AJC endorses Obama

The editorial board of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has endorsed Barack Obama in the race for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President:

[Obama] has demonstrated an appeal across many of the lines that have divided America. That is a critically important attribute, because the scale of changes that must be made to correct America’s course cannot be accomplished with majorities of 50 percent plus one.

Different moments in history require different types of leaders, and part of the art of picking a president is matching the person to the challenge and to the time. So while both Clinton and Obama would make very good presidents, Obama is the person; this is his time.

Interestingly enough, Clinton’s name is mentioned nine times in the editorial, Obama’s name is mentioned six times.

The AJC will give an endorsement in the GOP race on Sunday, January 27th.


  1. Ms_midtown says:

    I had no preference, but after what I saw in that debate tonight on CNN — I am 100% with Obama. Sorry my fellow Democrats, I can’t take 4-8 more years of Hillary and Bill.

  2. Harry says:

    You underestimate the Billary machine. Obama is in for a surprise. It’s Hillary’s turn – for the nomination, if not election.

    Dirty little secret: Neither Billary or Obama can beat Romney or McCain. If you nominate Hillary, Nader jumps in and siphons off votes…not to mention the fired-up anti-Billary contingent (myself included). If Obama is your nominee, he loses a large part of the “traditionalist”/blue collar Dems and independents who desire a strong leader for president.

  3. uneek820 says:

    Ditto Midtown and Souldrift. If Obama isn’t ethical, he is a far better actor than the rest. He appeared much stronger /forceful last night than I have noticed before. Is it that he is calm, very specific and professional when he puts his competitors in their place?

  4. John Konop says:

    Hillary’s strategy is to put Obama on the defensive as much as possible because she gets creamed in every head-to-head conversation about a positive vision for America. She demonstrated repeatedly tonight that she (or Bill) will indeed say anything, will utter any lie it takes to get elected. Hillary attacked like she is losing in SC. Obama stood his ground firmly and with dignity, as always.

    Why do Dems support Hillary?

  5. Tea Party says:

    Watching Dems pummel each other is almost as good as chocolate…

    Hils takes radioactive dough: IPA-IBA gave her $150K and she kept it. Most other Pols gave the dough back to those ‘crooks.’ It was all over NY Times and Inc. magazine.

  6. Jane says:

    When the AJC uses paper to praise Obama and be critical of Clinton it is legal. But when Garst uses a phone to do the same thing it is somehow questionable?

    I wonder?

  7. Bill Simon says:


    Lemme explain this to you: The AJC is run by 100%, card-carrying members of the Communist Party of America.

    They think THEY are the final arbiters of anything and everything in the news, and anyone else should be prosecuted for any semblance of media encroachment.

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