Josh Lanier Will Run For U.S. Senate

Josh Lanier has made it official. (Or he will soon.) He’s running for Georgia U.S. Senate. If anyone can challenge the leeching “golf course Republicans” who are ruining our country, it’d be Josh. Now all he needs is 4 million dollars, from Lord knows where, just like Saxby!

Josh says he’s gonna earn campaignin’ money the old-fashioned way… using the standards set forth in the new/proposed Fair Elections Now Act. That’ll mean getting that I-grassroots machine cranked-up. Like now. 


  1. ToddH says:

    Josh Lanier seems like a nice, decent guy but he is dumb, dumb, dumb. Why handicap yourself in a race where the opponent is under no obligation to do the same? Saxby will bury him no matter how many naive, idealistic notions he attempts to follow in his increasingly quixotic campaign. Democrats would be dumb, dumb, dumb to support him, but, then again, what the heck is the alternative?

  2. Well from someone who is also on a supposed “quixotic” campaign and who is “dumb, dumb, dumb” by Democrat Party standards I applaud anyone willing to break from the status quo and actually buck the political system. Passivity is a disease that affects a large portion of the population. The results speak for themselves. Our officials are supposed to “represent” the people who elect them. They should be held accountable and only by challenging them on a consistent basis can we keep them accountable.

    Why handicap yourself? I bet more than a few gave the same advice to Obama and Huckabee. The only thing that keeps our politicial system accountable is that people step up and challenge incumbents.

  3. juliobarrios says:

    “Why handicap yourself? I bet more than a few gave the same advice to Obama and Huckabee. ”

    How have Obama and Huckabee “handicaped” themselves?

    Let’s be honest this is not a significant sacrifice on Josh Lanier’s part since he’s unable to raise substantial money. It’s a great publicity stunt, but if Lanier actually thought he could raise $1 million plus the traditional way he’d remove his halo in a heartbeat.

  4. YourFutureLeader says:

    He’s a little late to the party, I know he’s been unofficially running for months and there has been a campaign to draft him going on, but can he realistically raise enough money, get his message out, and beat out the other 4 Democratic challengers in such a short amount of time?

  5. Josh Lanier says:

    Todd – I’ve been called many things in my life (which will surely now only increase, hah), but dumb is not one of them. I’ll try to wear it with pride.

    Raymond — Keep the faith.

    Julio – No, I wouldn’t. I could, but won’t. Grift is correct as usual.

    YFL & Holly — All things in good time.

    One of my jobs here — in fact, think of it as a gift from one generation preparing to pass the baton — is to use the knowledge and tactics I’ve learned to kick the system where it hurts and help blow down some doors that currently block the power of the individual and skew freedom. You can thank me later.

    In the interim, let’s have some fun.

  6. Dave Bearse says:

    Josh in the video in the provided link provided a pearl when he said that indeed the Iraq War differed from the Vietnam war for Bush and Chambliss—Bush and Chambliss had exit plans for the Vietnam war.

  7. juliobarrios says:

    “No, I wouldn’t. I could, but won’t.”

    I’m sure Herman’s fundraising machine could be cranked up (albeit with a hand-crack) at any moment. Sorry for being so cynical, just my nature. Even if you could raise the money (which I find a bit suspect, since it always seems to be the M.O. of unknown challengers with no chance of raising money to refuse money from the evil fat cats and special interest groups) you would definitely be in the minority from your Democrat buddies.

    The problem you’ve got is your a blue challenger, in a red state, with a blue Congress. Money tends to follow incumbents, so the Dem majority in Congress will have no interest in making it easier for challengers to run against them. Just like the Repubs, now that they are in the minority, are trying to implement a bunch of spending curtailments.

    I did read about the “fair elections now act” which is really scary stuff. It should be the “give a chance to arrogant Napoleans act”. It always amazes me when somebody is so convinced their ideas are great, but they can’t get two nickels to rub together, they demand the Government finance their message. Let’s try to quit demagoging all the fatcats and rich golfers and remember we’ve got a little thing called the 1st Amendment. Contrary to popular belief, the Amendment isn’t their so some artist can display his NEA financed picture of Jesus with feces on it – it’s there for political free speech. Which seems to be the one aspect of the 1st Amendment many seem complacent about limiting.

    In a sense I don’t blame you Josh when your Primary opponents are Mr. 3-Way, a pole sitter, and the teacher with a barely literate website. You’ve got a great chance of being the Dem nominee for Senate and that will at least get you a picture with Hillary and a good story to tell your grandkids.

  8. DMZDave says:

    I’m sure many of the folks who comment on this site are too young to remember Senator Talmadge and his scandals but when a former Talmadge staffer talks about “the old fashioned” way of raising money” I recall Mrs. Talmadge’s testimony about her husband always having wads of cash because lobbyists knew they literally needed to line his pockets before he would help line theirs. The Dems have a guy up a pole, a guy who one step ahead of the prosecutors in Dekalb County, another guy whose experience includes a stint as a Senate intern and PhD in Al Gore studies and now a guy from the segregationist wing of the party. What a fun bunch.

  9. Josh Lanier says:

    Ooh, lighten-up, Julio. The sky’s not going to fall. Besides, it’s Saturday. And re-read the Act. It’s bipartisan and voluntary. There are no First Amendment issues.

    Do right.

  10. IndyInjun says:

    Well, Josh Lanier certainly seems to be a viable candidate. Certainly the Democratic Party needs one.

    Do not count him out, if he can win in the primary.

    Speaking as a former 100% GOP voter, I can assure everyone here that I won’t be voting for Saxby Chambliss, who is a total impostor as a conservative and a Republican.

    If you consider yourself either a conservative and a Republican and you vote for old Saxby, you are a hypocrite.

    Good luck Josh Lanier. I won’t vote in the Dem primary, but if you get to the general election, you can count on my vote.

    As for the GOPers here, how on earth can you let Chambliss run unopposed after his record of treachery?

  11. Kirk Carter says:

    This should be a fun race for the Dems. Daffy Dale might just go crazier when its all said and done.

  12. juliobarrios says:


    I found myself laughing out loud when I read your comment, because I also saw the irony in the “old fashion” comment. I just assumed it mean Lanier would be taking envelopes of unrestricted and unreported cash.

  13. juliobarrios says:

    Here is the reality of the Dem Primary. You’ve got an extremely well known black, Dekalb politician running in a Primary with more than 50% black voters. Now there are 3 or 4 white candidates who will be splitting the remaining vote.

    And Josh, the bipartisan plan is a mirage. A bunch of folks back it to get the feel good types, but it will never come to a vote. In Washington the only thing more important the Republican Vs. Democrat is protection incumbents. As for the voluntary plan, I don’t see how voluntary it is if the idea is for the taxpayers to foot the bill for every delusional, Napolean who can’t get his great message out.

    The only question is whether Vernon will be able to win without a runoff and whether Lanier will be coming in second or third in the Primary.

  14. JDP says:

    Lanier is a really boring speaker and with his fundraising technique don’t expect to hear from him again this election cycle.

    Saxby will cruise to re-election

  15. ToddH says:


    Whatever floats your boat. You wanna wear, then wear it. The fact is that the November electorate is less politically aware than primary voters, what they know of a candidate is what they see on the television and hear on the radio. Without adequate money you are largely going to be defined by your opponent. Do you really want their impression of you to be generated by Saxby?

    All your idealism is nice and all but idealism doesn’t win elections. Instead, idealists lose and sit at home watching their opponents on CSPAN/CSPAN2. Get ya popcorn ready!

  16. juliobarrios says:

    If your campaign starts with a Socialist theme, wanting the government to pay for your campaign escapades, one can only imagine what roads would be taken as a Senator.

  17. Romegaguy says:

    Is Josh going to sit on a poll too or is he just going straight to writing a blog that nobody reads and posting links to it here?

  18. ChuckEaton says:

    I hear Dale Cardwell endorsed Obama. Unfortunately he made the endorsement on the same day as Kennedy’s daughter, so Cardwell didn’t get near the media exposure that he would have.

  19. JoBro8 says:

    Yeah. And I understand Zogby’s interactive polls are considered junk at best. But…

    Nobody likes Shameless, except for a few closed-minded righty-whiteys who blindly follow the will of the party regardless of how far from right their candidate really is…

  20. Icarus says:

    That’s a great campaign strategy Josh,

    just go around telling folks they’re closed minded whiteys. That’ll rack up the votes.

  21. Grapes says:

    Icarus, those comments weren’t made by Josh Lanier and obviously is not a campaign strategy of his. Be good.

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