McCain is gaining steam in GA!

Steve Croy is the latest Fred Thompson supporter to join the McCain camp!  Croy served as the Georgia Finance Chairman for Fred Thompson and was on the National Finance Committee.  Croy and I are buddies and we worked hard to help Casey Cagle get elected. 

Also on board are State Representative Buddy Carter, former State Representative Bob Irvin, Joel McElhannon, Chatham County Commissioner David Gellatly (who chaired the Chatham County campaign), and Bibb County leader Bill Knowles (who chaired the Bibb County campaign). 

We’re on our way! 


  1. Jace Walden says:

    Croy and I our buddies

    You mean are buddies, right?

    BTW Bull,

    McCain is my 2nd choice behind Ron Paul, I’m still waiting on you to give me a convincing argument why McCain would be a better fit for me than Ron Paul.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    Thanks for the typo notice!

    Both Ron Paul and John McCain want lower taxes, less government spending, strict constructionist judges that won’t legislate from the bench, and believe in the greatness of the United States of America.

    The difference is that John McCain can actually win in November and help make that a reality whereas Ron Paul, for all his greatness, just can’t win in November.

  3. Icarus says:

    Jace, it’s pretty simple.

    Peach wants Huckabee

    Debbie wants Romney

    Everyone else should just vote McCain.

  4. Doug Deal says:


    There is always the other option. Hope all the candidates split as evenly as possible until the convention and have the convention select someone palatable. Even though I was alive for them, sometimes I miss the good old days.

  5. Tommy_a2b says:

    Come on Bull do you really believe what you type?

    “Both Ron Paul and John McCain want lower taxes, less government spending, strict constructionist judges that won’t legislate from the bench, and believe in the greatness of the United States of America. “

  6. Icarus says:


    With all the griping and moaning about the Republican establishment, do you really think that the delegates at a Republican National Convention will somehow pick someone better than the current crop?

  7. Doug Deal says:


    When you have picked the goat and Monte Hall gives you the option of curtain #2, do you care if there is a chance it is the rusted out bath tub and not the new car?

    (Purposefully using ancient reference to confuse and outwit Jace).

  8. Icarus says:

    Appreciate the reference. I hope Jace moves from his learner’s permit to a real license soon so he can drive himself to Blockbuster.

    As to your question, I’ve attended too many conventions to expect that the heard of goats and cows wearing elephant attire would know not to pick the rusted out bath tub, even if the door to the new car next to it was also open.

  9. waterboy says:

    So Romney picks up 11 Georgia legislators yesterday:
    Senator John Douglas
    Senator Lee Hawkins
    Senator Cecil Staton
    Representative Tim Bearden
    Representative Steve Davis
    Representative Earl Ehrhart
    Representative Johnny Floyd
    Representative Doug Holt
    Representative Billy Horne
    Representative John Lunsford
    Representative Tom Rice
    PLUS Sen. Eric Johnson on Monday

    and you post these guys with a headling “McCain is Gaining Steam” with a “We’re on our Way!”

    Surely you jest. Congrats on the pickups, but spare us the schoolgirl cheering.

  10. Doug Deal says:


    Don’t worry. By the time that you are finally out of diapers, and you get a keyboard not manufactured by fisher price, you might catch “Let’s Make a Deal” on TVLand.

  11. Be careful what you wish for when you talk brokered conventions….

    Just a few years ago, the Republican Party of Illinios had a “brokered” situation. The GOP nominee for US Senate, Jack Ryan, got caught up in a sex scandal. (call it what you will…)

    The Illinios GOP geniuses picked MARYLAND resident, Alan Keyes, as the brokered replacement nominee. (WHO would DO such a dumb thing?)

    It resulted in the most devastating loss the GOP ever had in Illinios. The magnitude of the loss created this fictional fairy tale (pun intended) of Obama being the far left winger who can finally “transcend” conservatives.

    Obama would have won the election anyway. But the magnitude of his victory — created by a dumb GOP move — made him the national figure we see today.

  12. Doug Deal says:


    He was a national figure before that election. I had some liberal friends speak of him running for President before he even was elected to the Senate. The magnitude of the inevitable trouncing of the Republican opponent had little to do with it.

    A brokered convention is not high on my list of things to hope for in any given year, but really, this has got to be the worst crop of candidates running for President since at least the last time.

  13. Doug, couldn’t disagree more. Of course a few of the lefty nutballs were talking about him in their cell meetings. He was a good candidate in a big state that has been moving more and more Dem.

    But the size of his victory was because GOP leadership put an absolutely terrible candidate on the ballot to represent the GOP.

    The size of that victory, which was predestined when GOP leaders brokered a deal, gave Obama this virtually ‘mystical’ media aura around him.

    The point is that folks should be careful what they wish for. Unvetted candidates seeking the next step up often come out of brokered deals.

  14. CHelf says:

    Irvin lived up in MA during the Mitt years. He’s been active in the business consulting ranks and is Harvard Business School MBA as well. I think he was for Fred before. Seeing Joel come over, does that mean McCain’s efforts will redouble in the south, particularly GA?

  15. Still Looking says:

    Obama’s was recognized long before he trounced his senate opposition. His speech at the 2004 Democratic convention was prior to his election to the Senate. His appeal isn’t something created by the media. The guy can flat out deliver a speech and electrify an audience. See him in person without the filter of a lens. His oratory skills or on par with JFK.

  16. ReaganRepublican says:

    McCain is a real American hero who is not afraid to stand his ground. A McCain-Huckabee ticket would be unbeatable.

  17. ReaganRepublican says:

    I know many Christians who always vote with the GOP vowing to vote straight ticket democrat if Romney is the nominee.

  18. Still Looking says:

    “I know many Christians who always vote with the GOP vowing to vote straight ticket democrat if Romney is the nominee.” When wingnuts eat their own.

  19. ReaganRepublican says:

    “straight ticket”, Christians spell God G-O-D, not GOP. The GOP is the vehicle to get them to there political goals. If the GOP abandons them for a Mormon, they will abandon the GOP……

  20. Bill Simon says:


    As I recall, Mr. Keyes had a propensity to declare early and often that “God” had either told him to run, or specifically “chosen” him to run.

    When the political evangelicals (who make-up the majority of primary voters in a lot of states, apparently Illinois being one of them) hear anything like that coming out of the mouth of a propsective candidate, they immediately seek to get that person on the ballot, completely oblivious to any other reason to choose a candidate.

  21. GOPeach says:

    Oh Debbie –

    BOB JONES endorsement ????

    Hahahahahahahahahaha Wheeeeeew.

    * Bob Jones III once declared that BJU had banned interracial dating because “God has separated people for His own purpose,” but during his presidency, BJU abandoned its long-standing rule over which the university had lost its federal tax-exempt status in 1983. Jones announced the policy change during an interview on Larry King Live on March 3, 2000. [3]

    * In 1982, when asked by TV talk show host Phil Donahue, “Does anybody get to heaven if he’s not born again?” Jones replied, “Absolutely not. Jesus told Nicodemus, a religious man, ‘You must be born again.’…The Lord Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me.'”[4]

    * Jones once “denounced Ronald Reagan as ‘a traitor to God’s people’ for choosing as his vice president George H.W. Bush, whom Jones called “a devil.” But some years later, he personally thanked the elder Bush for being a good president. [5]

    * Jones has referred to Catholicism as “the religion of the anti-Christ and a Satanic system” and called Mormonism and Catholicism “cults which call themselves Christian.”[6]

    * Shortly after George W. Bush won reelection in 2004, Bob Jones III sent a congratulatory letter to the president declaring that he had “been given a mandate. … Put your agenda on the front burner and let it boil. You owe the liberals nothing. They despise you because they despise your Christ.”[7]

    * Jones’s most often repeated quotation: “The most sobering reality in the world today is that people are dying and going to Hell today.”[8]

    * In October 2007, Jones endorsed Governor Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination for President. [9]

    Oooooooooo Kay. good one! 🙂

  22. GOPeach says:

    HOME SCHOOLERS and CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS are boycotting Bob Jones Press for endorsing MORMON Bishop Mitt Romney.

    This is going to really hurt Mr. Bob Jones in the wallet.

  23. GOPeach says:


    Did you see that, dear —-


    Now the same big fat Christian leader is endorsing Mormon Bishop RoMoney….

    That’s a really wonderful endorsement you got there…. just goes to show how LUKE WARM Christians have become.

  24. GOPeach says:

    Waterboy –

    Just in case you are a Christian who thinks Mitt Romney is a Christian… you need to read Galatians 1. I am totally serious.

    Galatians 1:8 But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed!

    Mitt Romney is a bishop in the Mormon cult. If you think you and he share the same faith, you are wrong. He will look you straight in the eye and tell you he is a Christian…. but he is not.

    He adds to the the Holy Bible they Book of Mormon… look at this….

    Revelation 22:19

    and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the tree of life and from the holy city, which are written in this book.

    The Mormons ADD to the BIBLE and they take away from it what is really in it.

    Joseph Smith said an angel came and told him of ANOTHER GOSPEL! ….

    Now I do not know which Church you attend, but I am here to tell you that THEY are doing a good job TEACHING the TRUTH in scripture.

    Now… if you are not a Christian…. forget everything I just said…. it won’t matter to you anyway…

    Only true followers of Christ will refuse to falter in politics.

  25. Perhaps they are afraid of him because he presents a fresh vision and a coherent worldview which calls into question their own confused approach. Perhaps he is also perceived as a threat to their control over the future agenda of the Republican Party at a critical time in its history.

    Debbie, and Christians are real good at destroying their own…. Simply look at how many churches split over the color of the carpet. Its not about being a minister or a bartender for that matter. Its about being competent to lead, and that he is.

  26. GOPeach says:

    Could this be the #1 issue facing many Americans?

    On January 16, 2008 Governor Huckabee signed the Numbers USA: No Amnesty Pledge.
    Governor Huckabee believes:

    Securing our borders must be our top priority and has reached the level of a national emergency.

    I support the $3 billion the Senate has voted for border security. This money will train and deploy 23,000 more agents, add four drone planes, build 700 miles of fence and 300 miles of vehicle barriers, and put up 105 radar and camera towers. This money will turn “catch and release” into “catch and detain” of those entering illegally, and crack down on those who overstay their visas.
    In this age of terror, immigration is not only an economic issue, but also a national security issue. Those caught trying to enter illegally must be detained, processed, and deported. As Governor, I ordered my state troopers to work with the Department of Homeland Security to arrest illegals and enforce federal immigration law.
    I oppose and will never allow amnesty. I opposed the amnesty President Bush and Senator McCain tried to ram through Congress this summer, and opposed the misnamed DREAM Act, which would have put us on the slippery slope to amnesty for all.
    I oppose and will not tolerate sanctuaries for illegals. The federal government must crack down on rogue cities that willfully undermine our economy and national security.
    I oppose giving driver’s licenses to illegals and supports legislation to prevent states from doing so. In 2005, I signed legislation that prevents illegals in Arkansas from getting driver’s licenses.
    I will stop punishing cities which try to enforce our laws and protect the economic well-being, physical safety, and quality of life of their citizens.
    I oppose and will not tolerate employers who hire illegals. They must be punished with fines and penalties so large that they will see it is not worth the risk.
    I oppose the economic integration of North America that would create open borders among the United States, Canada, and Mexico. I will never yield one iota or one inch of our sovereignty.
    I will take our country back for those who belong here. No open borders, no amnesty, no sanctuary, no false Social Security numbers, no driver’s licenses for illegals.
    To learn go here —

  27. GOPeach says:

    Maybe McCain is BREAKING WIND and gaining steam in his slacks! 71 years old….bless his little Senate Pension…. that rides on the backs of TAX PAYERS!

  28. Romegaguy says:

    Does anybody know what is the number one issue facing America? Rugby? Icarus? Shirley Roper? Bueller?

  29. Romegaguy says:

    Where is Huckabee registered this time? I was thinking of getting him a little something after he loses the GOP nomination…

  30. rugby fan says:


    I can think of several.

    Getting Paul Broun or Erick sworn in…Finding out who Duncan Hunter endorsed (yes Icarus, he exists, I am telling you)…Verifying in the Giants and the Patriots are actually playing in the Super Bowl…FSU winning a national championship.

    If its not one of those, heaven help us.

  31. Jason Pye says:

    Perhaps they are afraid of him because he presents a fresh vision and a coherent worldview which calls into question their own confused approach.

    Or because he is the nanny state candidate. A right wing progressive and a tax-and spend liberal.

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