1. SpaceyG says:

    I know I should watch state-o-state in its entirety, but I simply can’t bring myself to do it. Sonny has got to be one of the most sleep-inducing orators ever grown out of Georgia. How can we elect a southern politician who just cain’t orate like a southerner politician should? We might be backwards and slow and ignorant folk, but our claim to fame has always been how we crank out compelling speakers and story tellers. State-of-Southern-culture? Lame.

  2. Yea, but you gotta admit, that preacher colored red tie, rumored to have been autographed by Gena Abraham for luck and the Body Language tutoring that Larry O’neal gave him are an improvement.


    “”I’m going in as calm as I can act. I’ve even had a course in body language to make sure that I don’t even give off any notions that there’s a big adversarial approach to things. We need to get on with the business of the people, and I think that we’ll do that.”
    O’Neal chairs the House Ways and Means Committee which oversees taxes. “”

  3. Ms_midtown says:

    This is regarding the Democrat response :
    I wish the Democrats would give up on this commuter rail fantasy. 400 has a rail line that is empty and 400 gets more crowded.
    Atlanta beltline I can live with and do not consider commuter rail.
    Do you notice neither party talks about individual freedom, or the criminal justice system? I would just like some more zing in these speeches from both parties like Arnold in California http://www.stateline.org/live/details/speech?contentId=169992

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