2007’s top Georgia Political Story.

So the end of 2007 is upon us. What do you folks think was the top political story in Georgia? Here are a few I thought of but feel free to post your own.

2007’s top Georgia political story.
Budget fight of 2007.
The GREAT Plan.
The Drought.
Passing of Tom Murphy
Paul Broun’s upset win in Cong.Dist. 10.
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  1. GOPeach says:

    Paul Broun’s Upset was AWESOME!!!

    It was the beginning of a NEW TREND of Constitutional Literacy. I was around Dr. Broun started the Republican Assembly – The Conservative ( Equally Social & Fiscal) wing of the Republican Party. I see there needs to be a REBIRTH of the Republican Assembly – it would be a good place for the supporters of Ron Paul….

    I am so glad this was the Biggest Thread “Top Story in Georgia”!!!! God is good!

  2. Icarus says:

    When I finally finish building my BuzzBrockway version 2.0, He won’t put up polls on blogs that put spyware on my computer.

  3. Icarus says:

    I didn’t take it personally Buzz. Everyone wants to know what Icarus is up to these days.

    Happy New Year.

  4. StevePerkins says:

    Hmm… actually, that IS what I voted for, Bill.

    The budget debacle was a cockfight to determine whether the GOP would increase spending “a little” or “a lot”.

    The GREAT Plan is a series of notes on cocktail napkins, promoted by the same FairTax “tax reform” crowd that only cares about themselves and has no matching interest in “spending reform”.

    The drought SHOULD have been the top political story… but it drew only a collective shrug, and a bunch of posts about how terrible it will be if the city tries to make people use low-flow toilets.

    Tom Murphy’s a major historical figure in Georgia… no disrespect for the dead… but he hasn’t really been politically relevant these days.

    That leaves Paul Broun by process of elimination if nothing else. More than that though, it was an surprise underdog victory which suggests that conventional wisdom doesn’t quite have its finger on the pulse of things at the moment… and could perhaps foreshadow further surprises to come. Last but not least, it’s the top story because the “Broun hasn’t been sworn in” thing managed to push aside “Free Bull Moose!” as the top beat-to-death Peach Pundit joke.

    What’s up, Bill? Are you still seething over some nonsense GOP “conspiracy theory” words that you put in my mouth?

  5. Ms_midtown says:

    The drought as an issue has the most awareness, daily life impact, brings fear to voters and elected officials regardless of economic
    status, party affiliation, urban or rural location.
    Cobb County cracks down, Shirley Franklin appealing for conservation,
    Sonny praying for rain. They know the stakes.

    If the day comes this summer, or in 1-2 years when water rationing, pressure drops, forest fires affecting cities and towns ( Yes that is
    possible ) politicians know heads will roll, maybe their own.
    The nighmare scenario or political opportunity is the summer of 2010. A prolonged drought could decide our next Govorner, statewide elected officials, and even control of the state house and senate.

  6. rugby_fan says:

    Dear god…don’t tell me Peach Pundit is now ignoring Paul Broun and our very own Erick Erickson not being sworn in as a top story?

    It is far worse than anyone ever imagined.

    And what about the special election we just had? Has the winner of that race been sworn in?

  7. TPSoCal says:

    The biggest story for Georgia was just announced. Atlanta, Ga scored as the 8th most literate city in the U.S. (source Yahoo News). Go Atlanta!

    Overall, the top 10 most literate (and wired) cities included:


  8. Bill Simon says:


    I’m not seething over anything.

    Occasionally (hell, often) I just make comments about what people might say or do JUST because the thought pops into my head. It doesn’t mean I hold some longstanding grudge against them…it just means I can predict what they do or say.

  9. Icarus says:

    Let’s not forget the true grassroots “Free Bull Moose” campaign. Was a lot more successful than that whole “draft Fred!” crap I briefly flirted with.

  10. Icarus says:

    Also need to include the amount of sports betting that occurs on political blogs. Probably a foreshadowing of legalized gambling in GA.

    Rugby, still time to place a wager on Free Shoes U.

    Jace, I think I’ve got VT over Kansas, no points, winner gets a meal not to exceed the value of a chic-fil-a nugget meal somewhere in the GA-400 corridor?

  11. rugby_fan says:


    I think I actually will wager of the Florida State v. Kentucky game.

    Whichever team has the most points on the scoreboard at the end of the game will be declared the winner.

  12. StevePerkins says:

    I can’t believe I’m just now thinking of it, but what about:

    (1) Grady Hospital (as political as it gets)
    (2) Michael Vick (50% sports – 50% politics)
    (3) BCS football (100% sports as far as I’m concerned, but everyone else seems to view it as 100% politics)

    All three of these stories got more attention than the ones listed in the poll.

  13. Holly says:

    Just how stupid are the people in Pittsburgh and Boston?

    Please don’t get me started. . .

    That said, I voted for the drought because it’s the one that really has the greatest impact on the state. With all due respect to politicians, life goes on no matter who’s in office (and no matter what bizarre tax schemes they propose).

    I agree with Steve about Grady. That was a huge story that should’ve made into the poll.

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