1. souldrift says:

    As long as it’s not a Ga. blowout. I would love to see a close game, if not a Hawaii win, just to give that program some good tidings. It’s their first trip to a big dance!

  2. drjay says:

    OMG–i can’t believe i fell for that–i will never click a link of yours again–and to think i hate florida and everything…

  3. TPSoCal says:

    Things I have learned today:

    1. I am glad I don’t drink anymore.

    2. My glorious Florida Gators need a defense, any defense!

    3. The Rose Bowl committee should be disbanded for inviting Illinois over Missouri.

    4. The WAC does not deserve a BCS bid, EVER!

    5. I am not a fan of Badgers.

  4. TPSoCal says:


    I must say, I was very impressed with how hard FSU fought in the Music City Bowl. They played a lot better than I thought they would. It’s been a VERY tough year to be a football fan from the state of Florida.

  5. rugby_fan says:


    I was upset we didn’t win the game but to be honest I was not disappointed in the least.

    Considering that many players PT before Monday was limited almost entirely to practice and they played the full 60 minutes (well too might I add) gives me great confidence for the coming years.

  6. TPSoCal says:


    I know FSU nad Miami have been down the past couple years, but I expect all three major Florida teams will be back over the next couple years. I will never count Bowden out and Shannon seems to be recruiting well. It’s gonna be fun over the next few years. Now if only Parcells can rebuild my Dolphins, I will be eternally happy.

  7. Ms_midtown says:

    Cowabunga on this game. Surf’s Up!
    Time for Adult Swim.

    Happy New Year! It’s only a 3 day work week.

  8. GOPeach says:

    Just got back to the hotel in New Orleans –

    41-10! Can’t spell SUGAR without UGA!!!

    Peach is DAWG tired – Headed home to ATL in the AM!!!

  9. liberator says:

    The Dawgs are number one! This was the national title game. LSU and Ohio State wouldn’t stand a chance against the Dawgs. They better thank their lucky stars they aren’t playing the Dawgs next Monday as we would whip em like we did Florida,Auburn,Kentucky,Tech and Hawaii. We are the National Champions!

  10. jsm says:

    We are the National Champions!

    What about Tennessee? Lib, you would not want to be in the big game this year. If UGA happened to win it, the trophy would be marginalized forever because they didn’t win the SEC and got shelacked by the Vols. If you win a NC, you want to win it with no question marks.

  11. Jace Walden says:


    Don’t listen to all of these bitter GA Tech and FSU troglodytes. 😉 They’re jealous. It’s that simple. Tech can’t beat any team that carries the Bulldog Mascot. Tech hasn’t beaten Georgia in 7 years now. It’s jealousy on the Tech fan’s part. They have NO place involving themselves in a conversation regarding the National Championship because they can’t muster a double-digit winning season.

    As far as the FSU fans, I know a certain one that owes me lunch. Other than that, they’re not that bad. They’re seriously dreaming if they think Mark Richt is going anywhere though.

    Let me put it this way Liberator, anyone whose team can’t muster 10 wins in the PATHETIC ACC has no place opening their mouths (or working their keyboards) in a conversation involving winning. That simple.

  12. Icarus says:

    Icarus just in from New Orleans.

    Sat just above the tunnel that the Hawaii players used to come on to the field. They seemed nervous and awe struck. Dogs came out jacked up and stayed that way. It was awesome.

    Now, about those comments from Bill and Doug about how they were going to get so much joy in watching the Rainbows destroy the dogs….

  13. Jace Walden says:


    As much bile as you’ve spewed on this blog (even though most of it was deservedly spewed) you saying anything about “invective” is the pot calling the kettle “black”.

    I’d love to further our conversation about UGA deserving the National Title, but in order to participate in that conversation, your team needs to muster double-digit wins! 🙂

  14. rugby_fan says:

    I still think I must have been talking about basketball.

    Perhaps it was Charles Young’s fault. Yes, I blame Young & Company.

    Name the time and Steak and Shake location.

  15. rugby_fan says:

    I am sure all three readers of my blog will enjoy reading that.

    Not a sore loser I shall begin now.

    I also don’t worry about man. Nor do I worry about the Isle of Man.

    (The winner) was right. (Whichever team) did not cover the spread.

  16. rugby_fan says:


    The bet was if the U of U Utes defeated Navy you would buy me a meal at Bacchanalia.

    If the Midshipmen won, you would get a pat on the back.

    You better believe I accepted that wager.

  17. rugby_fan says:

    Oh, I forgot:

    (the winner) was right. (Whichever team) did not cover the spread.

    Just to make up for last time;
    (the winner) was right. (Whichever team) did not cover the spread.

  18. shep1975 says:

    I am disappointed IL lost (the first college football game I went to was Illinois vs Notre Dame), but the BCS Dons should be wacked for putting together those two games. I actually felt sorry for HI having to get the receiving end of UGA’s ire for the lack of respect they received from the BCS and media. The tv announcers continued whining throughout the whole game about how unfair UGA was being to HI.

    Oh well, after next week, everyone has the same record again.

  19. Icarus says:


    You’re a better man than to try and pull that crap. Bacchanalia wouldn’t let either of us through the door, and if they did, we’d have an awesome time getting kicked out. (I’m imagining a scene from the Blues Brothers…)


    I’m going to pull for losing my bet tonight. Forgot that VT had been ranked third in the BCS poll. WAY overrated. They need to be taken down a notch, even if by equally overrated Kansas.

    Was great to see WVA put a whipping on OK last night. They made a fan of me two years ago at the Sugar Bowl. Nicest fans I’ve ever been around. A classy bunch.

    As for OK, seems to be a bit of justice, since the Big 12 coaches consistantly ranked UGA the lowest of any of the coaches in thier final poll. Then they tried to get out of their Fiesta Bowl commitment to play “a better team” against UVA in the Orange Bowl. Oklahoma blows.

  20. jsm says:

    The tv announcers continued whining throughout the whole game about how unfair UGA was being to HI.

    Especially after the GA kicker pushed down a HI player from behind (like a third grader) after a legal block. Classy–just like challenging a 4th down reception when you have a zillion point lead.

    Richt and his boys looked like jerks. I usually am impressed with Richt and his character. Not Tuesday night.

    BTW Rugby, supporting even a one-win team doesn’t exclude someone from talking common sense regarding the national title.

  21. jsm says:

    Thanks for chiming in on UGA. Come back when you have 10 wins in a single season.

    Can’t handle criticism, huh? Enjoy your high horse. It won’t be there forever. 😉

  22. Icarus says:

    I think I owe Jace lunch.

    However, two of the teams that jumped UGA in the final poll had their butts handed to them in their respective BCS bowls. That’s worth a lunch to me.

  23. Bill Simon says:


    I find it quite interesting that while the UGA football team may be “tops” in Georgia, the state of Georgia itself, with 98% of the personnel making-up the state legislature and government being graduates of UGA, that this state remains in the dead last percentile nationally for education quality.

    Not to stress your brain too much, but, do you suppose there might be a correlation?

  24. Icarus says:


    With Tech having such a great reputation for math geeks, I think you may want to go back and take a few remedial classes on percentages.

  25. Jace Walden says:


    Damn. I just re-read what I wrote to you. I must say, it reads a lot less light-hearted than I intended it. Sorry about that.


    No. I don’t think there is a correlation at all. But if you can produce some empirical evidence to support your theory, I would certainly listen.

    Icarus & Rugby,

    We should all three just get together for lunch sometime. No one pays for anyone else’s lunch. I’m going to Camp Blanding, Florida all next week. How about sometime the week of the 14th?

  26. Icarus says:


    Shoot me an email at Icarus dot GA at Gmail dot com. We’ll figure it out. If Rugby can come out an play, that’s great too.

    What’s a Camp Blanding?

  27. rugby_fan says:


    That offer sounds great except I will be out of town that week as well as much of the following week, and lunch is generally a time I manage to stay on top of my work. Will try to fit in time however.

  28. Icarus says:

    Poor, poor Doug Deal.

    I wonder which of the following is causing him the most anguish:




  29. Doug Deal says:


    Well, the last time OSU won the BCSCG in 2003, I was laid off, I had the worse fever of my life, I got a bad leak in my house, got in a car accident, and a friend of mine died of leukemia. Since the last time OSU lost the BCSCG in 2007, I got married, have a bay on the way, have a new house and I haven’t had more than a headache.

    In the end I might be better off.

  30. Icarus says:

    Well then, finally some empirical evidence.

    The world is better off if OSU never returns to a BCS title game.

  31. Doug Deal says:


    No it is better if they make it and lose (for me anyway). Of course my many enemies would benefit more if they would win another one.

    We were hoping it would fill when my wife’s water broke. Yeah, that’s what I get when I have to use my PDA phone for internet access since I don’t have internet at home yet.

    My early prediction for next year is Georgia versus OSU in the BCSCG.

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