How about a great place to get drunk and score?

That seems to be a pretty obvious one.

Is Athens the best place in the world to live, work and retire?

Many residents might think so, but the phrase doesn’t belong in a document that will guide planning and policy in Athens-Clarke County for the next decade, Athens-Clarke officials say.

A tiff among Athens-Clarke commissioners, planners and some of the dozens of residents who helped write the county’s new 10-year comprehensive plan prompted Mayor Heidi Davison recently to push back approval of the document about three weeks, to Feb. 21.

Some members of the nine subcommittees that worked on the plan have complained to officials that county planners, planning commissioners and county commissioners stripped language from a 48-page vision statement intended to set the tone for local government.

Among them was a phrase setting a goal to make Athens “the best place in the world to live, work and retire.” Planning commissioners changed “the best” to “a great,” and commissioners removed the phrase entirely. They said it was too subjective.

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