GOP Unity Tour 2008 Comes Through Macon

Travis Fain was there.

He offers this on issues discussed:
Transportation also was an issue targeted by Richardson, who used the acronym WET to describe the session. That stands for Water, Education, Taxes, Transportation and Trauma care. That potential buzz-word joins the speaker’s GREAT plan, an acronym for Georgia’s Repeal of Every Ad Valorem Tax, a still-shifting plan to have sales taxes replace the property taxes now used to fund local governments.

That plan wasn’t specifically discussed during the Macon leg of Thursday’s tour, but both Cagle and Perdue have expressed strong concerns about the idea, cutting at least some of its momentum as the 2008 legislative session gears up.

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  1. Decaturguy says:

    Is he really using the acronym WET??? That’s funny because I’ve heard he hasn’t been “dry” in a couple of years.

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