1. Mark Rountree says:

    The theory of a switch in campaigns has been talked about from the beginning.

    The thinking was that Vernon could more easily raise the seed money of few hundred thousand dollars against a Republican incumbent than he could against a Democrat incumbent.

    Vernon could transfer funds from one federal account to another, from Senate to Congress. Then announce vs. Hank, who normally sided against Vernon on the DeKalb Commission.

    The glitch in the system as I see it is the lack of success of Vernon in raising money, and secondly that Hank Johnson has basically gotten kudos for his work ethic from his district. He’s occasionally gone off with the kooks, such as calling for impeachment, but let’s be honest — there are a lot of kooks to placate in the Democrat primary.

    By and large, Johnson’s district seems to have been receptive to him. I don’t think Vernon expected that, which is a second glitch in his possible original strategy.

  2. Still Looking says:

    Vernon is trying to create an issue where none exists. Gannon has no illusions bout running for CEO. She supports Burrell Ellis for CEO. Vernon is trying to create a “republican” problem to run against. This is as nutty as his entire campaign for senate.

  3. ann says:

    Vernon’s ridiculous propaganda isn’t about Gannon for CEO; it’s about Gannon for presiding officer. Anyway, there was no reason for Towery to have run with this. Also, his silly assessment of DeKalb politics, and Vernon’s popularity with the African American pastors, just shows that he needs to learn something about DeKalb politics before he reports on it.

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