Will they travel in separate cars? [UPDATE]

Sonny, Casey, and Glenn are heading on the road together. This has all the makings of a sequel to Boys on the Side.

[UPDATE:] I hear Casey is trying to get his own plane. Hahahaha. We can laugh though, but considering the chain of constitutional succession, he and Sonny should, in fact, not be on the same plane.


  1. Icarus says:

    I’m thinking that Sonny, Casey, and Glenn will take a helicopter. Sonny, of course, will be at the controls.

    Somewhere in mid flight, Sonny will say that he hears a noise coming from the rear of the craft, and ask if either of the others would mind checking on it.

    Casey will mock fumbling for his seatbelt, and Glenn will jump out of the craft first, beating Casey to the punch.

    Can’t blame the speaker for trying though. I’m sure he knows as much about fixing helicopters as he does about fixing Georgia’s tax code.

  2. juliobarrios says:

    It would be a sad day if all three went down in a plane, but I’m not sure it would be any sort of crisis. It’s not like Sonny has his finger on “the button” in case Alabama decides to invade overnight.

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