State Public Defender Council Commits Major Act of Douchebaggery

And apologies to those offended by the title, but I could think of nothing more appropriate.

We have here such an act.

A long time public defender, Larry Schneider, has been suspended for using the n-word. Why did he use it?

The Georgia Public Defender Standards Council cited an unspecified allegation about Schneider’s conduct at a Dec. 7 meeting with council staff. Schneider said in an interview he told a story at the meeting about overhearing a DeKalb judge use a slur shortly before Schneider was appointed public defender in 1984.

So, he’s recounting a historic act of racism from the bench and expressing his disapproval of it. He’s recounted that story in other settings in the past. Schneider, if you don’t know, is on a crusade to stamp out all racial bias in the court system.

Schneider said he was at odds with council staff over the race and sex data as well as the accounting of payments made to private attorneys. Asked if he believed someone complained about his comments because of those disputes, he said, “I guess, yes.”

How ironic. The guy is on a crusade to eradicate racial bias in the court system. He tells a story highlighting the fact that such bias has existed in the system. And the public defenders office suspends him.

Well done idiots.


  1. Rogue109 says:

    I agree with Erick, the GPDSC is full of dullards. Ditto DeKalb Superior Court Judge Mark A. Scott who, according to the article, was “offended.” That Scott was offended demonstrates how DeKalb County should pay more attention to what their Superior and State Court Judges do both inside and outside the courtroom and how their belief systems are structured. Many have contracted “Robe-itis.”

    Schneider is an honorable dude who could not do his job for so many years if he had a bigoted bone in his body. Shame on Judge Scott and the GPDSC.

  2. tedsimmons says:

    It’s true. Schneider is an honorable dude who has fought the good fight for a gazillion years in a thankless lock-em-up-and-throw-away-the-key environment. “Honorable dude” fits. So does “douchebaggery.” Totally, man.

  3. The Comma Guy says:

    Didn’t one of his own judges move to suspend him? Maybe this is payback for something else?

  4. wolfhound says:

    So, Judge Scott wasn’t at the meeting. Offense via long distance. What a shame. Schneider is one of the good guys.

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