Glenn Richardson v. Tom Murphy

A person who I know to be a friend of Glenn Richardson was talking about him the other day with me and his point was brought home to me today about the impeachment business.

He said, at the time, on another matter, “The difference between Glenn and Murphy is that Murphy would have never let the public get wind of this s**t. He kept all this stuff in the closet or buried it.”

And that, I think, is it. I expect members of the Republican party in the House are going to start acting like a guerilla operation using minority tactics to accomplish their goals. The reason? There is a sense that some things are being brought up that the Speaker should quash and some things being quashed that should be brought up.

If the Speaker can’t rein in the monkey business, we’re about to see an intra-party fight where everyone in the GOP loses. The Democrats have probably adopted the McDonald’s slogan. They’re lovin’ it.


  1. GOPeach says:

    I would like to see Glenn READ HB 1 on the floor for an up and down vote. That would take balls as big as Stone Mountain! But… it would be the right thing to do!

    Glenn – use your chuzpah for LIFE!

  2. juliobarrios says:

    I think the legend of Tom Murphy and his ability to control every Representative lockstep has grown quite a bit. Dubois Porter did challenge the man for Speaker, so obviously Murphy wasn’t able to keep that in the closet.

    Sometimes you’ve just got some crazy reps (it’s a diverse body) and there is only so much the Speaker can do.

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