The GREAT Backlash

It has begun.

The public finally got a chance to weigh in Tuesday on House Speaker Glenn Richardson’s proposal to gradually erase property taxes in Georgia. And not surprisingly, school groups and local government officials, who’ve been excoriating the plan for months, came out swinging.
Education officials worried that the proposal leave could them without needed cash for the classroom.

“We’re not sure it’s going to raise enough money,” said Sally Fitzgerald, of the Georgia PTA.


  1. IndyInjun says:

    The freeze on property values seems to have momentum and support in both houses. Since there HAS to be ‘tax reform’ of some sort, it seems to be the likely choice.

    The new sales tax on services seems to have some omissions and conflicts. I would like to have been able to attend the hearing.

    It was noted here that the new tax on services does not apply to business, as it does in nearly every state with a heavy reliance on sales taxation. Without it, the capacity of the tax on services to fund education is dubious.

    They could always scale back HOPE to where it began and use the surplus on education to supplement the shortfall.

    They could also reform – ELIMINATE – property tax exemptions to reduce the burden on the average property owner.

    As we know, real fairness and politics are light years distant from each other.

  2. Dave says:

    What do we need money for schools for anyway. Our Georgia students are basically illiterate any-damn-way. 50th out of 50 is quite an accomplishment.

  3. Painterman says:

    Key lesson we all should know by now.

    A lot of money spent on and by education doesn’t = smart students.

  4. Dave says:

    Hell, Painter, GA kids are lucky if the even have a full set of chromosomes to work with! LOL! Most don’t bring a lot of mental firepower to the plate.

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