Are you a Republican with some spare cash?

I need to raise some money for RedState’s redesign. If you’re interested, you can donate here.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    I’m with you Indy. Sites like Redstate are the problem, not the solution to Republican/”Conservative” woes.

    Unless the redesign includes banning half of the frequent commenters and posters, it will be a waste of money.

  2. GOPeach says:

    I would give you some money but… I am a lady! I am pretty high up-keep … and the older I get… It takes a bit more to hold Peach together …just bought my first girdle!! I need to get back to the gym…. and that will cost money!!!! I’m sorry 🙂

  3. heroV says:

    From Redstate:
    “So we’ve decided to move ahead with our upgrades without delay, and despite not having the cash on hand – hoping and praying that readers like you will help us make up the shortfall with a generous donation.”

    That’s not very fiscally responsible, is it? Oh well, I guess no one ever accused Redstate of espousing fiscal responsibility.

  4. Romegaguy says:

    Spending more than you have kinda sounds like our current President…

    Peachy it is obvious that you are off of your meds

  5. Hank Reardan says:

    Thanks GOPeach
    I am on the blogroll here at You know this is a chance with this presidential race to bring guys like me back under you tent. Say what you want about Ron Paul he has thousands of Libertarians working for and with the GOP.
    Think about how many races the gop loses by 2-5 %. If you guys would bring us back and welcome us you would win more races that are that close.

  6. rugby_fan says:

    Sorry Hank, I’d normally support you, but GOPeach wants you on the roll so I must be in opposition, just on principle.

    Ergo, I will not second the motion.

  7. GOPeach says:

    Rubgy – Rome & Doug –

    Oooooh I see ! There really is a PRICE$ to pay to get on the Blog Roll. That stinks!

    I was thinking we need to include our Libertarian brothers in the BIG TENT… I see now… It’s ALL about $$$.

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