Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Fred isn’t dead yet. Fred’s best days were when he wasn’t a candidate. Well guess what? He’s not a candidate again. Expect Fred’s numbers to go up and he’ll beat the Democrat from Hope, the Mormon from Boston and the Grumpy guy from where-ever McCain is from.


  1. DMZDave says:

    I have a theory that Fred got in just to make his good friend John McCain seem younger and uh…awake. It apparently worked.

  2. “Farris” must be German for ‘don’t say die’. πŸ˜‰

    The Fred Thompson campaign has been mishandled from Announcement Day 1. It’s been nothing but a total failure of the candidate and the campaign.

    I was in Charleston, SC for their Primary (I go there about once every 2 weeks, grew up partially there). The TV ads STUNK. The ‘differentiation’ message stunk. The whole thing stunk — except for the VOTERS who understood WHY we needed a candidate like this. No wonder the campaign only took 16% of the vote.

    Icarus, I think the 10,000 marbles were already purchased when Fred announced…

    …On Election Day for SC, the Thompson campaign had, as it’s schedule listed on its’ website, “walk around Greenville”. No kidding! WHAT was that?

    Then they listed a visit to the local newspaper in Spartenburg, and other nonsense. It may be a great paper…but not a lot of publishing was going to happen at midday on the day of the election.

    There were no election day rallies. There were no major media events (other than Glenn Beck). This was a hodgepodge of how NOT to close a campaign.

    And then on Election night? The Election Night Party was entitled ” The Post Election Party”…. really. Not a Victory Party — even though this was the Do-Or-Die primary.

    You get the picture.

    This was the worst-run campaigns since Bush 92. Our liberal friend, Chris is Hardcore, is smiling tonight somewhere in Decatur. I, on the other hand, frown at the Taco Mac in Duluth.

  3. Icarus says:

    I am a bit disappointed in the demise of the the Fred! campaign.

    It seemed to never achieve ramming speed, and now is just as dead as Fawn Leibowitz.

  4. souldrift says:

    Denial isn’t a river in Egypt here!

    This is great.. the far-right nuts in Georgia too hard-headed to admit their favorite idiot ran a bad campaign and was ignored by mainstream Republicans.

    You HAVE to be a horrible candidate to be a conservative and be so overwhelmingly ignored. But that doesn’t matter to Georgia! Go Fred!

    Keep voting for the loser while we laugh.

  5. Bill Simon says:

    Because thinking about the other possible candidates is too mind-numbing to decide right now.

    Hell, if Ronald Reagan’s name was on the ballot on February 5, I’d vote for him!

  6. Still Looking says:

    Rudy’s campaign may be worse then Fred’s.

    His cost per vote is the worst of any candidate in either party. He was leading national polls before the primaries. Meanwhile McCain and Romney have proven they can win, and Rudy’s still a big question mark. He pretends he didn’t have over 100 events in NH and spend more than 40 days there. Ron Paul is kicking his butt. Ouch! Apparently voters are not enamored with his New York superiority complex.

  7. Grits says:

    I continue to hear about the Old Guard of the Republican Party. They want this or they don’t want that – Gosh, if they know so much, why are we in such a mess? It seems to me that we need a New Guard, one that will appreciate and support the one’s who have won past elections for us!

  8. Bill Simon says:


    In order to legitimately be known as a member of the “New Guard,” you need to be 12 years old. Otherwise, you’re a member of the Old Guard. πŸ™‚

  9. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Now the question is when Paul will drop out. Will he run as a libertarian? It would be the end of any prospects for a GOP victory, but that is becoming more and more likely by the day.

  10. Jace Walden says:

    Am I the only one who has picked up on the glaring historical inaccuracy in Chris’s post?

    The GERMANS never bombed Pearl Harbor.

    See “Japan” for more information on the subject.

  11. Jace Walden says:

    It would be the end of any prospects for a GOP victory

    Which is one of the primary reasons I hope he does run third party or independent.

    The GOP has done nothing but sacrifice its values at the altar of big-government for the past 7 (going on 8) years. When you worship a false idol, you pay the price. I hope this election is judgement day for the GOP.

    Like my esteemed colleague, IndyInjun, I think the GOP needs to die and be reborn before it will ever be relevant again.

    A Huckabee nomination coupled with a Ron Paul third-party run would get the GOP about 30% of the popular vote. Bring it on!

  12. EAVDad says:

    Jace: It’s an “Animal House” reference. If you haven’t seen the classics, you shouldn’t be on this blog! πŸ™‚

    Now drop and give me 20!

  13. jsm says:

    Like my esteemed colleague, IndyInjun, I think the GOP needs to die and be reborn before it will ever be relevant again.

    If the GOP dies now, we get a socialist state from the democrats, which might even become a member of the EU. How would a reborn party fix that after the fact?

    How about we find ways to speak up even louder and change things within the party we have? The ‘big tent’ idea is okay if people understand and embrace the ideology that built the tent. Instead, FDR ideology has been brought in and held on to. The blogosphere is changing information flow and will most likely change drastically what the People hear and see over the next decade.

    We can’t just hand power over to those who openly oppose what built this Nation and then come back later to put things back in place. The broken pieces will be too small to ever put back together.

  14. Jace Walden says:


    We’re not going to get a “socialist state”. That’s just bullshit alarmist rhetoric aimed at frightening the “base” into action. We’ll get policies that trend toward socialism, yes. But the U.S. isn’t about to descend into outright socialism. Just like it didn’t descend into outright fascism under Bush.

    The Democrats have proven that they are incapable of getting anything passed in the Senate or House. As long as your “conservatives” in the Senate hold the line. Nothing good or bad is going to happen.

    The GOP needs to die. The quicker the better.

  15. jsm says:

    Jace, if we elect a democrat president and maintain democrats in both houses of the Legislature, we will be on our way to socialized medicine quickly. All these gov’t programs are never going to end. We can’t afford to add more.

  16. rugby fan says:

    “All these gov’t programs are never going to end.”

    You know, if that is your main concern, electing Republicans won’t do much to change the size and scope of the government. If recent years are anything to go by.

  17. Jace Walden says:

    Who are you trying to convince?

    You GOPers have no one but yourselves to blame. You are the ones who enabled these false “conservatives” for the past two decades. Don’t come crying to me when the Hildabeast pisses in your cornflakes.

  18. Icarus says:


    Other movies you should see, so you’ll understand us “old” folks:

    The Blues Brothers
    The Jerk
    Caddy Shack

  19. souldrift says:

    “We can’t just hand power over to those who openly oppose what built this Nation….”

    JSM, why does this sound suspiciously like a Christian Nationalism argument? The Founding Fathers were DEISTS.

    And until your party nominates a quality candidate and kicks out all the damn perverts, I’m voting for those who, according to you, “openly oppose what built this Nation.” Get used to it, I’m sure as hell not the only one.

  20. Bill Simon says:


    Hmm…exactly how do you propose we go about identifying all of the “perverts” in the GOP?

    Help us along here by defining what constitutes a “pervert” in your left-wing mind…and then demonstrate for us by example how YOUR party has gone about kicking them out of YOUR party?

    Lead us by example, O’ Great Wise Leader of the Left…

  21. souldrift says:

    oooh, I LOVE pissing off a conservative! πŸ™‚

    Bill, how about child molesters and guys hitting on other guys in bathroom stalls? Try starting with this list of sexual deviants in the GOP?

    Democrats aren’t angels, clearly, but they don’t go around preaching “family values.” Your party has a really pathetic record of living up to those, you know. In fact, aren’t we overdue for another Republican to be revealed as a freak of some sort? It’s been–what, a month now?

    We (at least I) don’t define “pervert” differently, much as you probably would love to think so–but somehow there are fewer cases of hypocritical Bible-wavers in the Democratic party. Why is that, do you think?

  22. Bill Simon says:


    Here’s the thing about you libbies: You are the turds of society who cry and moan and whine about all the people LOCKED-UP IN JAIL for these types of crimes.

    I’ll bet you’ve participated in more than one candlelight vigil crying over some serial murderer who was being put to death.

  23. Bill Simon says:


    I got news for you: In the vast number of Republicans, these perverts constitute such a MINUTE percentage that it is meaningless in terms of real statistics as a part of the Republican voter population.

    The same cannot be said of the Dems who pardon more criminals, more rapists, and who are the biggest bleeding-heart namby-pambies when it comes to law enforcement that to hear your comments demonstrate to me that that glass house you live in needs to have a Hummer run through it.

  24. souldrift says:

    Of course, it’s a small percentage. However, before you continue lecturing liberals, be aware: that series of incidents makes it very difficult for average people to trust that the latest person proclaiming him or herself to be a “Valiant Protector of Family Values!(tm)” is not a hypocrite. That is, whether you acknowledge it or not, a serious marketing problem for you (among other things).

    The burden of proof is NOT on our side at this point. As for me personally, I disagree with the death penalty because I’m not confident we can be right enough of the time (and because this isn’t the friggin’ OLD TESTAMENT) but keeping them locked up is NOT a problem except from a capacity perspective.

    As for the macho bullcrap: It also wouldn’t hurt if your party focused on enforcing laws where people were ACTUALLY HARMING OTHERS, not laws regarding what people do behind closed doors as consenting adults. [not closed public bathroom stall doors—closed doors of private homes….you know, the place people should be able to shoot to kill once someone steps in to steal their TV!] Being libertarian except when it comes to people’s sex lives is hilariously hypocritical.

    Funny how much of your message concerns “turds of society,” “libbies” (pre-school pejorative), “bleeding-heart namby-pamby” etc — did you graduate from the Sean Hannity Pre-School for the Fair and Balanced? Going forward, stick to the issues…k?

  25. jsm says:

    Wow. I was talking about freedom and personal responsibility. You apparently have a pet issue there, drift.

    And BTW, Jace… “GOPer?” Where did you come up with that moniker? You know, there are some conservatives who are still in the Republican Party because it’s the only place we have a chance to be heard. We choose to believe we there is hope to turn this party around. Is Ron Paul a “GOPer,” too?

  26. Icarus says:


    At the risk of hell freezing over, or at least Atlanta getting snow again tonight, I’ll say something positive about Ron Paul.

    At the end of last night’s debate, he answered the question of whether he was a Republican or going to run as a third party candidate much better than the first time he asked the question.

    He said that the was a Republican, he had been elected 10 times as a Republican, and intended to stay a Republican, but hoped that the rest of the Republicans would stop their wasteful spending and such.

    There are a lot of us that fit that description. We just disagree on the same approach to the solution.

  27. Jace Walden says:


    Sorry for the confusion there. When I said GOPer, I meant the shameless partisan lapdogs who talk a big game about “small goverment” and “cutting spending”, but really just bend over and take whatever their GOP representatives give them because “Hillary will be worse”.

    You know…kind of like you.

  28. jsm says:

    Wow, Jace. You’re starting to post like Peach.

    What are you “bend[ing] over and tak[ing]” from the representatives you vote for?

  29. Bill Simon says:

    Jace…there is a difference between being “heard” and being “listened to.”

    Conservatives are always “heard” from in the GOP, just not listened to very often.

    In the Dem party, though, they would jump on top of a conservative and pummel them into the ground before letting them speak out a subject. They don’t like to hear OR listen to anyone else.

  30. jsm says:


    Thanks for making my point so clearly. You are bending over and taking all these things from those you vote for, yet you try to ridicule me because I have to live with what “my” GOP representatives do.

    Neither of us like what’s happening in government, but since you’re so brilliant and I’m supposedly the “committed GOP mouth-breather,” let me explain a couple things. First, I’m not committed solely to the GOP; I am committed to my conservative values. Secondly, we clearly have different views on how to fight governments ills. You go vote for the democrat and prepare to spread ’em wide. I’ll vote for the person whose views are closest to mine and then make all the noise I can make for the principles I believe in.

  31. Jace Walden says:

    What makes you think I’m voting for a Democrat? Oh, because everyone who doesn’t support the default GOP candidate must be voting for a Lib’rul, right?

    I, like you, will be voting for the person who I agree with the most.

  32. jsm says:

    What are your choices? Since there aren’t gonna be a whole lot of Libertarians on the ballot, it looks like your choices are gonna be “the default GOP candidate” and the democrat for most offices in November.

    You ain’t gonna vote fer none o’ them ‘GOPers,’ are ya?

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