No Shagging On The Strand Last Night

I’m worn out after watching Hillary and Barack duke it out last night in Mrytle Beach, and left wondering just how strong are Obama’s ties to sleazy Republicans?

As for being on the board of Wal-Mart, maybe Clinton learned all about efficient supply chain operations while there. Say what you will about Wal-Mart, but their astonishing distribution system allowed them to be first on the scene after Katrina. And who do we look for for leadership when a natural disaster knocks us down?

Of course Edwards came through the media storm that was last night’s debate looking like a shiny-bright Prince Charming. Then again, he has always had that about him.


  1. “It’s the Horse Race Stupid.”

    Dow Jones Indutrial Average Futures: Down 4%

    Nasdaq Futures: Down 4.2%

    Shanghai: Down 6%

    Let’s have a “best quote from a retail stock broker” contest to break the monotony of the horse race.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Liberals don’t invest in the “stock market.” That’s only for eeeeevil rich Republicans, Victor. Stick to trading horse and hay futures down there in Macon, okay? 🙂

  3. 10-4 Mr Bill, mind if i put the same weight on your opinion that you put in the disclaimer section of your website? How much time to you spend scowering ATL bathroom walls? Ever run into Larry Craig?

    Political Vine Disclaimer:
    “Anything on this Blog should be treated as you would treat anything else you read off the public bathroom wall The difference between Political Vine and your other everyday news sources is that we are upfront and honest about what we deliver.”

  4. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Bill…come on. I am sure you are joking about “liberals” not investing in the markets. We do (I am a classic liberal). I can not thank Bernanke enough for helping us out this morning with the cut in rates. I still pulled out of the US markets late this morning…but not for long. Thank god Ron Paul is not president…or even competitive. Our markets would crash and never recover.

  5. Ok, Bill, since you were joking (which i should have read between the lines), i apologize for my hasty remarks. Let’s start today off on the right foot, I think you’ll find humor in the day after, global news:
    Posted on Wed, Jan. 23, 2008
    The Associated Press
    Rajesh Nirgude

    MUMBAI, India –Indian shares surged Wednesday, rebounding from a sharp two-day slide, with the benchmark index rising more than 5 percent as a surprise U.S. interest rate cut restored some investor confidence.

    The benchmark of the Bombay Stock Exchange, the Sensex, rose 864 points, or 5.2 percent to close at 17,594 points. The strong bounce back saw the index touch an intraday high of 17,962, up 1,232 points.

    Should India thank Cousin Sonny for this surge?
    How many Georgia Technology Jobs is he Outsourcing to India? Wasn’t it just a few years ago they were telling us to increase our technology skills because we were entering the information age?

    One AJC article featured a high level IT worker in Georgia who ended up selling shoes in an ATL Mall, after his job was outsourced to India.

    Not that selling shoes isn’t a noble profession..
    In a good Christian, Southern Baptist Culture, selling Shoes is probably good for the sole.

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