The Grady Lease

The AJC has the details.

A proposed lease transferring management of Grady Memorial Hospital to a private, nonprofit corporation requires the new board to break even within six years while maintaining Grady’s historic mission to care for the poor.

According to a cover memo, officials have until today to comment on the draft document, prepared by the Troutman Sanders law firm and circulated last week to some stakeholders. It’s not clear who has seen the proposed lease or what impact the comments will have.

Pamela Stephenson, chairwoman of the Fulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority, the board that runs Grady Health System, did not return telephone calls Tuesday.


  1. mike volpe says:

    The AJC is not telling anyone the whole story.

    This transfer to a private board purports to deal with their fiscal crisis. I don’t believe it does that at all, but let’s leave that for a minute.

    After this privatization plan was announced, JCAHO announced their intention to revoke Grady’s license. The reason has nothing to do with finances and rather patient care. Of course, no one is talking about that.

    While the powers that be at Grady figure out how to divvy up the finances, no one is doing anything to address the nightmarish patient care that is going on there at the same time.

    Furthermore, because Grady is vital to the community you have a situation in which the powers that be can and do use that fact as a means of blackmail and again no one is talking about that.

    I think that Grady’s deep rooted need within the community is creating a situation that is difficult to control. Here is how I wrote about it.

  2. Romegaguy says:

    Always glad to have Volpeach come give us ignorant southerners advice on Grady from his Chicago blog and his unnamed sources. We sure are lucky that he helps us out and heck even more lucky that we can operate this dubya dubya dubya thing that Al Gore invented…

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