1. StevePerkins says:

    How do you still have front-page posting privileges here? You pop in once a month, post a McCain press release with a dozen exclamation points, and then disappear until the next month. If you were more engaged with Peach Pundit you might have more credibility, but you never post or comment about anything other than McCain. Ironically, this hinders your ability to lobby for the guy.

  2. DMZDave says:

    I have to admit that in comparison to all of the other choices, John McCain is starting to look better and better. I can understand why some think he is too liberal compared to the other candidates. During Vietnam he was quite liberal in risking his own life while all of the other so-called conservatives were busy conserving their butts.

  3. Bull Moose says:

    Well, unless you know something I don’t, that wasn’t a McCain press release nor have I ever posted a McCain press release…

  4. JonHodges says:

    Liberal? Immigration and 1st amendment right to free speech come to mind. McCain helped Bush try and push through the amnesty crap. Several years ago McCain partnered with Russ Fiengold to pass the worst attack our free speech ever. McCain is a good campaigner, and the others may have underestimated him. We shall see.

  5. Still Looking says:

    Fox News must be in full apoleptic shock. Huckabee, Paul and now McCain are making major in-roads towards the nomination. Trying to figure their next spin move towards Rudy must be really hard. Fox News has decided Ron Paul can’t attend their televised New Hampshire debate the Sunday prior to the primary. How much air time do Paul and Huckabee get on that network? What’s their slogan again?

  6. GOPeach says:

    Today I saw a guy standing in the rain on I-75 and Barrett Parkway waving a Ron Paul sign… He had Ron Paul signs everywhere up and down the road…

    Say what you will…. but that is IMPRESSIVE!

  7. juliobarrios says:

    It’s impressive because some Ron Paul nut put signs up and down the public right of way? Candidates do that all the time. I find it much more impressive when the signs are actually legally placed on private property.

    I’ve got a friend of mine who is marketing a piece of commercial real estate in the middle of Buckhead and the Ron Paul imbeciles placed one of their signs over his sign. You’d think they would try to apply some of their philosophical private-property rights stuff to the actual campaign – or do they even understand the irony?

  8. StevePerkins says:

    McCain probably is the best option among the “establishment” choices… he’s the only other Republican candidate I might actually send money to if Paul’s not the nominee. However, he has no serious chance because of the current retarded state of affairs in the Party.

    The rank-and-file are so blindly racist and xenophobic, any attempt to do ANYTHING about immigration is “amnesty” and makes a candidate radioactive. (never mind that your cherished NAFTA deal and Saxby farm subsidies are the leading causes of illegal immigration in the first place!)

    Secondly, while 90% of grassroots activists couldn’t even articulate what the McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill DOES, they passionately hate it because they’ve gotten enough flyers from the NRA and other groups. It’s “fashionable” to bash it, so people pile on the bandwagon with little clear idea of what they’re supporting or endorsing… I call this sociological phenomenon “Fred! Syndrome”.

    Third, you have plenty of anti-abortion zealots and “Christian theocracy” nutjobs who are actually still pissed about the Gang of 14 thing. Plenty of people still think that eliminating the filibuster would have been a good idea, even though it would have meant the GOP being entirely powerless today.

    Last but not least, McCain is a free-trader and pork-opposing fiscal conservative (well, relatively speaking). Republicans seem to be trending in a populist direction these days. Being “conservative” right now just means you hate abortion, queers, and Muslims… it doesn’t mean you oppose protectionism or take a pass on government goodies.

    I’m just not sure that a real candidate who actually shows leadership and STANDS FOR ANYTHING can grab the brass ring in the GOP today. Looking at the front runners is just sad.

  9. debbie0040 says:

    I am not a McCain fan, but he would get my vote before Huckabee would…

    At least McCain is consistent…

  10. SpaceyG says:

    I worked hard in life to get to be a front-pager on a blog where my fellow front-pagerees can’t even spell.

    Amercia, so much to answer for.

  11. ConservativeCaucus says:

    My compliments to Bull Moose for sticking with his man through thick and thin.

    It is interesting to see how people have reacted to the candidates over these last few months. Like Debbie, I have come to McCain as my second viable choice. If Mitt gets the nomination, I have no idea what I will do. I must admit, Ron Paul looks better and better.

  12. Tea Party says:

    Pardon this diversion, but I have a point to make about ‘amnesty’ of illegal aliens.

    I have a huge problemo with my GOP buds and their seemingly intractable postion on what to do with the 12MM or so illegals currently in the US.

    Amnesty is a fightin’ word, so I will refer to getting these 12MM or so folks ‘incorporated’ and tax-paying instead.

    Illegal aliens must be ‘incorporated’ for three main reasons:

    Strategic Alliance:
    I took a walk in Miami Beach several years ago, and heard a young Latino woman speaking, in English, to her Latino male friend about the Middle East.

    The gist of the convo is that many traditional Middle Eastern practices toward women are at worst barbaric, at best, simply unacceptable to Latinos because of their reverance toward all things feminine. Thus, my presumption is that most Latinos have a natural dislike for Muslim extremists and all those who subjugate women.

    “Our enemies enemy is our friend.”
    (Sorta like the Ron Paul guy in the rain, you cannot buy that sort of dedication…)

    Are we ready to pay for fair labor? The current ‘wink and nod’ system of employing illegal aliens by small and large business, is essentially subsidizing lower prices for everything from chickens to construction. Make everyone legal and the prices of many market-basket goods and services are going up. Subsidies never work, we must stop ‘false pricing’ and let the market settle this matter.

    Incorporate and eliminate free medical services, get additional tax revenues, etc.

    How to do it: The IRS knows the bandwidth of every service, trade, and professional salary.

    How many years in the US for you amigo? (Assume a five year minimum, unless proven otherwise.)

    Then tax retroactively, at the average salary level. Most Latinos have cash, and would probably part with it to be legal. Register these folks, put them on a path toward citizenship.

    As long as they pay taxes, commit no crimes, and are registered, we are much better off.

    Our Nation will squander a huge Southern strategic alliance, if we have not already done so
    if we do not resolve the immigration issues we face.

    Back on track:

    It’s gonna come down to McCain/Thompson against Edwards/Somebody.

    Ron Paul and Dennis K. have the best ideas, but then the best ideas do not always win an election.

  13. CHelf says:

    I’m still wondering how people get ‘amnesty’ out of paying a fine, having to cross the border to come back, and then still keep your nose clean to become a probationary eligible to become a citizen. “Amnesty” sure does have quite a few conditions attached to it these days. Add that to the fact that there are numerous other crimes that require paying fines and being on probation to get forgiveness (something negative on their record aside) and you have quite a few Americans getting amnesty each day. It’s a shame parking tickets have now been equated with amnesty these days.

  14. Tea Party says:

    Intractable is a term that best describes the absurd grid-lock mentality that politicos call the norm these days.

    Anybody got a violin, I smell smoke….

  15. Bill Simon says:


    Soooo….I presume you expect the guvment to build a new “registration system” so that all the 12 MM folks can be “registered” somewhere.

    Are you going to charter buses to round them up on the street and hire a new kind of police force to check the “papers” of every Latino-looking or “sounding” person at a place of business or jobsite?

  16. debbie0040 says:

    McCain is actually my fourth choice.

    Of the top five candidates (Thompson, Romney, Huckabee, Giuliani, McCain) only Thompson and Romney are against amnesty for illegals.

  17. Bull Moose says:

    Oh Debbie, I have to reply…
    Thompson doesn’t even really want the job. Sen. Eric Johnson is more excited about Thompson becoming President than Thompson is. That should say a lot.
    Romney is a plastic Ken Doll. We’ll be going into 2008 almost sure to lose with him as our nominee.
    Huckabee is great, but these are not the times to put someone without any international affairs experience in the White House.
    Giuliani is my second choice behind McCain only because he is also authentic and knows what real leadership is.
    McCain is the total package. You may not agree w/ him 100% on all the issues, but you know where he stands, you know you can trust him, and you know he will always level w/ you about the problems America faces.

  18. ConservativeCaucus says:

    Oh Debbie. Do you really think Romney is against amnesty? Come on now. Please tell me you don’t believe that. From what I can tell, the only ones left in the race who can credibly claim that they have a record to back up the claim that they are strong on the border are:

    1. Duncan Hunter
    2. Ron Paul
    3. Fred Thompson

    Mitt just last year was saying that the “path to legalization” was reasonable.

    If you feel that Huckabee is being disingenous on the border issue, I can see where you come to that. In my view, he, as a land-locked with no international border Governor, had not deeply studied the issue and then, after study came to the conclusion that border security is paramount. Romney has “converted” on EVERY MAJOR ISSUE.

    If you want to support Romney for another reason, great. But please don’t tell me you think he is for border enforcement and Huckabee isn’t.

  19. ConservativeCaucus says:

    Sorry to double post.

    NY Observer has an interesting piece about McCain, Huckabee and Romney… here is snipet:

    “Mr. Romney is in such an advantageous spot right now because he

  20. debbie0040 says:

    I will tell you that I think Huckabee is pro amnesty. There is a reason 84 out of 85 anti illegal immigration groups oppose Huckabee VERY strongly.

    Huckabee is trying to sell a bill of goods with his shamnesty immigration plan. It is like urinating in the wind and trying to convince someone it is raining..

  21. TrueConservative says:

    Debbie, you are a wolf in sheeps clothing, just like your idol Ralph Reed. You are a snake in the grass…… The bible teaches us that we will know true believers by the way we treat each other. You stand up for false Christians , while always trying to destroy true believers, just like you tried to destroy Casey Cagle.

  22. debbie0040 says:

    TC, who appointed you God? Are you now the one to determine who is a true believer or not? The Bible also talks about false prophets deceiving people and wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    King Saul was beautiful to look upon and was a great communicator and look what happened to him because he was not following God..

    You would do well to recite Matthew 7:1 and Matthew 7:15 ” 1Judge not, that ye be not judged. ” “15Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. “

  23. debbie0040 says:

    Anything could happen in Iowa:

    Iowa caucuses discourage participation by many voters


    An email I received:
    Friends of ALIPAC,

    Our radio ads are running in Iowa and our latest phone message warning GOP Voters about the pro amnesty stances of McCain, Rudy, and Huckabee are going out by the thousands.

    Our final strategy to deploy needs online volunteers.

    We are out to show that our movement can cost a front runner their win in a state and Huckabee’s numbers are falling fast.

    If you can spare some time, please visit the following link.

    I have placed instructions, materials, and links to over 300 websites you can post on in Iowa.

    Let’s get our online ALIPAC Activists jumping through those links to have some last minute conversations with the voters of Iowa!

    Iowa Website List & Activist Instructions

    I will personally be monitoring this operation through the day on Wednesday. Our top activists have worked hard to prepare this operation and began the work six days ago.

    Let’s roll!

    William Gheen

  24. McCainMonitor says:

    I saw an article that Fred Thompson’s camp traced it back to two of Romney’s guys. The same two that made the brag that they could gut McCains campaign in three days. I don’t know how true it is but I think that type politics is pretty low even for Romney. I think that there are a couple of reasons one Ron Paul is being isolated because of his ties to neo-Nazi and white supremacists. Namely the VNN Forum, abConsevative Citizen and the Stormfront Org.

  25. debbie0040 says:

    Someone sent me an email with this link and article. It was not a Ron Paul person. It was a Christian activist preacher.


    Huckabee Exposed as New World Order Puppet

    Mike Huckabee recently named Richard Haas (the President of the CFR) as his advisor on foreign policy. CNN’s WOLF BLITZER asked “Who are your principal foreign policy advisers, Governor?” Mike Huckabee responded: “Well, I have a number of people from whom I get policy. I’m talking to Frank Gaffney, I talk to Richard Haas..”

    So what does Richard Haas believe in? Here’s an article below which was written by Haas for the Tapei Times. It basically states the Bill of Rights and Constitution should be given up in favor of a cooperative world body run by elite consensus. Who needs individual rights in the techno-futuristic world police state? And you thought liberty was in jeopardy now? Just wait till you see what your children will have to deal with. Get activated folks, These police state freaks want to shape your future into a control grid enforced through the fear based reaction to state sponsored false flag terror.

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