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I’ll be filling in for Shane McBride Monday and Tuesday of this week.

Feel free to tune in between 6 and 9 in the morning if you are in the Macon area.


  1. Here is the website, not sure about streaming audio.

    Erick must have been in the beer this weekend, he’s rambling from fence holes in Arizona, to Rambo, to Bush’s poor communication skills, to Batman to to a teeny bopper guy from Australia.

    And all this on the morning the Ga Legislature
    is about to open and on the day i’m having to cancel my health care insurance because Blue Cross just priced me out of the market.

    My only advice to the rest of you is don’t turn 50 under a Republican Dominated State Insurance Committee & Insurance Commissioner. They have theirs, so screw the rest of us.

    I’ll save a seat in the Emergency Room for all you guys…

  2. The 940 coffee is kicking in and Erick’s opening the window on local government issues:

    1) A Neighbor is buying a shotgun, does she need a license? (Erick, check your emails for details on a burglar that was caught trying to sledge hammer his way into a neighborhood business at 5a.m. this morning. Please thank the MPD at the 4p.m. Cmte meeting for capturing this guy!)

    2) Calling for filming the Bibb County Commission Committee meetings, which all Commissioners except Lonzy Edwards came out againt this weekend.

    Best QuoteS from this article:

    A) Bert Bivins: “People act different” when cameras are on”

    B) Elmo Richardson: “It causes more problems than it solves,” he said. “We’ve got enough to worry about without something like that. We’ve got other things to deal with – big issues, like building a new courthouse.”

    Elmo Richardson left out that the Commissioners procrastinated on the Court House until the Superior Court Judges issued a mandate to build a new courthouse.

    He and the other Commissioners are going to be trying to talk us into a $175 million SPLOST to underwrite the new court house. They ran out of money before completing promised roads on the $300 million Bibb County Road SPLOST,

    So, History has shown that the veteran Commissioners are not capable of overseeing that kind of tax outlay in a fiscally conservative manner…

    3) Methodology of euthenasia for animal at the Macon Animal Shelter.

    4) Airport Trailer Park. (If the TP lot leases are defraying expenses, please hush Erick and hold on to the airport land til the recessions is over. Don’t sell real estate into a plummeting real estate market.) A Maconite namedChris phones in yelling about TP: “City used to be “RAN” like a trailer park.”

    5) Tuesday, Mayor Reichert to ask Council to settle with Macon Housing Authority over MHA Board Member selection process.

    6) Commentator Ron Frazier makes brief reference to the Georgia State Legislature convening today and goes back to “on the Presidential Campaign Trail.”

    7) 8:10 a.m. Debate about New World Order & returning to the gold standard coming up.
    The idiot author they are interviewing is accusing Romney of beign a socialist on Health Care issues.

    Which reminds me, time to enlighten Georgia State Senator Ralph Hudgens, Rep Tom Knox and Ins Commissioner John Oxendine about their failure to introduce legislation to protect Georgians against excessive rate increases,

    while the Corporate Executives of the Health Care Insurance Companies get HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS IN PERSONAL COMPENSATION.

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