Things You Won’t See At World ‘O Cola

Seems cola drinks (not non-cola sodas though) can increase the risk of kidney disease. Yet more bad news for our beloved cracker diet of RC and Moonpie. From today’s NYTimes:

The authors of the study say more research is needed, but their findings support the long-held notion that something about cola — the phosphoric acid, for example, or the ability of cola to pull calcium from bones — seems to increase the risk of kidney stones, renal failure and other conditions affecting the kidneys.

Trivia question: is RC Cola even on the market nowadays? If so, where?


  1. StevePerkins says:

    I stopped drinking soda awhile back (it’s not exactly a new story that the sh*t’s horrible for you), but RC cola used to be my absolute favorite as a kid. I can say that without betraying my Coke-tied Georgia roots, since RC came out of Columbus, Ga. RC was bought several years ago by the same company that owns Dr. Pepper, and you can still find it at most any major supermarket. The diet version of RC is “Diet Rite”, which picked up a good bit of popularity a couple years ago when it became the first diet soda to use Splenda instead of aspertame.

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