Obama’s gang couldn’t wait to introduce race into the argument.

  24. John Konop says:


    I disagree with you. It was a clear strategy of the Clinton campaign after Iowa to fear monger Democratic whites and Hispanics into voting for her at the expense of the black vote.

    This is straight out of the Rove and Clinton playbook. This type of politics of demonizing and code words on race and religion is destroying our country. As you know the Clinton Bush era has taking this spewing of hate to a new level.

    What I respect about Obama and Paul is they have not used gutter politics to gain support.

    I also think in general Romney, Huckabee have had a softer tone. I think this is why Edwards two America sales pitch fell down hard.

    I sense most Americans are tired of this take all prisoners style politics. Issues like wages, spending, immigration, trade, healthcare, Iraq, education are what people are concerned about. And most of us realize that both parties have plenty of blame to share.

    Americans want solutions not spewing of hate.

  25. BubbaRich says:

    John Konop:

    I’d be hard pressed to find racism in that, even if it were David Duke’s interview.

    It seems like a valid comparison of somebody else who had success in similar primaries, but never made it to the nomination. You might argue that it indicts Democratic Party racism, but I don’t think it does that.

    He might be going for a subtle association of Obama with Jesse Jackson, who is more of a punchline in US politics, but I think it’s only racist to racists.

  26. BubbaRich says:

    John Konop:

    I don’t believe that the supposed racial politics are really an issue with you, since you’re supporting Ron Paul who published a racist newsletter under his name for a few decades. I suspect you just don’t like the Clintons, probably because you hate the great economy Bill Clinton presided over.

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