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Can government bureaucrats do anything right?

The competition for $10.6 million in federally funded grants for after-school programs in local systems all over Georgia — including Richmond and McDuffie counties — was “severely flawed,” a state audit of the Department of Education-administered program found.

The audit of the Twenty-First Century Community Learning Centers program for 2006-07 found evidence of “apparent collusion and management override of internal overrides” in the awarding of the grants for before- and after-school programs at community learning centers. At least two former state DOE employees, unnamed in the report, appear to have used their positions for personal gain in contracts awarded to “sub-grantees” of the local programs.

The audit by the Georgia Department of Audits was requested by state School Superintendent Kathy Cox after she learned of potential conflicts of interest among employees scoring the applications for the grants.

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  1. joltenjoe says:

    I’d say they got it perfect. Why else create such spending bills like NCLB if you can’t skim off the top?

    Thank you big spending Republicans (including most if not all of our own Republican Congressmen) for passing that monster of a spending bill

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