Online Water Classes?

Does this sound like a cop-out to anyone else?

Georgia officials said Thursday they are working to ease restrictions on outdoor watering for homeowners and businesses —- even as the state climatologist forecast a need for harsher water restrictions this summer as the record drought continues.

A deal in the works could allow homeowners who take a short, online water conservation class to water their lawns and gardens during certain times. Landscape professionals who take a similar class —- either online or in person —- would be allowed to irrigate, within limits.

The pool industry is looking for similar relief from the state’s outdoor watering ban, in place since Sept. 28 for 61 North Georgia counties including all of metro Atlanta. The ban prohibits most outdoor water use, including watering lawns and flower gardens, filling swimming pools and washing your car.


  1. StevePerkins says:

    Interesting (in a very positive way) to see you questioning this rather than endorsing it, Erick. I just don’t get. Water use isn’t restricted for the hell of it, it’s restricted because we’re in the middle of a severe drought crisis which threatens the entire state. Before you can get “relief” from regulations, you need “relief” from God… in the form of RAIN.

    I do understand that people’s livelihood’s are at stake here. However, I don’t understand why they don’t lobby for government financial assistance to stay afloat (like farmers during a drought), rather than demand that they continue contributing to the crisis. The former makes me grumble a bit as a small-government guy, but the latter is just absolutely insane.

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