This one gave me a good laugh. I got an email about Jekyll Island’s revitalization. The campaign theme or slogan is “linger longer.”

You will not be surprised, I’m sure, that this set off my spam filter. I wonder if folks who go to Jekyll will get free cialis while they are there. And if so, will they need to seek medical treatment if they linger longer than four hours?


  1. Icarus says:

    I believe “Linger Longer” is the name of the developer and/or marketing arm for Reynolds Plantation. Haven’t followed the Jekyll Island process enough to know if they’re involved.

    Glad to know you fish your Cialis ads out of your spam filter, though.

  2. Jack Overholt says:

    Arise,people of Georgia.Save the Jekyll Island beach.Keep all Linger Longer developement West of Beachview Dr.Write letters or call your Legislators.Support Ga.Sen.Jeff Chapman efforts.Go to his web site ; and sign his resolution..Do it today!

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