From Lawmakers last night

Here some video from Lawmakers last night on the House veto overrides:

I have to tell you, this reminds me of the “meaning of is.”


  1. Burdell says:

    The Gold Dome was losing its color. So the General Assembly decided to have a pissing match.

    But seriously, one has to wonder why this dispute wasn’t resolved between last year’s session and now. Either a) they tried and failed, which means I don’t have high hopes they’ll resolve it during the session, or b) they didn’t try, and now they’re paying for their own laziness.

    Glenn and Casey are acting like babies. They should be embarrassed.

  2. juliobarrios says:


    Do you think every time the Legislature passes a bill with a 2/3rd’s or more vote, and the Governor vetoes it, that the Legislature should automatically vote to override it without any discussion or consideration?

  3. Bill Simon says:

    Good question, Julio.

    In case you missed my response to Senator Johnson on his “Ready, Fire, Aim” post last night, my issue with THIS senate currently revolves around the arrogance displayed by Senators Johnson and Balfour for the last 2 years.

    There has been nothing out of those two mouths but braggadicio pronouncements on how RIGHT they are and how WRONG everyone else is, regardless of whether it is the State House, the Executive Branch, or the Judiciary.

    So, it seems to me that when these 12 bills that were approved by a large margin in last year’s (2007) session of the Senate, that means that these bills were looked at hard by Balfour, Cagle, and Johnson last year already…and vetted by the all-knowing, all-powerful deliberative body called the Georgia State Senate.

    Why should there be a need for any pause in overriding the veto? When the Judiciary branch of this government interprets a law differently from what Johnson thinks they should interpret it, he accuses them of being “activist judges.”

    The same conclusion should be applied to an “activist Governor.” That is, what the Senate says goes, and there should be no fear of pausing and “re-considering” ANY bill that has already passed through the bowels of the state senate once.

    Julio, if we had decent leadership in the Senate, we would have already had “deliberation” on these bills because the Governor vetoed them last Spring.

    Instead, Johnson, Cagle, Williams, and Balfour have been jockeying around and planning on making th Speaker look bad, rather than take care of the people’s business.

    I’ll grant you that Richardson appears to act a bit animated at times, and tends to speak his mind a bit, but his actions to reintroduce bills that were passed by the House and the Senate, and then vetoed by the Governor, demonstrates that HE, more than any leadership in the Senate, take his job more seriously than any one of them.

  4. Icarus says:

    On a different thread, Rep Ehrhart posted this:

    “It would seem to me, and you heard no gloating and no press conference from the House, that the responsible and statesman like actions were on our side.

    The others merely continue the divisiveness.”

    Yet the above clip has the speaker, speaking from the well saying the Senate has a constitutional requirement “to immediately consider, not to play a game, but I predict with a high degree of certainty that the other body that took an oath of office may very well shirk their constitutional responsibility and not address these matters.”

    That’s statesmanship? That’s an example of “others” continuing divisiveness?

    This is starting to remind me of two kids fighting in the back of a car. The whiney kid never started anything, it’s always the other kids fault. Problem is, when the car gets pulled over, everyone gets in trouble.

    The Speaker has again gone off half cocked, and embarrassed himself, the House, and the state of Georgia, because he didn’t understand the meaning of the word “consideration”.

    And for everyone saying it sounds like the meaning of the word “is”, I make two points. 1) Andre has cited for us very specific text demonstrating that the Senate has met the definition of the word consider, and 2) Speaker Richardson is an attorney, and should have some appreciation and understanding that the meaning of words matter.

    Let’s hope that the leadership of the house can spend their off week considering their definition of the phrase “responsible and statesman like actions” before we have to consider the definition of “minority party”.

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