Just Can’t Wash That DOT Board Out of His Hair

From Dick Pettys at InsiderAdvantage Georgia:

DOT Board Chairman Mike Evans said Friday that House Speaker Glenn Richardson offered him a job as lobbyist for the Department of Transportation if he would surrender quietly and not contest his push to dump him from the board. Richardson described it at the time as “an easy way out for everybody,” said Evans – one of two DOT board members with targets on their backs in the upcoming legislative caucus elections. He said he rejected the offer.

“It’s obvious to me he doesn’t have the votes,” Evans said in an interview with InsiderAdvantage. “Last week he offered me a job to get out of the race, and yesterday he spends the better part of his time in the press club trying to rouse up … (opposition.) If he had the votes, he wouldn’t mention Mike Evans’ name.”

Full story here. Maybe The Speaker should have thrown-in Hannah Montana tickets to sweeten the deal. Falcons’ season pass? Post your suggestions below.


  1. eehrhart says:

    Poor Mike…

    Still looking for a job. If the Speaker does not have the votes then you still have your DOT job and have no need to whine about offers of jobs which you are always seeking.

    I guess he can get back to passing out large plastic fake checks for roads in the hope of buying votes in the district where he is elected.

    Only one problem. He knows and was told by Dr. Abraham that there was no money to back up those checks.

    He passed them out anyway! And used a state helicopter to do it. Can you campaign for the DOT job on the taxpayers dime?

    Saint Mikes feet of clay are showing.

    Take responsibility for the mess on your watch and resign.

  2. eehrhart says:


    Why are you bringing that Egyptian river into the discussion?

    How about Mike’s campaign helicopter? It does not have the range to make the middle east but it can reach his north ga district with fake checks

  3. Jason Pye says:

    Take responsibility for the mess on your watch and resign.

    I’m just having some fun here, but perhaps leaders of an equally wasteful entity that we call the Georgia General Assembly should consider doing the same.

  4. eehrhart says:


    We both have to face our constituents. The difference is some do not whine about having to do that.

  5. eehrhart says:


    BTW I agree about the fun side of this discussion. DOT politics is such inside baseball that only people who live and breath this stuff like bloggers really care.

  6. eehrhart says:

    I am off to the pine wood derby. I sincerely hope the DOT under Evans had nothing to do with the road race track these Scouts are racing on.

  7. fishtail says:

    A great example of DOT Corruption: Board Member Johnny Gresham was a “real estate development consultant” for 16 years!!!! Why not hang out a sign that said “FOR SALE”. How this man has not been investigated/ indicted is beyond me….Oh, that’s right…he played for GA TECH. You dummies on this site always drink the kool-aid. You deserve Gresham and all his ilk.

  8. fishtail says:

    Let me post a followup….Johnny Gresham listed his profession as “real estate consultant” for the 16 years he served on the DOT Board. A lot of big time Atlanta developers put Johnny on their payroll as a “general consultant “during this time frame. The same blueblood types who needed a little help with State DOT. This would be awful if looked at by the AJC, wouldn’t it?Why isn’t this man being investigated? Any Democrat appointee would be running for the hills…but not Johnny Gresham…he ain’t worried…he’s sipping champagne out at the Cherokee Country Club with Mike Bowers, his attorney.

  9. Dave Bearse says:

    A little off point, but all I could do is shake my head when I read in the AJD today of Richardson recently proclaiming it time to make transportation choices and fund something. The guy’s been in the cockpit for years, but has yet to articulate any alternatives from which to choose, other than who he supports for Commissioner.

  10. DoubleDawg3 says:

    I’ve met and spoken with Mike Evans several times and always been impressed with him…imagine the audacity of somone on a state board to actually vote for the candidate they believe is best for the job (rather than someone who would follow in Richardson’s footsteps and usher in even more under the table dealings).

    The Georgia House Republicans amaze me…its funny that they ALL act like they own the State and surprising that so many pompous asses continue to be elected to one body (I suppose the only reason is that it’s tough to run against a candidate with so much money due to the fact that lobbyists continue to pour out their pocketbooks for favors from the House GOP).

    Please…anyone that’s been around the Capitol knows that Lynn Westmoreland was the only House Republican worth his weight. He’s the ENTIRE reason (well, that and the fact that the courts created new districts) that the House Republican leadership gets the opportunity to wreck our state. Too bad he left the kids in charge when he went to Washington!

  11. DoubleDawg3 says:

    “We both have to face our constituents. The difference is some do not whine about having to do that.”

    …OR, maybe you should have pointed out that one of you gets to face your constituents without much of a challenge given the $85,000+ on hand (with ability to raise $350,000+ from PAC’s and major corporations).

    I’m not a Mike Evans apologist – I just think it’s insane that Glenn Richardson continues to try to bully people into being his little puppets .

    Am I the only Republican that hated Tom Murphy’s Dictatorship of the GA House? What Richardson is attempting to do is no different.

  12. cheapseats says:

    Nice try but neither the Double E nor the Tax Jesus can side-step their roles in this mess.

    The bucks gotta stop somewhere and for my money, it stops with the leadership under the Gold Dome – the House more than anybody.

    This fish stinks from the head down!

  13. griftdrift says:

    “I agree about the fun side of this discussion. DOT politics is such inside baseball that only people who live and breath this stuff like bloggers really care”

    True dat.

    But when we get to the point where such an audacious position as Mr. Speaker is buying off people to step aside, some of us might just consider wading into that swamp.

  14. SugarHillDad says:

    I am not saying Mike handled this the right way. But he did vote for who he thought would be best for the job.

    Note to Chairman Ehrhart, if the Speaker really wants to get rid of Mike tell him to run someone who is atleast liked in his home county. The midget from Gainesville aint gonna cut it. And I would love a follow up on your thoughts of the Speakers replacement for Mike and why so many candidates for the job told the Speaker, No Thanks.

  15. Had Enough says:

    I, for one, do not believe that Earl Ehrhart is stupid.

    I believe he is a disingenuous, hot headed, prick who has sold out everything he once claimed he believed in since he got a little taste of power. Basically, I believe he’s just like the Speaker.

    See, Earl knows that the money that Mike was handing out was not for the same projects that Gena says we have a shortfall in. He also knows that it’s no big deal to go to a press conference with local officials to announce new road funding.

    He’s conveniently forgetting things like the millions he and his “conservative leader” buddies wanted to spend on museums and other crap in last years budget before they got called out on it.

    And he’s forgetting that Mike Evans, along with Doss, led the effort for a performance audit of DOT that revealed the problems that Gena is now announcing. Or that Mike was sounding the warning bells about problems ever since he was elected Chairman…..the morons under the Gold Dome just weren’t listening.

    No, Earl’s not stupid, he just thinks we are. Like some cheap sideshow magician, he keeps saying “look at this sparkly thing in my left hand!” in some pathetic attempt to distract us from the stunningly irresponsible job the House “leadership” is doing on EVERYTHING!

    Earl, why don’t you go cut some more deals to elect Democrats to Boards and other offices? Let’s bring em back. Somehow you morons have made the former Democrats look responsible and ethical.

  16. Bill Simon says:

    Had Enough,

    I’m pretty sure ALL politicians think people are stupid. After all, who but a collective “stupid people” could continue to elect such intellectually corrupt people to office year after year, after year after year…

  17. eehrhart says:

    Had Enough,

    Hide behind your fake name and throw around personal insults with no facts.

    How brave!

    I can prove that the checks were fake and I know that Dr. Abraham herself told Mike they were not funded.

    Ask her yourself. I did

    You Cant! YOU would rather hide and call names.

  18. SugarHillDad says:

    Chairman Ehrhart, let’s say you and the speaker are completely right and Mike Evans is corrupt and stupid. Why would you run someone like Reese in his place. It like dealing with dumb and dumber. Again supposing Mike Evans is the dumb.

  19. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Oh wait…Stacey Reece is who the Speaker is running against Mike Evans??? WHAT??? Not like Stacey Reece hasn’t shown he has some major ethics problems…oh no…none at all!

    That’s EXACTLY who we need on the DOT Board. Wow – I thought Glenn Richardson had at least a little sense? Nope, I suppose he’s got about as much sense as those people that want to let people who go to online “fake” lawschools have the same rights as those who spend $50,000-$100,000 getting an accredited education at a competitive law school – no one knows anybody like that do they? hum.

  20. Had Enough says:

    Earlie, Earlie, Earlie….

    I take it all back. You are stupid.

    That’s the best response you can muster?

    Like all DOT Board members, Mike goes to a county to help announce some new funding for various projects. If you’ve got all the facts (which you don’t cause you’re a damn liar), then list on here the funding Mike announced, what it was for, and out of what budget it come from.

    You won’t. Cause you can’t. and because if you did, it would expose that you are in fact lying.

    You and Glenn are raging hypocrites and an embarrassment to our state. Your attacks on Mike and Raybon only prove the point.

    Give it up. You’re only making yourself look more foolish….which is an incredible feat at the Capitol these days.

    oh, and be sure to send Bobby Kahn his consulting check for helping you get Democrats elected to state boards. He’s already invoiced you I think.

  21. eehrhart says:


    Do you really want to discuss how many of your brilliant colleagues have had to take the Bar, that the individuals I wanted to be granted the same opportunity passed on their first try in other states with much more difficult tests?

    one, two, ten times?

    How many times did it take you?

    Your diploma and mine are on red and black paper.

    Hey just ask Bill Simon how much he thinks that is worth.

    He might even say something similarly pejorative to your use of “fake law school” to you.

  22. eehrhart says:

    Had enough,

    Come out from behind your hiding place and I will be glad to provide you all the facts.

    Have you ever tried to make an intelligent argument without name calling and personal attack?

    I can even get you copies of the fake plastic checks he handed out when told they were bad checks by Dr. Abraham.

    Yes and he did use a State helicopter for this campaign swing. Justify that!

  23. eehrhart says:

    I picked up the phone and called her. I have known and been friends with Gena for years.

    Very Easy to do.

    She tells nothing but the truth even if it is politically not expedient.

    Or in this case embarrassing to Mike

  24. Had Enough says:

    If we needed an example of why our State House is so utterly incompetent, look no further than Earl Ehrhart and his posts here.

    He charges that a state official is announcing funding that doesn’t exist, but when challenged offers no proof….Just a ridiculous “pick up the phone and call the DOT Commissioner”.

    To my fellow Peach Pundit readers, let me be clear. Earl Ehrhart is LYING TO YOU. The proof is that he cannot and therefore will not provide any documentation for his allegations.

    And as for this helicopter business….be careful where you cast your stones Earlie. A high ranking state official using a state helicopter to attend an official event is not unethical or improper. Are you claiming that you’ve never flown in a state plane or helicopter or ridden in a state car to go an official state function that may have some tangential political benefit?

    Go back to helping Democrats get elected Earl. Here on PP, we see you for what you are.

  25. eehrhart says:

    I will be glad to provide proof to anyone who is not a frightened little child hiding behind a false name. Just stop by my office and ask.

    Helicoptering to just the district where he needs the votes and passing out fake checks for his campaign is not state business. It is political in the extreme and cannot be defended.

    Yes on PP people do see me and my honest name.

    Pity you are not able to be as honest.

    You do have a great stock in trade with personal insults and attacks.

  26. Had Enough says:

    And, Bill, Mike Evans has only been Chairman of DOT for that same time too….but Earl Ehrhart is demanding his head because he didn’t single handedly improve DOT. Nevermind that it’s a BOARD and the Commissioner runs things day to day. Or that it’s one of the largest agencies in state government.

    And let’s not forget to ignore that Mike – along with others on the board – have been clamoring for these reforms and audits for those years. they are doing their job and Earl wants to fire him for it. Becuase they wouldn’t hire Earl’s little buddy.

    I’ve decided I’m going to blame Earl and Glenn for all the abuse of state credit cards that have just been revealed. They’ve been in charge since 2005. It’s their fault. Earl, you’re fired!

  27. Bill Simon says:


    Several things: Along with your attempts to water-down the legal profession (really now, don’t we already have ENOUGH f*cking morons in the practice of law?), why don’t you look into dismantling the requirements for land surveyors and professional engineers?

    PEs have to do 4 years under another PE, AND take the Engineer-in-Training exam AND take the Professional Engineer’s exam AND have to have graduated from an accredited engineering school to become eligible to even take those silly exams. Why not just let ANYONE take the exam who can show they might know the basic laws of thermodynamics?

    You know, it’s not your degree that I think is so worthless, it’s your education. I personally think you are a MORON when you did the following (oh, and DO note that my name is SIGNED here):

    Upon the GOP first taking control over the state house of representatives, what is YOUR first act as Rules Chairman? To propose a namby-pamby f*cking bill that changes the name of Sanford Stadium to “Vince Dooley Stadium.”

    Why? Because you still act like a whiny-assed baby about Adams letting Dooley go on his contract exactly when Dooley originally told Adams he wanted to go.

    I do believe Gena Abraham is telling the truth…but, YOU are the worst emissary of that information at the moment, especially on a public chat board..

  28. Icarus says:


    You put me in the odd position of having to defend Rep Ehrhart.

    We’ve been over this before. Mike Adams only found interest in firing Dooley because he was about to be on the receiving end of a very negative audit, a no-confidence vote from his faculty Senate, and had lost control of the foundation that was the university’s fundraising arm.

    In response, he escalated his feud with Dooley, then ran to the (totally unaccountable to anyone) Board of Regents whining that they weren’t going to let athletics trump academics, were they?

    In a brilliantly maneuvered tactical strike, the man was able to fire his nemesis to save his own job. Frankly, still can’t believe he’s still there.

  29. Bill Simon says:


    And…so…punishing the Sanford family was the best way to “get back” at Adams?

    Tell me, exactly how long has “Sanford Stadium” been known as “Sanford Stadium?”

    Did Michael Adams have ANYTHING to do with the naming of the stadium?

    How exactly would re-naming the stadium help educated students at the University of Georgia?

    How exactly would a bill to re-name the stadium of a Georgia university being pushed through the Legislature HELP the taxpayers of Georgia, Icarus?

    You can defend Earl’s position on how much love and idol worship he may have for Vince Dooley, but don’t go trying to defend his puerile actions to use THE RESOURCES OF THE GEORGIA TAXPAYERS to demonstrate to Michael Adams that he has the bigger dick!

  30. Icarus says:

    I never read Rep. Ehrhart’s bill, but most proposals at the time were to add Vince Dooley’s name to the stadium, either Dooley-Sanford, or Sanford-Dooley. There are a few other stadiums with similar naming styles, if I’m not mistaken.

    As for the time and money spent on the bill, it’s pretty much a sunk cost. Any any physical costs at UGA would probably have been paid by the Athletic Dept, not the taxpayers. (again, totally a guess).

  31. Bill Simon says:


    TIME has a value. There are only 40 days or less to a session. Time spent arguing/debating/considering crap like this would have used-up time that could have possibly focused energies somewhere else.

    Minds like Earl’s can only manage so much at one time.

  32. Icarus says:

    TIME has value to most people.

    Normal people.

    The current general assembly hasn’t recovered from the battered wife syndrome they had when they were in the minority, and had to wait until Day 30 before anything of substance happened.

    So, I really can’t imagine, given how much has been accomplished over the last few years, what the opportunity cost was for Rep Ehrhart introducing his bill.

    Seriously, what bill do you think would have been introduced or voted on if he hadn’t spent the time on that?

    An extra $500K to rebuild the site of the Big Pig Jig? And extra $20 Million for bass boat docks to nowhere?

    Seriously, I’d rather see the house spend 3 weeks debating the proper name of Sanford Stadium than I would them try to make the numbers for the GREAT!tax work.

  33. Tommy_a2b says:

    Republican Rules Chairman Earl Ehrhart, if we could take the 9th Congressional out of the picture for a second. Can you please explain to us Conservatives here on Peach Pundit why House Speaker Glenn Richardson and his fellow House leaders like yourself, Jerry Keen, and Mark Burkhalter are working to elect Democrat Ben Allen to the Georgia DOT Board taking out Raybon Anderson. I am just wondering why you couldn’t at least find a person “Claiming” to be a “Republican” for this position?

    Again just wondering??!!

    P.S. I appreciate that you at least comment on here. I like someone with brass ones.

  34. eehrhart says:


    Personally I am not up on the 9th district race. I have seen that claim, but I am not sure what they are referring too other than a lack of positive campaigning for someone who will not represent their position. but like I said I am not really close to the 9th district situation.


    Someday I need to share with your the very substantive and cordial conversation I had 3 years ago with Mr. Sanford.

    By the way do you see a bill having been signed into law doing what you claimed I focused on. I assure you if I wanted it as bad as you accuse me of wanting it it would have done much better than just a bill that never even reached a hearing.

    Can you lay off the moron comments and just debate me on facts? You really are much more interesting when you use your brain and not your penchant for attack.

  35. eehrhart says:


    My mistake I had the number wrong. I meant to address the race with Raybon Anderson. I guess it makes my point that I have not followed that race.

    I have been told that Rep Keen will be responding to that claim and I think Petty’s has the story, but I have not seen it.

    sorry for the confusion on my part.

    You think maybe Bill Simon was penchanting me and I got turned around?

  36. rugby fan says:

    “Where was the first instance of someone describing me as having a “penchant” for something?”

    I said you had a penchant for scoring cheap political points, which is true.

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