I chaired my first Property Committee Meeting

I think it went well. There was only one issue on the agenda — leases for a trailer park the city owns near the airport. I think we probably ought to make this the last three years that the city owns a trailer park. There’s something rather silly about that.

Also, apparently the City Hall Annex has bricks that are in danger of falling down the sides of the 8+ story building. They’ve barricaded off the sidewalks. Brilliant.


  1. 1) Do you have evidence that you were sworn in yet?

    2) Do you have evidence that you were sworn at yet?

    3) Don’t think of it as a Trailer Park, think of it, with your iron gavel, Properties Cmte Leadership, as highly valuable property as soon as the Macon Airport (s) become an international mecca for all the middle georgia globetrotters.

    4) Is there any truth to the rumor that your gavel came down so hard it caused a half a million dollars worth of bricks to fall off the City Annex at 5:52p.m today?

    Macon City Building Crumbles
    Submitted by Callie Starnes on Tue, 01/08/2008 – 5:52pm. News Local


    If you’ve driven down 1st Street recently you have probably noticed a long line of cement barricades lining the sidewalk of the Macon City Hall Annex Building. They were placed here last week, when pieces of the building broke off, falling to the ground.

    According the city’s Chief Administrative Officer, Mike Anthony, water damage has caused some of the bricks to come loose and crumble. For liability reasons the city has blocked off the sidewalks, because they say this could happen again.

    City Council’s Public Properties Committee met this afternoon, and it was the first time many of the council members has heard about the situation.

    “This is news to me today, so I will be checking with the city’s engineering department to find out what the problem is and what their recommendation is, that seems to be the outstanding question from the properties meeting, what is the mayor’s recommendation with the annex?” Erick Erickson, Public Properties Chair

    The week before former Mayor C. Jack Ellis left office he recommended that City Council sell the building. Today in their meeting, council members did not discuss selling it, rather how much it would cost to repair the damage. Mike Anthony says the most recent estimate is half a million dollars.

    City officials urge people to use caution while in the area. Today’s MGT will continue to follow this story, and bring you any further details as they become available.

    3 years, 11 months, 3 days and 22 minutes of gavel to gavel fun remaining..

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