1. RuralDem says:

    So, a tax is not a tax if it’s called a fee?

    Come on Mitt Romney, even Alan Keyes, John Cox and some of the others could do better than that.

    McCain and Huckabee are going strong. Thompson’s really impressed me the past two nights, he’s actually acting semi-awake.

    I still hope Romney is the nominee, hahahaha.

  2. RuralDem says:


    Honestly, that sounds much more interesting than this mess FNC is hosting.


    I wouldn’t count Romney out. He knows how to work whatever crowd he’s speaking to!

    I just wonder how Romney would react if he was President with a split Congress, for example, a Democratic Senate and a Republican House. He’d go mad trying to please both crowds.

  3. RuralDem says:

    Oh here we go, Romney could not comment on Rumsfeld because he was governing a state and was not in Congress.

    I guess those of us on here who are not elected officials cannot comment on anything. I mean, after all, we’re not elected to office so we cannot comment on any legislation.

    This is great.

    Well, if Romney loses the nomination, he could try again in 4 years as a Democrat. He went from being to the left of Ted Kennedy to attempting to run to the right of all the GOP candidates in this election.

    What’s to say he does not decide to revert back to his old self?

  4. Ms_midtown says:

    Why does Fox news allow the wife of a Romeny advisor on their panel. That is such bunk, like there is not another personal available?

  5. TrueConservative says:

    Will not work… American voters will not turn the presidential race into a plutocracy that makes it about how rich a candidate is instead of about the character and principles the candidate will bring to the presidency.

  6. John Konop says:

    WOW Romney had a bad debate! I think Paul, Huckabee and Thompson did best!

    This comment was for the ABC debate not the Fascist News Network debate !

  7. While watching Fox News Republican Presidential Forum, I can honestly say I agree with Ed Rollins. Romney is perhaps the most arrogant, disrespectful politician I have ever seen in my 46 years. I’ll be glad when he’s out of the picture. Unfortunately, this fellow won’t go fast enough….

  8. “I’m just trying to keep from going back to nowhere as fast as I got here. I think a lot of it is people are looking for a presidential candidate who reminds them more of the guy they work with, rather than the guy that laid them off.”

    — Gov. Mike Huckabee, during his appearance on the Tonight Show.

  9. GOPeach says:

    Ron Paul is a Political Prophet … say what you will but he actually is a voice crying in the wilderness –

    THE REAL REASON FOX ignored him!

  10. Still Looking says:

    Ron Propeil is probably going to get more votes than Thompson, but “We report. You decide.” Fox News won’t give him air time. This is truly a network with an agenda, and it doesn’t include the Libertarian view.

  11. GOPeach says:

    Still Looking –

    It’s not FOX- It is the RNC!
    THEY do not want Ron Paul calling himself a Republican. He is a RINO…..

    I still love him.

  12. Still Looking says:

    Paul appeared on the ABC debate on Saturday. So by your logic Peach, either the RNC didn’t ask ABC to pull him, or ABC refused to pull him. In either case it points to a obvious bias of FOX News.

  13. debbie0040 says:

    I think Romney is much more likeable than the Huckster. I even like McCain more than I like Huckabee.

    I bet Romney would not have set up a wedding registry at Target to circumvent the ethics law so he could accept gifts over 100. That is so low life and red neck!!! And Huckabee is supposed to be a preacher…


    Monday, November 13, 2006 12:13 PM CST

    Huckabees Registered For Gifts

    By John Lyon

    Arkansas News Bureau • [email protected]

    LITTLE ROCK — “Wedding” registries in the names of Gov. Mike Huckabee and his wife, Janet, have been set up at two department store chains in advance of the Huckabees’ move out of the Governor’s Mansion into a private home.

    The term-limited governor leaves office in January, and friends of Janet Huckabee created the registries at Dillard’s and Target stores to help facilitate their transition to private life, Huckabee spokeswoman Alice Stewart said Friday.

    The Huckabees purchased a 7,000-square-foot home in North Little Rock this year.

    “Some ladies who are friends of Janet’s are giving her a housewarming party,” Stewart said.

    Arkansas law prohibits public servants from accepting any gift worth more than $100, unless the gift is conferred “on account of a bona fide personal, professional or business relationship” independent of the recipient’s official status.

    “Items costing more than $100 which are given to public servants to show appreciation for their efforts (i.e., to reward them for doing their job) or to reward them for past or future action are prohibited under this rule,” the law states.

    Gifts from relatives are not prohibited, nor are wedding or engagement gifts.

    The Huckabees married in 1974. They entered into a covenant marriage in February 2005.

  14. Tea Party says:

    Huck’s inexperience is scary, and I base that on one comment only:

    After Ms. Bhutto’s murder, he actually ap0logized on behalf of the US. Since apologies are taken differently around the World, this becomes important.

    Asians view apologies much differently than we do here in the US, it is their ultimate submission.
    Registered at Target, indeed. The Clinton were probably registered at Wal Mart, so who cares…

    Mit and Huck are both ‘pollster pols’ they bend with the wind of public opinion. Mitt, left of Kennedy, now a GOP and Huck tax increases.

    McCain makes a stand, hate him or love him, you hear what is said, and it sounds sincere.

    I would not want Huck in my doghouse, much less living room. As for Mitt, too much hair goop…Ron Paul spoke the loudest with a soft voice, too bad he is not among the Chosen…

    PS Dale, get the sunscreen out, you are going to need it.

  15. CHelf says:

    I find it curious that one minute Mitt is kissing W’s rear end on how great he is and the next minute Mitt is demanding great change and saying he’s an agent of change. If these past 8 years are so great why come out and demand change? It appears that Mitt is consistent in his taking both sides of the issues. Has he made a decision or statement and consistently stuck with it yet?

  16. Doug Deal says:


    “I’m just trying to keep from going back to nowhere as fast as I got here. I think a lot of it is people are looking for a presidential candidate who reminds them more of the guy they work with, rather than the guy that laid them off.”

    – Gov. Mike Huckabee, during his appearance on the Tonight Show.

    That sounds like how Democrats talk about Republicans, class warfare sounding rhetoric. How many people have actually been laid off with 5% or lower unemployment. Is he next going to claim that this is the “worst economy in 40 years?”. Maybe he can then blame everything on “the welthiest 5%” or “corporate fat cats” and “big oil”.

  17. jsm says:

    All the fluff aside, Thompson had the right answer to every question. He has a well thought out message and a plan to turn this country back toward what it ought to be. I also enjoyed watching him correct Huck’s ignorance on the affects of location to the rights of the Guantanamo detainees.

    People keep bashing him for the superficial, but in a contest of policy, Fred wins. Too bad America can’t see past the superficial.

  18. GOPeach says:

    Look Ya’ll –

    Huckabee is not trying to play to the REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT ! Thank You Jesus!

    He is speaking to AMERICANS and Americans are listening… obviously.

  19. waterboy says:

    Konop, jsm, GoPeach, others…..Did y’all even WATCH the debate???? The Fox staff clearly, and appropriately, stated that Romney won the debate. The group of NH voters that watched the debate gave Romney strong support for winning the debate. Of course, the Ron Paul fan club was parading outside the window of the studio with their signs – what a classy crowd.

  20. John Konop says:


    Is that the same FOX that gave Huckabee no chance in Iowa? Is that the same FOX that should be fined for not letting Paul debate or give him free airtime since they had candidates in the debate who are and will finish below him in NH?

    Do they have a news department or just a propaganda department?

  21. debbie0040 says:


    Washington Prowler
    Campaign Boosts
    By The Prowler
    Published 1/7/2008 12:08:00 AM
    Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee insists to advisers that he will not release the CDs of his gubernatorial records that were pulled from state-owned computer hard drives.

    According to former Huckabee aides, some of the documents are records that indicate Huckabee used state-owned facilities (planes and cars) and personnel for personal business dealings, such as speeches and appearances for book sales.

    “It was never clear to me that he ever repaid the state for those trips, and there were a lot of trips toward the end of his term,” says a former staffer still based in Little Rock.

    Huckabee has recently had to admit to charging churches upwards of $25,000 for speeches to subsidize his wife’s salary and his government pension while he campaigns for President. He is the only candidate paying himself a salary while running.

    Huckabee adviser Ed Rollins is said by some Huckabee aides to now be in possession of a copy of the CDs, though it is unclear if they are the originals given to Huckabee before he left office, or a new set of copies Huckabee allowed to be made.

  22. jsm says:

    Did y’all even WATCH the debate???? The Fox staff clearly, and appropriately, stated that Romney won the debate.

    I did watch the debate. It’s too bad that substance doesn’t win debates. Instead, charisma and wit does–two qualities we all know are absolute necessities for the Oval Office.

  23. debbie0040 says:

    Another name mentioned that might run as an independent:

    CNN’s Lou Dobbs for President?
    He Says No, Sort of

    January 7, 2008; Page A6
    Wall Street Journal

    As Democrats and Republicans battle for their parties’ presidential nominations, speculation grows that an independent candidate might jump into the race. While the most frequently mentioned prospect is New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, another name also is getting increasing mention: Lou Dobbs, CNN’s fuming voice for the disaffected.

    Conservative columnist Robert Novak floated Mr. Dobbs’s name as a possible independent candidate. So did John Fund, a columnist for this newspaper’s opinion pages. From Indiana to Arkansas to Pennsylvania, Mr. Dobbs has been trumpeted by regular Americans in letters to local newspapers as presidential timber. One writer even likened him to George Washington.

  24. GOPeach says:

    Debbie –

    “Huckabee has recently had to admit to charging churches upwards of $25,000 for speeches to subsidize his wife’s salary and his government pension while he campaigns for President. He is the only candidate paying himself a salary while running.” ….

    IS SUCH A LIE!!!!!!

    I KNOW SEVERAL PASTORS PERSONALLY who had Gov. Huckabee in to speak and he received NOTHING for it!!!!

    You are spreading RUMORS!

  25. rugby_fan says:

    “I KNOW SEVERAL PASTORS PERSONALLY who had Gov. Huckabee in to speak and he received NOTHING for it!!!!”

    That doesn’t mean that Huckabee isn’t getting paid or that his wife received money from a church.

    Also, just one exclamation point. Putting in six or seven is not only redundant it is repetitive.

    People do not appreciate multiple exclamation points, nor do they like having several punctuation marks at the end of a sentence, especially markings that show heightened emotion.

    In short, I would like to briefly say that no one likes having to see superfluous and unnecessary exclamations.

    I hope I have made myself clear and understood.

  26. drjay says:

    so those comments are right out of the dept of redundancy department. i hate seeing redundant things, i especially hate seeing them over and over again. i do however like colorful and exclamatory punctuation. and almost always end my posts with ellipsis…

  27. GOPeach says:

    Kiss either ass you like…. or both – What the hay!



    I just spewed my purified water all over the keyboard ….

  28. debbie0040 says:

    Do you really think American Spectator would print about the Huckster unless they believed strongly it was true?

    Poor Huckabee, all these people telling lies on him and he is the only one telling the truth…

    There is a reason he destroyed state owned computer hard drives before he left office… Duh!

    Some of Huckabee’s consulting fees

    You can check out a campaign committee’s donors here.

  29. Icarus says:

    The only horrifying way I can interpret the above series of posts is that a picture of Bill Simon just caused GOPeach to get all wet.

  30. Arkansas polls

    Republican Polls
    Talk Business Quarterly poll conducted by Global Strategy Group (D)
    w/o Newt Gingrich

    Mike Huckabee 59%
    John McCain 9%
    Rudy Giuliani 9%
    Mitt Romney 7%
    Fred Thompson 6%
    Ron Paul 3%
    Unsure 7%

    Debbie, according to the drivel you post on here, you would think Arkansas would want to tar and feather this man. He obviously has done something right for his state that he commands these numbers. He really decimated the Republican Party,,,, yeah right.

  31. GOPeach says:

    I am sorry … I do NOT know what came over me!
    Maybe I am a little Snarky today… It’s like SPRING out side and I am as wild as a March Hare! 🙂

    Anyway… Debster – Look at this:


    On the Republican side, Gallup says Iowa caucuses winner Mike Huckabee has jumped into a national lead for the first time. The rundown: Huckabee, 25%; Rudy Giuliani, 20%; Sen. John McCain, 19%; Fred Thompson, 12%; Mitt Romney, 9%; and Rep. Ron Paul, 4%.

    Huckabee’s support rose 9 percentage points from mid-December. McCain’s rose 5 points. Giuliani’s fell 7 points. Thompson’s fell 2 points. Romney’s fell 5 points.

    The surveys of 423 “Republicans or Republican leaners” and 499 “Democrats or Democratic leaners” each have margins of error on all results of +/- 5 percentage points. The polls were conducted Friday-Sunday.

    As we noted earlier, Rasmussen Reports said today that its daily tracking poll showed Clinton’s lead over Obama nearly gone and that Huckabee had edged ahead among Republicans

  32. debbie0040 says:

    Peach, look at the numbers for McCain and Giuliani. If they drop out do you really think their supporters will support the Huckster? Most of Thompson supporters would not go to Huckabee either and I would imagine most of Romney’s would not either if he dropped out.

    Maurice, I posted facts. You can call it what you want to try to diminish it. I can see why you would want to try.

    Bill Clinton was re-elected as Governor of Arkansas, so according to your logic, Maurice, he must have been a good Governor. He was also re-elected as President so you must think he was a good president…

  33. debbie0040 says:

    Maurice, the Huckster is a former Governor of Arkansas and his poll numbers are just 59% amoung Republicans in Arkansas? Shouldn’t they be much higher considering Republicans were polled and most Republicans would benefit from someone from their state being elected? I would think if Huckabee were as popular in Arkansas as you claim he was, his numbers would be much higher.

    The fact he does not garner more Republican support in Arkansas, proves my points that he is not that popular….

    By the way Maurice, Bill Clinton carried Arkansas by an overwhelming margin when he ran for President..

    The bottom line 7% of Republicans were unsure about whether to vote for him and 35% of the Repubicans were voting against him. That is not good….

  34. debbie0040 says:

    I think after South Carolina, you will see candidates drop out and the support with be consolidated behind an anybody but Huckabee candidate… Even John McCain

    Go ahead and gloat now while you are able to….

  35. GOPeach says:

    Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) — The heads of a pro-life organization that serves as a Planned Parenthood watchdog has endorsed Mike Huckabee for the Republican nomination for president. The endorsement of the two leaders of Life Decisions International comes one day before the second presidential battle in New Hampshire.

    Doug Scott, the president of LDI told LifeNews.com on Monday that he thinks Huckabee is the only candidate pro-life voters “can support with confidence.”

    He urged pro-life advocates to “join [him] in doing all they can to advance Mike Huckabee’s campaign.”

    “I believe it is the responsibility of every pro-life/pro-family American to support a candidate that wholeheartedly supports life–without apology and without compromise,” Scott added. “And since his positions are faith-based, one can be sure he will not sell out the Pro-Life Movement the very lives of preborn children.”

    Thomas Strobhar, the chairman of the organization’s board of directors, said he’s backing the former Arkansas governor as well.

    “We need to back a candidate who has a consistent record of supporting traditional values,” Strobhar said. “Mike Huckabee is that kind of candidate.”

    “Pro-lifers have been used and abused by too many candidates that claim to be pro-life only at opportune times,” Strobhar said. “Mike Huckabee is not worried which way the political wind blows. He’s the real deal.”

    Both made the endorsements as individuals as their organization can’t issue presidential endorsements.

    Scott commented on some of the other candidates in the race and said he’s concerns that John McCain, who opposes abortion, support making taxpayers fund embryonic stem cell research.

    He said Rudy Giuliani is pro-abortion, he worries Mitt Romney’s pro-life conversion is not trustworthy, and he thinks Fred Thompson and Ron Paul won’t go beyond letting states ban abortions.

    The endorsement puts LDI in league with other groups backing Huckabee, including Georgia Right to Life, Michigan Chooses Life and Tom Glessner, a leading pro-life attorney who works with crisis pregnancy centers.

  36. Debbie, you incessently post your drivel about what a horrible person Huckabee was, how he left the Repbulcian Party in shambles etc. etc., it is obviously erroneous.

    Huckabee is polling even higher than Hillary… You’re an absolute hack. Anytime you have 59%, leaving the entire field in single digits, its overwhelming.

    Any way you want to spin it, YOU’RE WRONG, and not credible.

  37. debbie0040 says:

    Maurice, you are the one that is the hack and not credible. I post facts and articles. You choose to ignore them and post the spin you get from the Huckabeee campaign. Get your head out of the sand… You and Peach would have us to believe all these articles and conservative activists are telling lies on poor old Huckabee and he is the only one telling the truth.

    Huckabee lied and set up a wedding registry so he could get gifts to furnish their new home when he left office even though he had been married for years.. Do you think that is acceptible?

    Get real!!

    Only Republicans were polled in the polling data you posted. Huckabee left the Governor’s office I believe in 2006. He served for years and yet has almost 41% of Republicans that DO NOT support him for President in his own home state!! That is not good!!

  38. debbie0040 says:

    If I have a choice to believe Mike Huckabee or Phyllis Shafley, several former Arkansas GOP elected officials, Club for Growth, CATO Institute, Non partisian Factcheck.org, Rush, Sean Hannity, George Will, Coulter, Noonan, Sowell and others, I will choose not to believe the Huckster.

  39. My point Debbie, is that you and others have asserted he left the Party in shambles, which is a complete fabrication.

    Mike Huckabee 59%
    John McCain 9%
    Rudy Giuliani 9%
    Mitt Romney 7%
    Fred Thompson 6%
    Ron Paul 3%
    Unsure 7%

    I would take these numbers any day of the week.

    FYI, the Dems numbers are,
    Hillary Clinton 57%
    Barack Obama 17%
    John Edwards 14%
    Bill Richardson 1%
    Unsure 11%

  40. I’ll take these number too.


    Republican Polls
    Strategic Vision (R)
    w/o Newt Gingrich

    Mike Huckabee 23%
    Fred Thompson 20%
    Rudy Giuliani 17%
    John McCain 11%
    Mitt Romney 10%
    Ron Paul 4%
    Tom Tancredo 2%
    Duncan Hunter 1%
    Unsure 12%

  41. You have to ask, what is driving these numbers nationally. The answer is real simple. It is the same dynamic that drove the ’06 elections.

    People are seeing through the spin and want results. Huckabee delivered for his state and the approval ratings reflect it.
    Even Romney, in Sunday’s Fox Forum, acknowledged that CONTEXT is lost in 30 seconds, only the point they want to emphasize is left.

    I don’t assert that Huckabee is perfection, but his record stands strong for the state he governed. In much the same way, Gov. Perdue has governed Georgia in a pretty fair way. Our bond ratings are sound, our economy is strong and the general public believes the same. However, if you read this blog, he is the biggest heretic of the GOP. I think not.

  42. debbie0040 says:

    We will have to agree to disagree on this one. I think the Huckster would be a disaster for the GOP. I never asserted anything about the party. I simply posted what Shafley said

    His numbers are low . Only Republicans were polled. Huckabee should have had higher numbers if he were as popular with the GOP as you say he was.

    Poll numbers can also change. Those are within the margin of error.

    This same poll predicted Reed would handily defeat Cagle and we all know that did not happen.

    Huckabee is not even close to perfection… As much as I dislike McCain, he would get my vote before Huckabee would.

    With Huckabee you either love him or hate him….

  43. GOPeach says:

    Debbie is in such denial.

    She is among the Republican Establishment who is screaming bloody murder. Thank God too!!!

    It’s the same bunch that freaked out when Dr. Paul Broun blew their doors off. It is a NEW DAY in AMERICAN and the Establishment is blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other one.

  44. GOPeach says:

    Debbie –

    You can not be a CHRISTIAN and HATE Mike Huckabee !!!!!!!

    If anyone says, “I love God,” yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen. 1 John 4:20

    I sensed from the beginning that you had a serious issue with ministers in politics. You have insulted every supporter of Gov. Huckabee …
    But as you can see your insults and smear campaign is not working.

    I have a question for you as a CHRISTIAN –
    Have you PRAYED for the man you HATE so much?????

    I did not think so.

  45. GOPeach says:


    I was just thinking this morning how great of a job Gov. Huckabee did in a democrat state. Democrats were in the House and Senate.

    Gov. Huckabee is such a breath of fresh air to AMERICA –

    He is not taking us left or right- He is taking us up!

  46. GOPeach says:


    Christians are not to HATE each other!

    It is very basic – Christianity 101.

  47. debbie0040 says:

    Peach, are you on medication? It needs to be regulated better.

    I was making an observation . Huckabee is a polarizing figure. You either love him or hate him. He invokes passion in those that support him and those that oppose him.

    People will turn out to vote for him and against him.

    We saw this in the Lt. Governor’s race with Ralph Reed… Look at Hillary, it is the same thing.

    It is clear you have some type of hero worship for Huckabee and also some fantasy of Buzz in gym shorts 🙂

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