Mass Eviction or Revitalization?

There’s an interesting battle of wills going on between Atlanta’s Mayor Franklin and City of Atlanta councilperson, Felicia Moore of District 9. Mayor Franklin has quietly signed-off on applications to “revitalize” (demolish) the remaining housing projects in District 9 (my district, BTW). A little too quietly for some.

The problem is that the “revitalize-ees” in these projects, some of the most notorious in the city, helped vote Ms. Moore into office way back when, and Moore will be up for re-election in ’09 – in a district that is different (more yuppified in other words; read “white”) than it was when she was won her seat many years ago. (Disclosure, I campaigned for Moore when she ran for City Council originally.)

From Atlanta Progressive News:

Moore’s second bill asks AHA to hold off on demolitions for Bowen Homes, Bankhead Courts, and Hollywood Courts–three communities in the Councilwoman’s District which are family developments–until residents, Council, and the public could review and comment on the demolition applications.

Days after APN reported exclusively on this pending legislation, the Atlanta Housing Authority unleashed a campaign on Monday against Moore’s legislation.

Full drama story here.


  1. DemBones says:

    As one of the “more yuppified” residents of District 9, I think that Councilwoman Moore is correct to object to the quiet process pushed by AHA and Mayor Franklin. All three of these properties need to be “revitalized” but that doesn’t mean that it should be done without hearing from residents.

    Doing it quietly might be quicker and a little easier, but not necessarily better. The City Council should tell the mayor, like the drive-thru operator at Church’s Chicken across from Bowen Homes says so well, “Ma’am, this is Bankhead, not Buckhead, and your a** is going to have to wait.”

  2. Mike Hauncho says:

    Felicia is a great lady and has done a wonderful job in her district. I volunteered for her on her first campaign and have known her well for years. I think it is wise to slow the city down when it comes to demolishing homes or apartments. I live in that area and would love to see those apartments gone but they have been there for 40 years and an extra 60 days will do no harm. Better to get it right the first time.

  3. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    SpaceyG, this is a serious question because I’ve never read APN, but is APN a reputable legitimate news source, or is it nothing more than a mouthpiece for Derrick Bozeman and Vincent Fort?

  4. Rogue109 says:

    Christ, I can’t believe I’m defending SpaceyG, but it is moot if APN is biased or not. Point in fact, APN is indeed biased, but the meat of this story is true. For once, SpaceyG found something good to post.

  5. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Geez, everybody so uptight around here that a simple harmless questions sets you off.

    From whom are you defending Spacey? I was only asking a simple question. I’m sure they are biased…so is the AJC, NYT, Washington Post, Fox News, Washington Times. But generally speaking, those news organizations are reputable and legitimate…so what about APN?

  6. SpaceyG says:

    Wow, I can’t believe I’m agreeing with a THING Rogue says, does, believes in, etc. either. But he’s right… APN is very biased, admittedly so. That’s their raisin d’etre, or however you spell that phrase.

    Point being, APN’s Matthew Cardinale is a good reporter and a decent, highly readable writer, with a lot of meat and potatoes in his stories, food items no other media outlet is hungry enough to go out and get for us local news gatherers.

    Believe me, the last place I want to be seen is trolling around for soundbites at a place like, say, the AHA or City council chambers. They don’t serve cocktails at those mind-numbingly boring venues.

  7. Icarus says:

    Jace beat me to it. The ground outside my window is white, and I’m convinced it’s because Hell has frozen over, not because of a few flakes in the sky.

  8. Icarus says:

    And as someone who once lived in District 9, and someone who got great pleasure (and a few strange looks) for asking for a Republican primary ballot at my voting precinct, I respect the work of councilwoman Moore. She’s no nonsense, hard working, and usually all business. I support the revitalization effort, but support her in her desire to make sure it is done right.

  9. Romegaguy says:

    If Spacey and Rogue can agree on something, cant the Speaker and the Governor follow suit?

    Uhh, isnt Bankhead Court the residency of those fine upstanding citizens that shot several bottle rockets into the cab of an 18 wheeler a year and a half ago, causing the semi to flip and then they pulled the driver out and beat him half to death? Yeah, let’s do what we can to help protect their homes…

  10. rugby_fan says:

    “Someone call Hell and ask Satan if they’re expecting snow showers”

    No. I can tell you I am not planning for it.

    Engrossed in the Australian Open.

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