1. TPSoCal says:


    Great post. I am very surprised that Boortz is supporting Huckabee. I cannot in good conscience vote for Huckabee. I used to be a real believer in “compassionate conservatism” and a huge supporter of GWB, I was a precinct captain for Bush in 2004. But I have come to the conclusion that the CC movement really is socially conservative Democrats. I guess it’s where a lot of the old southern Democrats went. I am way too frightened of the government give it any more control than they already have. I fear we may have already crossed a line, and GWB pushed us over that line. I am still very socially conservative, but I would rather compromise some social issues to ensure a smaller government.

  2. TPSoCal says:


    Quick question: As a Libertarian, are you going to choose to vote in the GOP primary to support Ron Paul, or are you a Libertarian purist?

  3. jenny says:

    I have nothing to be disappointed about since I’ve always considered Neil Boortz intoxicated by self-love, full of a lot of hot air, and a pragmatist, who occasionally stumbles across truth in a random inconsistent sort of way.
    I am rather surprised that he’s supporting Huckabee. I figured Huckabee was the candidate for sentimental men, and women with a thing for dimples.

  4. TrueConservative says:

    Boortz knows how to pick a winner. Neal and Herman Cain are big Huckabee fans. Mike Huckabee has seized the mantle of Ronald Reagan. Americas best years are ahead of us with the greatest president ever.

  5. TrueConservative says:

    Huckabee is all about calling his listeners to “do something,” to awaken them to their own empowerment, and summon them to action in order that “Main Street,” and not “Wall Street,” will prevail in guarding the values and beliefs upon which the Republic was founded.

  6. tedsimmons says:

    The biggest reason to oppose Huckabee is this: Among the front-tier GOP candidates, he’s the biggest Christian Right nutjob: A creationist who believes the Earth is only 6000 years old and dismisses science when is doesn’t hew to scripture. He’s exactly the kind of whacko Boortz would normally dismiss outright. But then, the “fair tax” is whacko too.

  7. TrueConservative says:

    The more you elitists and media spin and try to smear Huckabee, the more it makes his support base want to retaliate and spread the truth. The more the truth gets out the more support he gets.

  8. ConservativeCaucus says:

    to ted…

    I assume you are not the former baseball player, right?

    Anyway, although Governor Huckabee has gone out of his way to say that he believes that the origin of the universe was started by a Creator. That puts him in line with about 90% of the population. There is much discussion in the scientific community on this issue (admittedly, the majority of scientists believe in old earth), and Huckabee has not been at all dogmatic on this issue. As a matter of fact, when someone asks him how it all happened, he says, “I don’t know, I wasn’t there.”

    I can’t honestly figure out why having an opinion on that would make him a better or worse President. I know it makes it easier for you to marginalize him as a Christian kook, but he is a much more complicated man than you make him out to be and he has a distinguished record of public service.

  9. IndyInjun says:


    When he teamed up with John Linder on the Fair Tax book, it spoke volumes about where his principles are.

    It was like teaming up with an arsonist manning a fire truck.

  10. souldrift says:

    Libertarians who, unlike Ron Paul, wouldn’t stand up for an I am NOT Afraid campaign in regards to terrorism aren’t worth being taken seriously.

    I really doubt Neal would, as he gets marching orders when he VISITS THE BUSH WHITE HOUSE.

    Ignore him, I do.

  11. TPSoCal says:

    Please do not use Huckabee’s name in the same sentence as Reagan’s, it makes my stomach turn. Huck is a liberal, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  12. TPSoCal says:

    Off topic, but does Fred have a campaign office in the North Atlanta metro area. My family wants some yard signs.


  13. Still Looking says:

    Boortz is an entertainer who is ratings driven to make interesting and controversial comments. They may or may not be the truth (he tells listners that occasionally). You might as well ask for an endorsement from Barbara Streisand. BTW he is on vacation until January, so don’t expect a reply.

  14. BubbaRich says:

    Is “free trade” really a “fundamental human right,” especially when compared to some sort of managed trade system where you punish countries for destroying their people’s home and lives so the leaders can sell you something?

    I doubt you could make a coherent argument against that sort of management of trade, and I doubt even more you could convince anybody of it. Especially with attention drawn to poisonous gifts from China right now, although that leaves open the question of China poisoning her people with arsenic to recycle computer waste, and putting kids in slave labor.

    You and Boortz are really in favor of some weird stuff. I haven’t heard anybody put forward a plan for reforming Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, especially since it could have been fixed with very minor changes a couple of years ago. What’s Ron Paul’s plan, let the old people die, they smell bad anyway?

  15. ah, but you still listen…..

    There’s only one candidate that has stayed on message… Its Huckabee. All campaigns have focused on he, yet he still is surging along. It defies all the odds.

    Heck, the money these folks have spent to re-invent themselves is simply amazing, yet they still can’t kill the beast.

    It reminds me of a gubernatorial campaign I worked in ’96. The dynamic that is making up this race is eerily similar….

    I think Boortz knows where to place his bets.

  16. Eureka says:

    Having attended the Neal Boortz event at UGA. When asked about Huckabee, I am pretty sure that he said it was not an endorsement, but that he liked Huckabee. Has he said anything since that is an actualy endorsement?

  17. debbie0040 says:

    Mike Huckabee runs away from his record or tries to put some spin on it. He gets caught distorting the truth about it.

    Word is getting out about Huckabee and his true immigration stance and it changes minds and the polling data will change once ads start hitting.

    Several I work with were leaning Huckabee until they found out about his commutations and pardons, tax raising big government record and his immigration stance. Immigration killed it for them. One sent me an email saying that she was so disappointed in Huckabee because she truly liked him until she found out about his true self…

  18. liberator says:

    Huckabee is a tax and spend corporate bashing liberal who is also a big government loving anti-liberty theocrat on personal freedom issues. He is the worst of both worlds and would lose to Hillary. We need to elect Ron Paul the true conservative.

  19. John Konop says:

    Do you think running out of control debt is better than a balance budget? If you cut taxes without the spending cuts to support it all you are doing is devaluing the dollar and pushing the debt with interest on future generations. That is a hidden tax increase.

    The GOP use to be for pay as you go concept. What happen?

  20. Painterman says:

    Unless spending is cut it will not matter what tax system we have it will not be enough. I would prefer not to throw my eggs into another big spender like W’s basket. I fear Huckabee is such a spender by his record in Ark. The FairTax

  21. Truthmatters says:

    All of you so-called “true conservatives” need to wake up and smell the coffee. You are so caught up in your conservative bubbles that you don’t even listen to yourself.
    I’m not going to get into the “issues” here. We can go back and forth on the issues until the cows come home. The politicians running for president can go back and forth on the issues until the cows come home too. But it probably won’t make much diference.
    What I think should matter the most is the “man” that is running for president, not necessarily his stance on all of the issues. I don’t think there is a man alive that is going to have all of the exact same values and thoughts on all of the issues as we all do. It’s almost humanly imposssible.

    Sure, Huckabee may have some good ideas, but so do all of the other candidates (to someone on certain issues.) And he may be a pastor which is a very good thing. But from my very limited research that any “bonehead” can do on the Internet, I’ve found far to many “skeletons” in his closet to vote for him. Things such as him renting out an office building to a Mexican Consul during his term as governor and amnesty and tax hikes, and all of the discrepancies listed above. And I know what you “blind followers” are thinking…even if all of the allegations aren’t “totally true”…the fact is they are there. And that bothers me and should bother you too.

    But, the truth is that I haven’t been able to find any big “bones” in Ron Paul’s closet and that’s hard to believe in this day and age whan referring to a politician.
    Even his fellow Congressmen say that he has always been a “Statesman,” and a man of “integrity and honor.” Whether or not he has all the answers to all of the issues isn’t as important as his “character” to me, because no one has all the answers. And I challenge anyone reading to prove otherwise.
    “Character” is the defining factor that puts Ron Paul head and shoulders above the rest. And it should also be a top priority for the majority of posters to this blog, to America and the world.

  22. Paul Shuford says:

    Excellent post, Jason. I listened to Boortz face people questioning his support of Huckabee last week, and he brushed off every single question about Huckabee with “Show me a perfect candidate.”, refusing to answer any questions about Huckabee’s past record, or how that record (and even what Huckabee is saying during his current campaign) conflicts with the principles Boortz has claimed to hold dear.

    It’s like supporting Hillary because of her support of the War in Iraq, and brushing off any criticisms of her or that support with “Show me a perfect candidate.” It’s asinine.

  23. Rusty says:

    I saw Ron Paul on the Colbert Report last night, and you know what? He sounded pretty good. But many of his supporters creep me out. Same reason I didn’t listen to the Grateful Dead for a long time.

  24. debbie0040 says:

    From the latest Evans Novak Report:

    Republicans: Huckabee’s lead in the polls hardly assures a victory, and this race could change dramatically in the next three weeks.

    The “X factor” in this race is former Sen. Fred Thompson (Tenn.). Most Iowa Republicans did not even mention his name in discussing candidates they supported or opposed. He simply does not register in the minds of potential GOP caucus-goers, but when asked about him, voters have little negative to say.

    Thompson has far more upside potential than any other Republican, and he is spending the entire final stretch in the Hawkeye State. Thompson has perhaps the most broadly conservative record of any candidate besides the three congressmen (see below). Many conservative Iowans currently settling for Romney, Giuliani or Huckabee (or planning a protest vote of sorts for one of the congressmen) could certainly jump on board with Thompson. If he defies his reputation as a lazy worker, he could make a spectacular surge here.

    Huckabee’s high poll numbers and big leads do not guarantee a victory. He has nowhere near the campaign team, organization or money of runner-up Romney. As media scrutiny is finally arriving, he could be in trouble. Still, he is likable, and his openness about his Christianity plays very well among some blocs in the GOP.

    Many Iowa Republicans like Huckabee because he comes across as genuine, especially in comparison to Romney. This is soft support that could bail to Thompson if he rises or to another candidate if Huckabee’s negatives continue to surface.

    Immigration is a big issue for Iowa Republicans, and Huckabee’s support of state-subsidized education for illegal immigrants hurts him. His big-government record turns off some voters but is not a factor for some of his core supporters.

    Huckabee’s dig at Mormons in Sunday’s New York Times magazine has turned off some Republican voters as dirty, bigoted or just politically dumb. This is the sort of thing that could bring him down.

    Romney, like Giuliani, can afford to lose Iowa, but he still might win. His poll numbers have held steady amid Huckabee’s rise, and a late Romney collapse seems unlikely. Iowa Republicans who back him generally see him as the most electable conservative (in contrast to Giuliani). His healthcare mandate in Massachusetts turns off some conservatives but appeals to some older Republicans who see it as a legislative triumph in a Democratic environment. Romney’s success in business and the Olympics also appeals to potential caucus-goers.

    Many Iowa Republicans who like Romney, however, consider him a general election liability, either because of his Mormonism or because of his record of flip-flopping. Interestingly, the flip-flops on abortion and other issues don’t directly turn off many GOP voters.

    Giuliani has some appeal in Iowa, though not much. His personal life — his three marriages, publicly funded trysts — combined with his New York brashness hurt him here in the Heartland. His support for legalized abortion is definitely a net drag, although Iowa Republicans are hardly uniformly pro-life.

    Giuliani’s main virtue in the eyes of Iowans is his perceived electability. Some see him as the best chance to “beat Hillary.” His particularly hawkish tone does not appeal too much here, as most Republicans do not put foreign policy at the top of their priorities.

    The three congressmen running for President are broadly understood to be the most conservative, but not electable candidates. Representative Duncan Hunter (Calif.) has the respect of many Republican voters in a state where his brand of protectionism has some cachet. Rep. Tom Tancredo (Colo.) appeals to Iowa voters’ deep apprehension about illegal immigration.

    Rep. Ron Paul (Tex.) continues to amaze on many levels, and he had finally started to register on the polls. In last Tuesday’s Midwestern ice storm, almost every Iowa event was cancelled. The exception was a Paul rally, which drew hundreds. His crowds are regularly huge and enthusiastic. He chalked up another record fundraising day on Sunday’s anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, with more than $6 million in online donations in a single day.

    This battle will hinge on Thompson’s performance down the stretch. If he excels, he could draw down Huckabee’s support significantly, and maybe Romney’s, too. If Thompson is as uninspired as he has been to date, Huckabee will probably win.

    The most likely result at this point appears to be a slight Thompson surge at Huckabee’s expense, leaving Romney in first place and either Thompson or Huckabee in second. Leaning Romney.

  25. jenny says:

    ‘Scuse me. Neal. I strongly dislike a number of organizations and people who claim to be pro-life. By the way, far from being our savior, Huckabee is one more giant cow pie on the pasture of tyranny that our government represents.

  26. GOPeach says:

    Huckabee’s Under-the-Radar Tax Plan

    Did Mike Huckabee have a secret weapon that enabled him to finish second to Mitt Romney in the Iowa straw poll? After all, the former Arkansas governor pulled off the rare feat of getting more votes than the number of $35 voting tickets his campaign purchased.

    It appears that Mr. Huckabee benefited from being the only declared GOP candidate who has fully embraced the Fair Tax, which seeks to abolish the income and most other federal taxes in favor of a single national sales levy. The group behind the Fair Tax spent $150,000 to bus 500 voting Iowans to the straw poll site in Ames, where another 5,000 to 7,000 attendees walked through the Fair Tax group’s much-welcomed air-conditioned tent.

    Mr. Huckabee took pains to plug the Fair Tax in his speech at Ames, declaring to loud applause: “We need to go to a fair tax that is so simple a seven-year-old running a lemonade stand could understand it.”

    The Fair Tax has largely been ignored as an issue by a media pack that prefers to focus on abortion, gay rights and health care issues. But just as the media was forced to deal with widespread support for the flat tax pushed by Steve Forbes in 1996, so too may reporters actually have to take off their blinders and notice the noisy and well-organized Fair Tax movement.

    — John Fund

    (Political Diary, OpinionJournal.com

  27. GOPeach says:

    And the Winner Is… Tax Reform

    Many of those who were in Iowa tell us the locomotive of Mike Huckabee’s surprise second-place showing was the tax reform group known as the Americans for Fair Taxation. Mr. Huckabee is the only candidate to embrace the national sales tax idea called the “Fair Tax” and AFT is said to have spent $150,000 to get out the vote for Mr. Huckabee — at least as much as the candidate spent on himself.

    “The Fair Tax people were everywhere,” says conservative organizer Paul Erickson, who was on the scene last weekend in Ames. “This was a very impressive showing for the Fair Tax and for tax reform in general.”

    Mr. Huckabee’s campaign manager, Chip Saltsman, says: “We talked a lot [on the campaign trail] about the fair tax.” The AFT is said to have bussed about 500 Iowans to Ames for the vote, which helped push Mr. Huckabee into second place in the low turnout early beauty contest.

    The Fair Tax is a consumption tax plan that would totally eliminate the personal income, corporate income, capital gains and estate taxes and replace them with a 23% national sales tax. AFT’s national chairman Leo Linbeck of Houston says the plan has been tested with voters and is salable because “workers get to keep every penny they earn. The government doesn’t withhold any money from the worker’s paycheck.” Mr. Huckabee tells me that the Fair Tax would “bring jobs that are being lost to overseas competitors back to these shores. This is the most important step we could take for American competitiveness.” He adds that the plan is an easy sell to voters because “it is fair, simple and pro-growth.”

    — Stephen Moore

    (Political Diary, OpinionJournal.com

  28. GOPeach says:

    Fred has this ” I got this thing in the bag” attitude.

    He thinks that he in unbeatable, I am not so sure.

    He might be really stunned when he is outdone by someone who is ALL HEART!

  29. GOPeach says:


    As Mike Huckabee advances in the polls, the attacks on him escalate as well. Since the attacks on his Christianity don’t seem to be doing all that well, many are looking for other areas of vulnerability. They see Huckabee’s support of the FairTax as one of those areas. This past week The Wall Street Journal ran an editorial calling the FairTax “the most radical tax plan imaginable.”

    “FairTax: The Truth; Answering the Critics” will be in bookstores on February 11th, and most of the WSJ objections will be answered there. But you know me, I just can’t sit still and watch these mindless attacks on the FairTax go without some response. So I’ve picked out three statements from the Wall Street Journal editorial to answer. Here we go:

    “But while proponents use that 23% figure as an easier political sell, the rate is closer to 30% when it’s calculated like any other sales tax, with the levy on top of the price.”

    We really do hate to break it to the editorial board at the Wall Street Journal, but the simple fact of the matter is that the FairTax is not calculated like other sales taxes. The FairTax is included in the price, not added on top of the price. Perhaps the board would be less inclined to misstate the terms of the FairTax if they actually read the book or H.R. 25, but we’re patient people, so we’ll explain this one more time:

    (a) Current state sales taxes: You look at the item on the shelf. The item is priced at $100.00. You take that item to the cashier. The cashier adds the state sales tax to the $100. If that sales tax is 7 percent, you pay $107, take your receipt and walk out.

    (b) FairTax: You look at the item on the shelf. The item is priced at $100. You take the item to the cashier. The cashier asks you for $100. You pay your $100, take your receipt and walk out. You look at the receipt. The receipt tells you that 23 percent of the $100 you paid for that item is the FairTax and will be forwarded to the federal government. You call upon your years of education and quickly calculate that $23 is 23 percent of $100.

    Our next excerpt is particularly vexing. It clearly shows that whoever wrote this editorial for the WSJ editorial board really didn’t know what in the world he was talking about:

    “….the fair tax would offer a bull’s-eye for Democrats, who would love to run against a plan that would instantly make most purchases 30% more expensive.”

    As I said, here is where it becomes patently clear that the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal simply does not understand the basics of the FairTax. You would think that an august publication such as The Wall Street Journal would be a bit more thorough in their research before they put an editorial in their newspaper, but here we know that was not the case. We have people scrawling “FairTax.org” in the dust on the backs of their 18-wheelers who know that the FairTax will replace the embedded tax that already exists in virtually everything we buy. The final result will be that the consumer goods we will purchase after the FairTax will cost essentially the same as they did under our present tax system.

  30. GOPeach says:

    Gov. Mike Huckabee:

    “We’ve had Congress that’s spent money like Edwards at a beauty shop. And it’s high time that we have a different kind of tax structure, and the FairTax would get us there.”

  31. Jason Pye says:

    Stephen Moore on the Glenn Beck show:

    Huckabee did not have a good record as governor. When I was at the Cato Institute, we used to grade the governors and we gave Huckabee a D for his fiscal stewardship. He raised taxes across the board. So his record as governor was not very good.

    You will not hijack this thread. If you try to, I’ll delete your comments.

  32. IndyInjun says:


    You quoted Boortz on the Fair????tax as saying “You look at the item on the shelf. The item is priced at $100. You take the item to the cashier. The cashier asks you for $100. You pay your $100, take your receipt and walk out. You look at the receipt. The receipt tells you that 23 percent of the $100 you paid for that item is the FairTax and will be forwarded to the federal government.”

    Boortz is a FOOL who either has not READ the fairtax BILL or he is trying to fool YOU.

    Section 510 of HR 25 ” For purchase of taxable property or services for which a tax is imposed by section 101, the seller shall provide to the purchaser a receipt for each transaction that includes–

    `(1) the property or services price exclusive of tax;

    `(2) the amount of tax paid;

    `(3) the property or service price inclusive of tax;

    This says that the price indicated is EXCLUSIVE OF THE TAX!!!!!!!!

    Boortz is doing what he accuses we ‘critics’ of doing – defining the Fairtax in HIS terms, not based upon what is in the BILL.

    Neal Boortz is a charlatan.

    The Dems are going to absolutely TORCH Taxabee on this nutty deal and any other GOPer whose is STUPID enough to embrace it.

  33. Bill Simon says:

    Unfortunately for Huckabee, he peaked a little too soon. As the last days of December trundle along, Huckabee’s imminent rise will falter as all those thinking conservatives figure out he’s full of bull.

  34. IndyInjun says:

    ……..And worse than that, the Fundies discover his blatant attempts to deceive.

    I am trying to be optimistic here and giving some of them benefit of the doubt.

  35. liberator says:

    Rusty I’m a Paul supporter and I prefer Ted Nugent to the Dead anyday! Cat Scratch Fever and Strangelhold indeed!

  36. debbie0040 says:

    Peach, Huckabee got one endorsement out of 85 groups. The others oppose Huckabee and his Shamnesty Plan.

    Thses anti illegal immigration groups are getting the word out about Huckabee’s record and his Shamnesty plan.
    Please forward, post, and distribute this info far and wide!)

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    While our movement is on fire with almost unanimous condemnation of the Huckabee ‘touchback’ AMNESTY trick and the betrayal of Jim Gilchrist from the Minutemen, the general public and the voters are under a very false impression today.

    While our networks are buzzing with the truth, unfortunate comments by Mike Huckabee and Jim Gilchrist on the major networks of Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and CBS have the public currently hearing…

    “That Mike Huckabee is tough on illegal immigration, will make the illegals leave, and those Minutemen support him.”

    We apologize for hitting you with this on top of the Christmas holiday, but we need immediate action from you to turn this situation around.

    As things stand, Mike Huckabee is poised to win the Iowa primary on Jan 3 and his win will be based on lies. A win by Huckabee using these deceptive tactics will set a precedent with his victory that will be hard for our movement to stop in other states!

    Jim Gilchrist has been confronted with the facts by best seller author Dr. Jerome Corsi who co-authored a book with Jim Gilchrist. Despite this confrontation and the signed letter by over 85 organization leaders in our movement, Gilchrist is sticking with his endorsement.

    We need you to take the following actions immediately. We must reverse the Huckabee surge. By doing so, the GOP field will be open to a surge by another candidate who could be more honest and synchronized with the public on immigration issues.

    Telling the public the truth and bringing Huckabee’s numbers down will likely benefit the campaigns of Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter, Fred Thompson, and possibly Mitt Romney.

    Please join us in the following actions.

    1. Please read the following material front to back and watch the video.

    Immigration Watchdog says ‘Adios Jim Gilchrist and Mike Huckabee’

    National Release 84 Leaders Rebuke Minuteman’s Endorsement of Mike Huckabee

  37. Debbie, we must take immediate action!!! The sky is falling, the earth is not flat, those puffy things in the sky are not marshmallows or huge scoops of ice cream…..


    People see real problem solving as opposed to political pimping…..

    Would you mind though, perhaps posting a link to all of these cut and pastes.

  38. talk about mind numbed robots….. Did you happen to look at the banner???? This is a Ron Paul organization. You think for a moment they want Huckabee or any other Republican for that matter?

  39. debbie0040 says:

    You are wrong about being a Ron Paul organization. Saw nothing in the banner to indicate that it is a Ron Paul organization.

    There are 84 different anti illegal immigration groups out of 85 that oppose Huckabee.You can’t kill the message by killing the messenger. Old Clinton trick.

    Quote from the email:(Maurice, these are emails that go out, so no link is available) I can see why Huckabee supporters do not want this to be publicized, though..

    “Telling the public the truth and bringing Huckabee

  40. debbie0040 says:

    These are the same anti illegal immigration groups that led the charge to defeat the Senate Immigration Bill that Huckabee had very favorible things to say about and the American people did not.

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