1. juliobarrios says:

    Which legislators favor gun rights over private property rights? To me, the cornerstone of this country is private property rights. In a sense, the reason we have the 2nd Amendment is to protect property rights.

  2. Insider Mike says:

    You’re a liar Jason. I believe you really did intend to pun. Stop deceiving us with false disclosures of pun usage.

  3. Doug Deal says:


    Why must people attempt to destroy a resource that lots of people use for juvenile and childish pranks defaming another person?

    You may not like them, I know I do not like them, but that link had no place in wikipedia.

  4. Icarus says:


    The crushing burden of supporting both Tech and OSU football is causing your sense of humor to fail. Please find a suitable SEC team to cheer for soon.

    Your Pal,


  5. Doug Deal says:


    Give me some slack, I just closed on a newly built house, have a kid coming in February (we are deciding between Bucky, Buckette, Buzz, and Buzzalina) and also have to prepare myself for the unceasing joy of watching OSU dominate LSU in ways previously unknown to college football. It’s a lot to handle in such a short time.

    Anyway, the SEC will soon conclude yet another year going 1-2 against the Big-Ten in bowls.

  6. joe says:


    I am saying this from memory and the events happened almost a year ago, so I will probably mis-state a detail.

    Somebody on PP made the general comment (Icarus?) that frigtards should be in Wikipedia. I thought that that was amusing, and as an exercise entered it. I did not refer to the NRA at all. Frigtards was immediately classified as a neologism (a word I had to look up at the time) and scheduled for deletion in (I think) 7 days.

    When I posted that fact here, the response was almost immediate. Several people edited my initial entry and tied it to the NRA. Just about everything that was done on Wikipedia was posted to PP. What was not posted here was YOUR roll in having the word removed, and then de-linked from the NRA. I tend to agree with you that Wikipedia is the wrong place to call the NRA names, but I did nothing on Wikipedia regarding frigtards that I did not post here.

    Can you say that?

  7. Doug Deal says:


    I am lost. You posted something referencing what I asked an active editor of wikipedia to remove a link without commentary. I did not ask for the word to be removed, just the redirect to the NRA, many days after the last edit.

    Was your post a complaint? I am not sure what point you were trying to make, and why anyone should care.

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