Previewing the 2008 legislative session

Tonight, the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot was filed with legislators, lobbyists, and candidates as a prelude to the convening of tomorrow’s 2008 session of the Georgia General Assembly. How appropriate that every year, the legislature kicks things off with tables upon tables of everything pork.

This year marked my first time attending the Wild Hog Supper after years of watching the news coverage of the event on my t.v.

Well, aside from the fact that Democratic U.S. Senate candidates Vernon Jones and Maggie Martinez were both in attendance, here’s what I heard and was told to look for during the first week of the session:

A.) The House will spend most of the first week taking up veto overrides, and most of those veto overrides will deal with the Governor’s line-item vetoes of appropriations projects. I heard this from a Democratic Senator, however, I didn’t ask him if it was “on the record” or “off the record”, so I’ll just leave y’all to guessing which state Senator it was.

B.) Donzella James is running for Congress (she told me herself) and state Sen. Kasim Reed is “seriously considering” a run for Mayor of Atlanta. I know that may not seem like news to most, but what I found interesting is that when I asked Sen. Reed if he was running for re-election this year, he said that he was “focused on governing” and “focused on getting through the session.”

C.) The session will be shorter than in 2007, but a few lobbyists don’t think that the session will be fast (so much for the legislators coming in, passing the budget, and going home to run for re-election).

D.) Michelle Obama was in attendance tonight, and I spotted several Mike Huckabee buttons in the crowd.

That pretty much sums it up…for now.


  1. cheapseats says:

    but, tell us which lobbyists (and how many) were supplying the bimbettes for the Tax Jesus?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

  2. Rick Day says:

    I too attended my first wild hog dinner, being a guest of the Sec’y of Agriculture via the Atlanta BBQ Club, of which I am a member. So armed only with my Memphis in May Certified Judge pin and my Klingon house pin, I venture forth into the foray for an evening of banter and repartee.

    I was pretty disappointed in some of the more ‘powerful’ wannabees wearing DC Dark suits, at an affair that was stressed as ‘business casual’. Dudes! You are the all-powerful! We get it. Dress down!

    Some moron wore a tux.

    I sat at the table with a nice elderly lady who said her husband represented Dalton, and his claim to fame was the state anti-smoking ban.

    We had a great conversation on the negative consequences of ‘feel-good’ laws (the law drives smokers outside to the entrances, where EVERYONE is exposed to the smoke), and such. She was a very nice Old School Southern Charmer. Senator Whats his name should spend more time with her, instead of ‘off talking’.

    I also talked to a teacher, and we swapped Ron Paul stories. He brought his lovely20 year old daughter. There was a guy from Cobb Cty GOP (kind of a John Madden looking chap) who mostly sat, ate and listened.

    Rounding out the table was a gentleman and his family of three from Marietta; a most handsome family I must say. He was very articulate as we talked about various things like Austrian economics , foreign policy, immigration, abortion and The Lord ™. And no one got smacked!

    For once I found some level headed Christians, firm in their beliefs yet tolerant enough to hear this heathen’s point of view.We agreed on much, disagreed on some and swapped business cards, with a promise to stay in touch.

    Ms. Obama was very nice. Jackie Kennedy hairdo.She seemed puzzled at the ‘telephones pointed her way’. She seemed genuinely surprised that they had CAMERAS in them! Shades of Daddy Bush and bar coded groceries!

    I walked out with Snuggles. Nice man. Didn’t call him Snuggles, though. We talked for a few minutes. Told him I thought he would make a fine Senator, but to try and remember his roots, as that is the first to die when one gets elected to a DC address.

    Big black single guys who do 3-ways are cool in my book. but thats just me!

    He promised he would, and then climbed into his Blackwater style black Escalade, with the black smoke mirrors and spiffy spinners.

    Oh, the fried chicken was good. The BBQ…it was worth my price of admission, heh.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    Rick Sez: “There was a guy from Cobb Cty GOP (kind of a John Madden looking chap) who mostly sat, ate and listened.”

    I did NOT attend the Hog Supper so that was not me. 🙂

  4. gatormathis says:

    It was an interesting night and the food was great to boot. Saw several old friends that I haven’t seen in a while, and met some new folks, too.

    Even stopped by and spoke to ole Andre before he headed off in search of another “scoop”.

    I wanted to meet that spacey chick but couldn’t figure out if she was there or not.

    I will have to say, the Motorcycle escort for Ms Obama really “strutted” their stuff comin and a goin.

    Anyways, it is always fun to visit in Atlanta.

  5. juliobarrios says:


    If Joan Rivers ever kicks the bucket, you’ve got a job judging fashion waiting on you.

    “Told him I thought he would make a fine Senator, but to try and remember his roots.”

    Being that his “roots” are debauchery and a complete lack of self-control, I don’t think he’ll have any trouble remembering them on field trips to Washington.

    He’ll never actually be a US Senator and the only reason he’s being taken seriously in the Primary is that one of his biggest opponents is sitting up on a smoke stack and the other has a lack of understanding of proper english.

  6. Tea Party says:


    Pretty ‘funny’ take on a guy whose vaunted 3-way was a publicity stunt to avert inquiring minds from his true sexual preferences and ended badly.

    Its’ neither cool or good when your other same-nite date cries “Rape.”

    Was Vick ‘cool’ to you as well?

    If they let you in, it gives me hope that next year I’ll be a goin’.

  7. SouthFultonGuy says:

    Andre, Did you really think Senator Kasim Reed would still give you the time of day after your BLOG antics about him?

    You slam the guy repeatedly in your BLOGs, posting a map to his house and now you are surprised when you don’t get a nice quote for your BLOG.

    What’s next on the horizon an interview with Fulton Commission Vice Chair Bill Edwards?

  8. Romegaguy says:

    “Big black single guys who do 3-ways are cool in my book.”

    Sounds like Rick was trying to get Snuggles to pick him up

  9. SouthFultonGuy says:

    It used to be that this was a premier BLOG where one could criticize those that have the privilege of being able to post subjects, delete or block folk’s comments and look at the IP addresses of those responding.

    Now we have those that admire Andre jumping to his defense by name calling because they apparently feel he’s getting whupped intellectually.

    Would they hold him in such high esteem if they knew he tried to hack my email? The truth is Andre must really have an affinity for my inconvenient posts and want to impersonate me.

    Perhaps that’s why he tried to hack my email account last year with your “georgians for jones” email address.

    Here’s the proof that he’s blocked me from posting numerous times – I got a head’s up warning I got from the site that caught you in the act with their sting:


    From: [email protected]
    Date: Aug 10, 2007 5:19 PM
    Subject: A.Walker Tried Hacking You
    To: [email protected]

    Dear South Fulton Guy,

    Your friend A.Walker whose email address is [email protected] has asked us to hack you from the IP Address on 10.08.2007 at 15:19:00 (EST). However we do not do such evil things and that’s why we emailed you to let you know.

    Here is the reason why your friend A.Walker wants to hack you:

    “Internal emails have been spread around the web and I need to find out who this person is in order to plug the leak.”

    Our website fools people like A.Walker into thinking that we are hackers and that we do hacking for FREE! (how insane), however we are here only to name and shame those who try hacking their friends.

    We have also informed A.Walker that they have been framed and that we have also emailed you.


    Take care in this dangerous world…

    Hack My Friend Team ( )

    PS: hope this hasn’t affected your friendship with A.Walker (if it has, they have been an ass to you anyway)

  10. Rick Day says:

    Yes, I am an a blatant apologist for Michael Vick. However, I’d change the cool, to fool.

    Oh you can get in, Tea party. They were selling tickets. perhaps you can save up or get a second job and come on out next year!

    I do have to admit that Snuggles had eyes as big as, well, you know…

    That was NOT powder I saw on his lapel I swear!

    Tea Party: crying rape and a rape conviction are two different things. Let m’boyah have his fling! Once he gets popular enough, The Man ™ will take him down as well.

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