This is lame

But not surprising.

Gov. Sonny Perdue’s task force on education finance is recommending that Georgia’s public school systems be allowed to use state funds with fewer restrictions.

After more than three years of meetings, though, the panel still hasn’t decided what to do about the outdated state funding formula, which was supposed to be the focus of its inquiry.

Task force members were scheduled to finalize multiple recommendations for the governor today, a week before the start of the legislative session.

Can someone see how much money this panel wasted to take three years to come up with inconclusive conclusions and recommendations?


  1. AlanR says:

    Well done! A bureaucratic tour de force.

    Erick shame on you. You must not be thinking clearly. You’ve missed the point. The primary purpose of any task force or committee is to hold meetings, travel a little bit, and make recommendations that will never be read.

    This is truly a triumph that all of Georgia should be proud of.

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