Need New Glasses?

This guy may want to take a harder look at our candidates (on both sides of the aisle) if he actually believes this:

“I want someone who will show leadership,” said Kim Stokes, 54, who owns a road paving and construction firm. Someone with “a strong foreign policy to protect our country and carry on the direction that President Bush has set forth. The candidates I have seen so far, Republican and Democrat, are going to make President Bush look like a genius.

From an AJC article on Monroe County’s win/loss record in past Republican primaries and runoffs.


  1. Ms_midtown says:

    There is no moderate on isolationism. We have Ron Paul —- then everyone else.
    It’s reported John Edwards even called Musharraf. The Democrats are all interventionist. Obama talks hawkish on Afghanistan-Pakistan. Hillary keeps bombing Iran on the table. It would be nice to have a contender a bit more hawkish than Paul, but still with a long term goal of less intervetion.

  2. Still Looking says:

    The “Fair and Balanced” network will not allow Ron Paul on their New Hampshire debate to be held the Sunday before the primary. He’s polling higher than Thompson! But Paul doesn’t conform to the Fox News/Roger Ailes world view, so screw him, his followers, the Libertarians and the open exchange of ideas.

  3. IndyInjun says:

    Peach, my dear,

    Sorry to break this, but Hackaboom has turned into the Hackabust, for he has fallen back to a dead heat with Romney.

    Iowans saw what most Peachpunditeers saw, a very personable candidate, but one short on knowledge and short on remembering the truth.

    He stepped into something untruthful on a daily basis.

    I am sure he is not that bad a person, but Hackabee will do or say nearly anything to be elected.

    Same as Romney, there. Maybe it is why they are in a tie for first.

    Dunno if everyone has noticed, but ALL candidates are back below 20% nationally, meaning the front-runners are receding while Ron Paul and McCain are on the ascent.

  4. juliobarrios says:

    Whoever Kim Stokes is she seems like a wishy-washy idiot. It’s clear she doesn’t like Bush from her “make Bush look like a genius comment”, but then she also states the new President should “…carry on the direction that President Bush has set forth.”

  5. JonHodges says:

    I am thinking that this story is a joke, or spoof, it reads like that anyway.

    It will be very interesting to see who shows up to vote in Iowa. My little brother is in Iowa campaigning for Dr. Paul, and he tells me that the people are under serious campaign fatigue. He is in purgatory, they are putting the college kids into heavily democratic areas, and they are going door to door. He said that the yard signs are all for Hillary, and a few for Paul, but none for the other candidates (we would expect that in the Dem areas). Many people that answer the door tell him that they will not be attending the caucus because it is too much work. This should bode for an interesting vote. GWB won Iowa in 2000 with about 36,000 votes, which gave him 40%. A total of 82,000 people voted. They are expecting a turnout of about 60-80K. Clear skies and very cold on election night.

  6. Icarus says:

    I had resolved not to bring up Holly’s cookies any more, and Rugby busted that one for me before 2008 is even here.

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