Keen to run for US Senate in 2010???

State House Majority Leader Jerry Keen may run for US Senate in 2010:

“I am going to run for re-election (this year) to my House seat,” Keen told Insider, “but it is true that I had some people call, wanting to meet with me. I met with them and we talked. I said, ‘Let me make a few phone calls to see if it’s something I should consider.’ I have, and I have been very pleased with some very favorable responses.”

He continued, “A decision doesn’t have to be made today – probably in the next few years. It’s true I have talked to people and I would look at it very seriously.”

Keen stressed it is only something he would consider if Isakson does not seek re-election. “If he decides to run for re-election, I would be at the head of the list helping him get re-elected. But if he chooses a different direction, I would look at it very seriously.”

Congressman Lynn Westmoreland is another potential candidate for that seat, provided Isakson runs for Governor.

Westmoreland would be my choice for that seat, someone who has actually fought against government waste and tried to keep down spending.


  1. Decaturguy says:

    If the GOP choices are Keen and Westmoreland, maybe it will turn out to be a wise choice for the Democrats to have sit out the 2008 race. They would actually have a chance against either of those two.

  2. steelfist says:

    No one should be afraid to run against Jack Kingston. He is an idiot. He can’t win state-wide, but he’ll try to buy his way into the US Senate by bringing him more pork barrel spending for the Atlanta voters.

  3. Bull Moose says:

    Steelfist seems like they have an ax to grind here…

    What happens in 2008 will largely shape 2010.

    I could see Isakson coming home. So too though could I see an enhanced role for him in the Senate after these elections.

    If he left, I just don’t see a politician as usual taking this seat. This is a special seat that Isakson occupies. It has belonged to Paul Coverdell, Zell Miller, and now Johnny. This is a leader’s seat, not a partisan gunslinger’s seat.

  4. steelfist says:

    I just don’t like hypocritical politicians. Jack Kingston says he’s first for earmark reform and then becomes the state’s largest taker of earmarks, even more then a our state’s Democrat member of the Appropriations Committee. You people in Savannah may like Jack, but you need to look at his record and that is why Georgians outside of the 1st District have never embraced him for a state-wide office.

  5. juliobarrios says:

    Westmoreland would be a great US Senator, especially if Hillary or Obama is President. It’s going to take somebody with a lot of guts to stand up to all the populism, socialism, and race baiting.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    People in Savannah love and worship a lot of poly-ticks…whether it’s Kingston or the biggest idiot of them all, Eric Johnson.

    I think what happens is Eric goes back and tells the little people the big things he’s doing for THEM in the BIG-ATLANTA and he spins them a tale about how he blocked this that and the other from happening, and his followers hang-on to every word he says, and just SIGHHhhhhhhhh after he’s finished regaling them with his supposed accomplishments.

    Ignorance is not just bliss, it is a welcome disease people actually seekout to catch.

  7. steelfist says:

    Jack Kingston flirts with running state-wide every time a seat opens up. He thought about it when Senator Coverdell passed away. He considered running when the Democrats drew him and Saxby in one district together.

  8. jsm says:

    “A decision doesn’t have to be made today – probably in the next few years. It’s true I have talked to people and I would look at it very seriously.”

    The next few years? How long is it until 2010?

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