A Grady deal.

Grady hospital board members and Atlanta business leaders are days away from striking a deal on a sweeping leadership change, a vital step in saving the financially strapped medical center, a lead negotiator said Thursday.

Pressured by business leaders, the Fulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority, which runs Grady, voted in November to hand over daily management of the hospital system to a private nonprofit corporation in exchange for an infusion of $200 million. An additional $100 million in funding could follow.

Tax payers prepare to bend over and take it like a proctological exam.


  1. griftdrift says:

    You mea n taxpayers other than Dekalb and Fulton. The taxpayers who have been getting services without any contribution. That’s what you mean right?

  2. eehrhart says:

    If they mean state tax revenues from citizens of the state of Georgia; AND they do not include appointments by their elected representatives on this new board then the deal is laughable on its face.

    Why do they even think that without representation anyone at the state level would agree to expend peoples tax money?

    No one is buying the con that in effect: “Whew we got rid of all those bad conditions” now lets move forward. Everyone saw through that bluff and again I see no state taxpayer money until the board compostion holds appointments from those who have the responsibility for state funds. PERIOD!!

  3. Tea Party says:

    It comes down to payor mix. Grady has a proportionally low insured payor mix.

    More importantly, Atlanta has more severe trauma as a function of its’ size, crime, traffic, construction, etc. People, regardless of where they reside, who are gravely injured, need Grady sevices to save their life. Period.

    We need Grady in the State of Georgia. Period.

    If a citizen from any County other than DeKalb/Fulco goes to Grady, that County should have to reimburse DeKalb/Fulco.

    I know this is not going to resolve the Grady mess, but it is a start.

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