1. RobertC says:

    this is the part I love. The main reason these legislators like the secret ballot is to protect themselves from retribution from the Governor, any Governor, but especially Sonny.

    So Sonny has been pushing since he got elected for open, public ballots so he could have complete domination of the DOT board election process.

    the legislature has of course refused to do this. But here comes Glenn and his fellow morons. They’re so stupid and throwing such a little temper tantrum that they’re going to give Sonny exactly what he’s always wanted – complete control of DOT – just to get Anderson and Evans.

    Those House guys are just idiots! Total idiots! they claim they’re all about protecting the House, when they’re about to give away control of the only agency they can influence.

    How do these idiots even get elected?

  2. Bull Moose says:

    I think of all the “bloggers” here, I have the most history of questioning our GOP leaders in their infinite wisdom, sometimes to my own personal disadvantage and peril.

    However, if we have become a party that cannot speak UP and speak OUT in the face of what is something we may disagree with, then we should all just go ahead and admit we have failed at building a true diverse party that can sustain a lasting majority.

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