Americans for Prosperity Day at the Capitol

The good folks at Americans for Prosperity are doing their second annual Capitol Day on February 7th.

Last year we heard from Speaker Richardson, who was toying with an idea to revamp the tax structure in Georgia. This year we’ll get an update from the Speaker on how that’s going. 🙂

We also heard from Sen. Chip Rogers about Senate Resolution 20, which would limit the growth of the state budget. That bill passed the Senate in 2007, and is going to get picked up by Rep. Tom Graves in the house.

Best of all, its free.

AFP at the Capitol Day, Thursday, February 7
Join us for AFP at the Capitol Day, Thursday, February 7. Reserve your breakfast and your chance to hear from state leaders on fiscal policy, and to get on the job training in lobbying your legislators. This is an excellent chance to let them know that we taxpayers care about fiscal responsibility. To RSVP, email [email protected] Questions? Call us – 404-736-1465.


  1. GOPeach says:


    Look… I have heard great things about this group and I personally know someone who went to Washington DC a few months back to check this out and I think it is something for ALL AMERICAN’S TO SUPPORT!!!

    I think Glen Richardson needs to take this group seriously!!!!! They are mobilizing quite fast I hear.

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