Handel Op-Ed on voter ID

Secretary of State Karen Handel responds to AJC’s Cynthia Tucker:

Cynthia Tucker’s latest column on voter ID laws (“Voter ID law an ugly effort to subvert ballot,” @issue, Jan. 13) once again mischaracterizes and omits numerous facts about Georgia’s requirement that voters show photo identification when voting in person.

First, Tucker writes, “This is a brazen effort to block the votes of thousands of people of color who might have the temerity to vote for Democrats.”

n fact, in the two elections held since U.S. Circuit Court Judge Harold Murphy’s Sept. 6, 2007, ruling, there has not been one single demonstrated deprivation of any right to vote or any other violation of a constitutional right resulting from the requirement.

Tucker also fails to mention the provisional ballot process or Georgia’s free voter ID card. No voter is turned away from the polls if he or she does not have one of the many acceptable forms of photo ID, and a free voter ID card is available at any county registrar or Department of Driver Services office.

Second, Tucker claims, “There has never — never — been a single documented case of ‘voter impersonation’ at the ballot box, with a fake voter using an electric bill or phone bill to pretend to be a valid voter.”

On the contrary, a Nov. 6, 2000, AJC report (“Even death can’t stop some voters”) found that over 5,400 ballots had been cast by deceased Georgians over the 20 previous years. While those votes could have been cast in person or by absentee, clearly in-person voter fraud is virtually impossible to detect without a requirement that the voter produce photo identification.


  1. SouthFultonGuy says:

    It is truly refreshing to have a articulate no-nonsense Secretary of State who brings order and efficiency to the position.

    With all Karen has cleaned up in the SOS office so far, one wonders what on earth Cathy Cox did during her tenure.

    We miss the fiscal responsibility she brought to the Fulton County Commission and will likely miss her contributions to the SOS role as she deservedly moves onward and upward in the coming years.

    I really appreciate that she takes Cynthia Tucker and the AJC to task for their misrepresentations, rantings and downright falsehoods about a non issue.

    Queen Cynthia was long overdue to be taken down a few pegs. This is a case where once again the AJC bias is exposed by something inconvenient – the truth.

  2. jillchambers says:

    the McKinneys used to physically vote the ballot for many people at the polls during elections. When I served as DeKalb GOP chairman and county poll watcher, I witnessed it myself on election night 2000. In 1998, when we still used paper ballots, I worked as a pollwatcher and found stacks of paper ballots with the “Cynthia chad” already punched. It might not be “impersonation” but it was certainly illegal electioneering within a polling precinct.

    I have a transcript from a 2001 public hearing where a voter said civil rights were violated on election night because the her daughter only voted twice.

    more info here:

    and here:

    So is showing an ID to vote a form of intimidation? Only if you plan to cheat.

  3. Karen Handel is a lesson in Good Government. She’s done a tremendous job in the little more than 1 years she’s occupied this seat.

    Not only with the voting issue but with professional licensing etc. etc. She’s been effective. It would be nice to have government filled with people who are more concerned with doing the job right than exploiting their posts.

    Great Job Karen!

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