Looking at pre-files

The legislature goes back into session on January 14th. Here is a look at some of the pre-filed legislation.

Bobby Franklin is still on his anti-abortion crusade:

Rep. Bobby Franklin, R-Marietta, who can always be counted on for provocative legislation, has a bill that, among other things, declares the U.S. Supreme court lacked authority to issue its Roe v. Wade decision some 35 years ago and that states have every right to disregard it.



  1. BubbaRich says:


    That’s pretty good: six posts in this thread, and you’ve already got 4 of them.

    Ignoring the fact that you, Ron Paul, and Bobby Franklin are delusional idiots calling a zygote a “human being” when it doesn’t even have a brain (okay, I can see why you’d want that kind of voter)…heck, it only has ONE CELL, and you’d like the ability to elect it chairman of your state party! But I digress…ignoring your delusional state, do you really see what he’s claiming? That a state legislature can determine that any federal court decision is repugnant and disobey it. He tries to pretend that he is doing this by appealing to Marbury vs. Madison, but he is actually attempting to eliminate those 205 years of precedent. Which should be popular in Georgia, since everybody knows those federal courts have done nothing but tormented Georgia for a century and a half. I (seriously) wonder what Scalia and Thomas would say about that? They might like to be on the very last US Supreme Court.

    Why do you and Ron Paul worship DNA, anyway? After all, that’s the only way that a zygote is “human” in any way. Once a fetus has a functioning brain, then you have a better argument (although you’d still need to take the life and health of the mother into greater consideration).

    Your position is actually obscene, when you consider that you are placing the “human life” of that cell at the same or higher level than you are the already living children of that mother. Why do you hate children so much, that you’d want to force that woman to turn that cell into a child with a brain, who can then suffer and cause his or her siblings and mother to suffer?

    And what about the women who die in childbirth? I need to look back in the archives here when some idiot was posting about his new bill to force doctors to warn mothers of the real and fictional dangers of abortion. I found some statistics that showed that carrying a fetus to term was MUCH more dangerous, but he never said whether he was forcing doctors to reveal that to women so they could make an informed choice.

    You anti-abortion freaks (including Paul) need to crawl back under rocks and stop trying to hurt and kill real people to protect your imaginary ones. You might also find you could get some wide support if you wanted to protect fetuses with actual, functioning brains, instead of protecting a single cell that can already be created synthetically from a somatic cell.

    Sigh. I keep trying to avoid this subject, then somebody says something very stupid. In several posts.

    As far as your “PROTECT THE INNOCENTS!” screed, you’re destroying far more human cells when you brush your teeth or use the bathroom than you are in that zygote. I assume you are against that, too. That’s not even mentioning the number of zygotes that are eliminated in menstruation. It seems like your body doesn’t recognize the great worth of zygotes like you and Ron Paul do.

  2. Tea Party says:

    Much more effort needs to be spent on making open adoption easier. Many do not even consider open adoption, with cause.

    It takes a lot for a woman to go through pregnancy and then give her baby away. It happens, though. Open adoption is do-able in Georgia, with a little help from friends in other states like Cali….

    Biology, religion aside, abortion is repugnant, it truly is a horrible situation. Yet, abortion cannot be made illegal in any state. To do so is a return to an unworkable paradigm.

    We saw the horror that illegal abortions cause–We cannot/should not legislate morals.

    However, open adoption provides an alternative for some people. We cannot deny the inevitable situation unwanted pregnancy causes and young women need to have access to safe medical abortions.

    This ‘red herring’ issue aggravates the HELL out of me. We have such other really important, Nation-breaking issues at hand.

    I see 12 years of what should have been GOP unbridled ‘fiscal conservatism’ wasted. The GOP is now the ‘spend and spend’ Party. Why the GOP weaseled out of resolving:

    Medicare crisis,
    Social Security crisis,
    Deficit spending,
    Healthcare access imbalances,

    is beyond me. Am I to believe my Liberal friends and buy into the whole Neo-Con war-on-the-middle-class, bring down the whole system and start over concept?

    That same argument is being played out in DeKalb County, right now. Those behind the idea to incorporate Dunwoody, actually wish to see the entire County dismantled, a la Fulton County.

    Perhaps I will go to the Dunwoody library and blow the dust off Noam Chomsky’s last tome…

  3. Jason Pye says:

    He tries to pretend that he is doing this by appealing to Marbury vs. Madison, but he is actually attempting to eliminate those 205 years of precedent.

    What is precedent if it is contrary to the Constitution?

    The Constitution has been routinely subverted by the Supreme Court, starting with John Marshall, then by Lincoln’s appointees, Oliver Wendell Holmes (who has done the most damage to our Republic) and other progressives.

    Precedent means nothing if the court is bastardizing the Constitution.

  4. WGWinters says:

    BubbaRich, so what you are saying is that if anyone has a different opinion than you, they are delusional idiots? Gee, you have such a high opinion of your own intelligence and importance. Typical liberal attitude…

    First, about Bobby – you will find no finer or more humble state representative than Bobby Franklin. Second, you will find no one in the state house who is more consistently true to his beliefs and principles than Bobby, even when those principles subject him to ridicule from liberals such as yourself and the editorial staff at Creative Loafing (a “newspaper” that runs ads for hookers, by the way.) Lastly, you will not find anyone in the state house who is truer to Republican ideals long since lost by the party at large than is Bobby Franklin.

    What the legislature needs is more people like him.

  5. WGWinters says:

    BubbaRich, You say that abortion is roughly the same as brushing your teeth, a shocking stretch for a liberal to say.

    If so, answer this for me, BubbaRich: if you kill a fetus when you brush your teeth, exactly what has been going on in your mouth? Better yet, don’t ask, don’t tell…..

  6. mocamarc says:

    Christian beliefs may be a way to govern your own life, but they cannot serve as the basis for sound public policy. Georgia has far more pressing issues to be concerned with than this, which is of no business to anyone else.

    Bobby Franklin must go. Our district and our state cannot afford to have one-issue legislators who want to govern from the pulpit.

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