Catching Boortz in a lie

I have been listening to Boortz off and on both yesterday and today. I was wanting to hear coverage of Iowa, and I’ll probably listen next week to listen to coverage of New Hampshire.

A lady called in to say that she liked the FairTax, but could not support Huckabee because of his tax increases. Boortz said that under Huckabee the overall tax burden dropped and his state went down from 36th in overall tax burden to 44th. This is a misleading claim because these are the statistics for the federal tax burden.

The state and local tax burden on the taxpayers of Arkansas went up. In 1996, Arkansas was ranked 30th in state and local tax burden, when Huckabee left office Arkansas ranked 13th in the nation in that category.

You cannot increase your state’s tax burden by 47%, roughly $505 million, and expect your tax burden to go down.

You can view the statistics here.


  1. GOPeach says:

    jason Sweetheart-

    That was placed in the ballots and the democrats of ARKANSAS voted that IN! Huckaee signed what THE PEOPLE wanted to do….ya get me?

  2. GOPeach says:

    Until WE THE PEOPLE ….form a more perfect union by EDUCATING THE LIBERALS and causing them to SEE that Socialism is not for FREE people…. then… the Executives will continue to sign what THE PEOPLE want!

  3. Tea Party says:

    I suppose if a referendum vote is put in the hands of the Dunwoody citizens and they voted it in —

    –It won’t be a tax increase, either. Get me?

  4. Tea Party says:

    Hey GOPeachy!

    Did you just wake up from a 12 year nap? The GOP is now the ‘spend and spend’ party.

    Fiscal conservatism is a forgotten party platform and having a GOP dominated House/Senate/Executive branch made NO difference. I am SO disappointed, I am having a Tea Party… Want to come to my Party?

    The reason we are in this mess is due to polemic politics, nobody is listening. Dale may have a point up there on a pole, time to get off the party bus people, it has gotten us to where we are today. And…. WE are in trouble…

    “I have seen the enemy, and they are us” -POGO

  5. Old School Politics says:

    I for one am sick of hearing about what Huckabee did in Arkansas. Why dont we play the clip of him saying he supports all tax increases to deal with their budget shortfall again. The attacks dont work. Huckabee is about to come down to Georgia in a few weeks and clean house in the Republican Presidential Primary. He has the best message and connects with people.

  6. Jason Pye says:

    His record means something. Not only that, integrity means something and he has done nothing but distort his record in an attempt to cover up the fact that he is a tax-and-spend liberal.

    He won in Iowa because he is religious, he’ll take Georgia because of the same reason.

    Negative ads do work when a candidate that is presenting them has a solid record. Romney didn’t have that because of his frequent position changes, that is why they didn’t stick.

    The bottomline here is, Huckabee is not a fiscal conservative. He never has been and he has given no indications that he will be.

  7. debbie0040 says:

    What Huckabee did in Arkansas has a direct bearing on what he would do as President. It is foolish to think otherwise.

    Negative ads do work. The Lt. governor’s race in 2006 proved that. The 1988 Presidential campaing proved that. The 2000 and 2004 Presidential campaigns prove that.

    4 in 10 that participated in the Iowa caucus were evangelicals. Iowa is not like the rest of the primary states.

    Wednesday, January 02, 2008

    An Open Letter From An Arkansas Evangelical

    Posted by: Hugh Hewitt at 5:41 PM

    In the in-box:

    A Plea from Arkansas: Christian Conservatives Need to Take a Closer Look at Mike Huckabee’s Record as Governor

    by David Thompson

  8. RuralDem says:

    I think you should just start an Anti-Huckabee blog. He could call the sky blue and you would make a blog post about how wrong he is!

    Huckabee is the strongest GOP candidate along with McCain.

    However, I would really like to see y’all elect Romney 🙂

  9. Jason Pye says:

    Look, this is Huckabee’s record. It’s why he hasn’t run on it. You can dismiss it if you want, but everything I’ve ever written about him is fact.

    Democrats want Huckabee.

  10. souldrift says:

    At least Huckabee admits that spending is sometimes needed, which is true. The rest of ’em deny they’re going to spend on anything but defense, but do it anyway.

    He’s way too fundamentalist for me, but at least he’s honest and reasonable on the fiscal side.

  11. Paul Shuford says:

    Huckabee is pretty much the worst of both worlds – a social conservative, theocrat, and a fiscal liberal. I think that he’s latched on to the Fair Tax as a way to pull in supporters without having to do any real work for it, and will give it lip service while not being willing to do the tremendous amount of work that would be necessary to get something like that implemented (for evidence of this, look at his speech when he won the Iowa primary, no mention of the Fair Tax at all).

    He doesn’t have much support, financial or otherwise, outside of evangelical circles and the Fair Tax supporters he’s been able to con into supporting him (like Boortz). I think he’s already peaked, and it will be all downhill from here for him.

  12. Old School Politics says:

    Wow I didnt realize I had struck such a nerve. To say that democrats want Huckabee is absurd. He has been endorsed by GRTL. You cant fake that. Come on I realize some of you have concerns with his record as Governor but of all the Republican candidates he is the best.

    Thompson- Looks the part and did a great job a TN Senator but is lazy and lame (without people writing his lines he has nothing to say) Even Nixon called him lame.

    Romney- Phony and people see it and the morman thing is a bigger issue than most will admit

    McCain- Honorable and has great ideas but is still old and crusty

    Guilianni- Great record with 911. Outside of that he is a liberal and you have not seen anything until you watch one of the dozens of clips of him cross-dressing on Saturday Night Live. Lets show that to the extremists that think America is the great satan.

    Ron Paul- Great ideas but cannot win the mainstream.

    Huckabee- Our only chance to keep a Republican in the White House

  13. IndyInjun says:

    The Fair???tax is born of a lie and requires multiple misrepresentations or omissions of facts to be credible.

    Hold out that “you get 100% of your paycheck” carrot and the gullible fall for it every time.

    Personal gain is at the essence of every con job.

    Jason, Reagan made half of the error of which you write; he cut taxes without cutting spending first. The disastrous Bush had it totally wrong in the same manner, running a WAR on a credit card and increasing social spending programs 70%!!!!

    At some point the excesses will catch up to the USA and the President will have no choice but to drastically cut spending – military and domestic. He/she pay have to raise taxes too.

    It really won’t matter whether the POTUS is a Dem or a GOPer, either.

  14. Jason Pye says:

    Reagan came into office in his first year and cut spending almost across the board, though he increased defense spending.

    To say that democrats want Huckabee is absurd.

    Susan Estrich: “Huckabee is a Democrat’s dream”…”If the Republicans nominate Huckabee, I’m dancing at the inaugural ball.”

    Huckabee will get hammered across the board, especially on crime and foreign policy. Not only that, he’ll break the coalition. Fiscal conservatives will not support him.

  15. shep1975 says:

    And Jason, social Republicans won’t support Rudy, McCain or Mitt.

    I have said it before and no one has challenged the notion, but if Thompson had shown some life, he might be running away with this right now.

  16. jsm says:


    Maybe Debbie doesn’t hate born-again Christians. Maybe she hates the idea that uninformed Christians may vote for someone who claims to be born again without a clue of what his policies will do to this country.

  17. shep1975 says:

    No Bill, I’m using absurdity to prove a point. Ralph’s Reed’s supporters would have said something like that and been serious.

    Like…hold on…let me crank up the way back machine to June 28, 2006…when Debbie said, “I am a true Reagan Conservative. I am sick and tired of moderates like you trying to label social conservatives as crazy or extreme.”

    I think she was serious.

  18. shep1975 says:

    There’s also another key difference. I readily admit my candidate has his faults and is not perfect. Reed’s people acted like their candidate walked on water and Cagle was the anti-Christ.

    I admire Huck’s ability to connect personally with people. I like his social conservatism and his support of the Fair Tax (remember, I did work for Linder for a little while). I am concerned about his economic credentials and am not wholely won over on his newer stance on illegal immigration (as someone whose wife was deported for 54 weeks by the INS).

    There are only 2 serious candidates running for the GOP nomination I would not vote for. One I have been vocal about and the other not so much because it deals with a run in I had with the individual personally.

    I joke that I have raised more money for Rudy than any other candidate, recruit more volunteers for Fred than any other candidate and written more about Huckabee than any other candidate.

    I don’t know if Debbie went through with her threats and did not vote for Casey, but after 32 years as an activist, and I will say (and have said) the same thing to Bill, overwhelming personal attacks against those who are supposed to be in the same camp as you are the negative campaigns that lose.

    Debbie is right, negative campaigns DO work, but there are lines that if crossed, will kill the attacker and create sympathy for the one attacked.

    I think that was part of what happened in Iowa yesterday. Reed found that out in some of his races as well. I’ve found it out in some of my races and I think I have learned from those mistakes.

    One thing to keep in mind is that most people on PP do not know most of us in real life. Their impression is what they see on here through our words and first impressions mean a lot.

  19. GOPeach says:

    I never thought Ralph Reed walked on water and I never thought Cagle was the anti- Christ …


    Ralph Reeds platform walked on water and still does.
    Cagle’s mud-slinging smear campaign was unforgivable. His campaign was anti ( opposed to) the ways of Christ and embarrassed the GA GOP. Nasty! Vile! Still stinks!

    Casey was the pick of the Senate. That makes sense but his campaign was wicked. I will never forget the bug-eyes commercials Casey had on TV… whhhhheeeeeeeewww. Creepy.

    I will never forget the way he cut a deal with the flaggers…. well …. maybe I will forget one day.
    Hopefully. 🙂

  20. GOPeach says:

    Shep –

    Good for you. I agree.

    Some people will do ANYTHING to get elected…
    spread rumors, harass people, gossip, slander, spin, etc….

  21. TrueConservative says:

    Cagle is a true born again Christian who espouses the same values in his private life that he talks about in his public life. Reed is a phony, proof of it is his sellout support of Romney.

  22. TrueConservative says:

    My passion for seeing Christian values advanced in the political realm is only matched by my disappointment in those who represent those values but then sell them out for status or, even worse, money. Ralph Reed is for sale to the highest bidder……
    God built the Christian political movement, not Ralph Reed.

  23. SFrazier says:

    The untold story of Iowa is that Huckabee took the majority of the Catholic vote. Expect a great debate 2morrow with the Huck dominating as usual.

  24. Boy do I remember ’05 to ’06 campaign season. Debbie and Peach,, as I recall Reed drew first blood, beginning with the convention. Cagle was smart enough to buy the hotel keys with his logo, which, news reports said, sent Reed into a tizzy. I heard more stories of all sorts of smear against Cagle (some that were downright personal and nasty), while Reed was mired in the middle of the very scandal that destroyed the Republican majority.

    The LG has done a tremendous job and proven he’s an effective leader.

    We’ll see what happens in the coming weeks. If you look at the numbers Huckabee STILL is the only candidate that has been able to energize and move the electorate. Keep in mind, he has been an underfunded candidate and is now 1-0.

    One thing that is becoming apparent on both the Dems and the Reps, “establishment” or perceived “insider” candidates are having a tough time. I’m guessing the same dynamic that brought our majority to an end is still relevant:

    1. Oil
    2. War
    3. Political Corruption
    4. Political Hypocrisy

  25. BubbaRich says:


    How will you differentiate between “retail” and “wholesale”? Won’t that take a pretty big policing staff, especially when you include the “used” category? How will retail prices decrease? Will salaries be decreased immediately, with the hope of reducing prices later? If you’re thinking that government is going to bear those tens of billions of dollars delay, instead of businesses or employees, that’s another huge cost of transition.

    What it rewards is the ability to pretend that your purchases and sales are wholesale or used, and it will take a massive enforcement mechanism to try to pretend to keep that in line. Not to mention when the congress starts passing various exceptions to continue a main source of congressional power, that will take an even huger tax police.

    On most of the reasons you cite, the new system will be identical to the current system, without something like a constitutional amendment. Even with a constitutional amendment, it will be a lot like the current system, with plenty of ways to be tax cheats that require a lot of policing.

  26. maryg2g says:

    To all Huckabee supporters who truly care about U.S. sovereignty, please review this video (less than 1 min.): . Did you hear who Huckabee named as his foreign policy advisors?

    Here’s the essence of that portion of the video: Wolf Blitzer asked Huckabee who his foreign policy advisors are.

  27. John Konop says:


    You throw out terms with disregard or understanding what they mean. This might help you understand the difference between political beliefs. You will find many people are a combination of the different groups.

    By Daniel McCarthy


  28. Mary, I’m far more concerned with a candidate who makes a career out of dismantling American corporations and shipping them to China, Taiwan, Mexico etc. That type of candidate would be the total ally of the CFR. Consulting with this organization, as well as other foreign relation organizations would be the prudent thing to do, especially, if you’re weakness is foreign policy.

    I don’t think for a minute to have a weakness in one area should be considered a detractor. The man is obviously not an idiot and has strong leadership capabilities. He also happens to have the most governmental executive experience of any of the candidates in either party.

    Bottomline, he’s quite qualified, quite capable and he can win. Second place doesn’t take home the marbles.

  29. Jason Pye says:


    I have little regard for people that do not deal with facts and only try to appeal to the emotions of individuals instead or providing substantive answers to current issues. That is populism and what Huckabee is preaching.

  30. John Konop says:


    I am neutral on Huckabee but you to smart to box him in one category on all issues. Other than Ron Paul most the candidates are over the board on issues from both sides. And even Ron Paul is not 100% consistent as a Libertarian because of his views on trade, immigration and abortion.

  31. RuralDem says:


    If we could create a robot with no emotion what so ever, and it agreed with you 100% on the issues, would you vote for it over a human?

    You seem to get upset that people support someone who they might not agree with all the time, but someone who is more than a Kerry/Romney type of empty suit.

    Not everyone votes strictly on the issues, some people actually like for their candidates to have some charisma, and to, quite frankly, act human.

    Populism does appeal to emotions, however, to say that populists do not deal with facts is wrong. You can use both emotion and fact.

  32. Jason Pye says:

    Not everyone votes strictly on the issues, some people actually like for their candidates to have some charisma, and to, quite frankly, act human.

    I don’t care the candidate has the personality of a tree, just cut taxes and keep spending down.

    Huckabee won’t do that. He has a proven record of not doing that.

    I’ve been willing to give a pass on most social issues if a candidate would at least be a fiscal conservative. Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, Jeff Flake, Lynn Westmoreland and several others are all social conservatives, but…they are fiscal conservatives. Huckabee comes nowhere close to fitting that description.

    And even Ron Paul is not 100% consistent as a Libertarian because of his views on trade, immigration and abortion.

    I have my issues with Ron Paul, philosophically we see eye to eye on trade, but he has been disappointing during the debates on the issue. I completely disagree with him on immigration, because like you, he demagogues the issue.

    Abortion is a different issue, not every libertarian is pro-choice.

    Populism does appeal to emotions, however, to say that populists do not deal with facts is wrong. You can use both emotion and fact.

    Populists are demagogues. They play very loose with the facts to appeal to emotions.

  33. John Konop says:


    You are missing the point. You are trying to box people in perfect category. The problem is even Libertarians in your Party disagree on issues. I will give you credit unlike people like Debbie you do not bash a candidate and than push one with the same problem. But at the end you will not find a perfect candidate. And most people do not fit perfectly in any category.

    BTW what front runner does not try to appeal to people? If that is your big issue why would you vote for anyone? That is the biggest knock on libertarians it is more of a debate club than a Party!

  34. Jason Pye says:

    There is no such thing as a perfect candidate, but this candidate contradicts so many aspects of what Republicans say that believe, the only thing that he seems to be in line with them on is social conservatism.

    That is the biggest knock on libertarians it is more of a debate club than a Party!

    No disagreement there. I let my membership expire.

  35. RuralDem says:

    Well, just as fiscal issues are apparently your #1 issue, maybe in Huckabee’s world, social issues are #1 and he feels more comfortable with the Republican Party. As a Libertarian, are you a fiscal conservative, social liberal? If that’s the case then you are no different than Huckabee, except he wants to run under the Republican banner.

    Anyone can play loose with facts, it’s not limited to just populists.

  36. RuralDem says:

    Your point being? Edwards views fiscal matters as more important, so he feels more at home in the Democratic Party. Huckabee views social matters as more important so he feels more at home with the Republican Party. It’s quite simple.

    Populism is driving this election, again, what’s your point? You don’t like populism, we understand that now, but all of this “omg populists are so bad!!!!” rhetoric is pointless because many of the things you fuss about are not necessarily populist stances.

  37. IndyInjun says:

    Give Edwards credit, Jason, he is nowhere near as big a crook as Hackabee and he is not selling himself as a holy man, either.

    Hackabee is the second coming of George W. Bush, brought to us by the very same people.

    He is a charlatan and a deceiver.

    America might not survive another.

    Hackabee is totally unelectable, because the fiscal conservatives will abandon the GOP in droves, just as in 2006.

  38. Jason Pye says:

    many of the things you fuss about are not necessarily populist stances.

    That’s a load of crap. All this railing against corporations and this trying to identify the “common man” stuff is populism.

    Edwards and Huckabee both preach the same message. Both have nothing but big government answers. They both want to end free trade, they condemn CEOs and corporations (without corporations, we have no jobs), they want or have raised taxes in the past, which only discourages prosperity…and they defend with populist rhetoric.

    Huckabee’s message isn’t just social conservative, he is preached his populism just as much, perhaps more than his social conservative beliefs.

    It’s not simple at all.

    Hackabee is totally unelectable, because the fiscal conservatives will abandon the GOP in droves, just as in 2006.

    You are absolutely right.

  39. Jason Pye says:

    If Ron Paul wasn’t in the race, I would have probably voted for Bill Richardson in the Democratic primary.

    I would have supported Jim Gilmore at one point, he was my second choice.

  40. Huckabee could be construed to be a populist, but he far more a pragmatist.

    Rebuilding infrastructure is perhaps the most costly element of state government. We argue with this in Georgia. Heck, in some cities the fight goes on for 15 plus years (ie. Macon). When you see state highways that take 5 years to widen, and I’m talking no more than 2 mile stretches of roads, you’ve got problems. From all indicators, he did well for Arkansas.

  41. Jason Pye says:

    The problem is that he didn’t look for spending cuts before he rushed to increase taxes.

    Huckabee could be construed to be a populist, but he far more a pragmatist.

    It is populism, not pragmatism. He is saying these things in order to appeal, not out of reason.

    From all indicators, he did well for Arkansas.

    That’s a bit of a stretch, considering some of the things I’ve read about what he did to his party there.

  42. John Konop says:


    You are making my point known of the front runners have a good record other than Paul on spending. ? I am not defending Huckabee on his record but I do not get how one can attack him and defend Rudy and company? And I am not saying you did that.

  43. Jason Pye says:

    You can attack him because his record on spending and taxation is that much worse than any of the other candidates running for the Republican nomination.

  44. John Konop says:


    Rudy left NY with a debt twice as big after he left! Rudy sued the government for federal dollars to pay for illegal immigrants in his City. This during the same time Federal social service cost went up 70%!

  45. Jason Pye says:

    You said it yourself, I have not defended Rudy Giuliani, but I would like to see a reference on him leaving the city with twice as much debt.

    I’ve read about why he sued the city.

  46. IndyInjun says:

    Back to the central point of this thread, support of the Fair???tax as a populist issue is about like promoting the guillotine as a headache cure.

  47. shep1975 says:

    Indy, I’m a Republican. I drink RED Kool-Aide which is a much better flavor than the blue Kool-Aide liberals drink to keep them thinking the current tax system is a model of perfection (but for the rates on the rich being not high enough).

  48. IndyInjun says:



    The stated standards of the GOP, your hero Linder trashed long ago, with an avalanche of votes that increased social spending by 70%!!!

    You will have to show me precisely where in the GOP platform or party creed that it calls for the Fair??? tax as one of the planks.

    There is not a stronger REAL REPUBLICAN on PP than I, a guy who voted for every GOP President from Nixon to ‘W.’

    I don’t mince words for impostors and I don’t hold forth fallacious standards for tax reform.

    The east Europeans seem to be doing quite well with a flat tax, you know, a tax reform that really works!

    I am now an Indy because lunatics and corrupt people took over my party – people like Mike Huckabee.

  49. John Konop says:


    What bother me is many people think fixing tax code will fix the spending problem. Also many do not understand the relationship between running out of control debt and the dollar going down. I find it strange how so called fiscal conservatives support the out of control spending.

    No tax plan is the solution for Bush and Congress selling out to the lobbyist money changers!

  50. IndyInjun says:

    Some pertinent stats –

    At $9 trillion in OFFICIAL DEBT we get $30,000 per capita in very real debt or $120,000 for a family of four.

    At $60 trillion at present value of future obligations, we get $200,000 per capita of debt incurred and yet-t0-be formalized, yet very real. This is $800,000 for a family of 4.

    NONE of these numbers includes credit card debt, mortgage debt, or the debt of state and local governments.

    Family income in the USA is now around $50,ooo.

    We have the likes of Linder, who greatly exploded the debt and the long term liabilities – THE DESTROYERS OF THE USA – trying to fool the people with a tax scheme that is a deception and a misdirection play.

    The REAL ISSUE, or it should be in GOP circles, is how we kick these pompus asses out of our party and out of our lives.

  51. IndyInjun says:

    A good place to find them is on the list of top donors to Obama, Clinton, Giuliani, and Romney.

  52. Harry says:

    The Fair Tax is a sham. It gives politicians and pundits cover to support a “conservative” issue that they know can never happen, because of the complexity of rewiring the system. Sure, this country is dying from the status quo, but the Fair Tax will never fly. Maybe Dick Armey’s flat tax is more effective because it’s simpler. Why don’t Linder, Boortz, et al support something that can happen? I think some of these people are closet libs.

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