1. Mike Hauncho says:

    You may not be able to spell Sugar without UGA but you couldn’t win the Sugar Bowl two years ago with UGA either. I think they spelled it with WVA that year.

  2. Jace Walden says:

    True you cant spell SUGAR without UGA but you can spell NATIONAL CHAMPIONS

    Except for the two times that Georgia won the National Championship. Admitedly though, I wasn’t born when the won either. Hell, my dad wasn’t even born to see one of them.

    I think they spelled it with WVA that year.

    Yes they did.

    You guys get all your shots in while you can. Georgia is going to embarrass Hawaii.

  3. Icarus says:

    SWVAR Bowl makes no sesne.

    But I too, was there,

    And after almost driving into a tornado on the way to the game, and enduring the first half of the first quarter, I abandoned my New Years’ resolution to cut back on my drinking very early.

    I was in line at the concession stand ordering two beers for myself when the scoring cannons went off, indicating WVA’s 4th touchdown in the first quarter.

    UGA did come back strong and made it a close game, but it was not our finest hour.

    I’m hoping it doesn’t take 28 points to figure out Colt Brennan.

  4. Jace Walden says:


    It was in 1942…like I said, my dad wasn’t even born yet. Here’s more info:

    1942 – The Bulldogs beat UCLA 9-0 in the Rose Bowl to finish 11-1 and claim the national championship. Notable contributors during the season included Frank Sinkwich, George Poschner and Charley Trippi.

  5. Icarus says:

    UGA claims National “Consensus Champions” in 1980 and 1942. UGA also claims partial #1 rankings based on polls in 1927, 1946, and 1968.

    According to the 2004 UGA media guide, the 1942 Championship is based on the following:

    “In the final polls, Georgia declared national champion in six polls recognized by the NCAA – DeVold, Houlgate, Litkenhous, Williamson, Poling, and Berryman.”

  6. Doug Deal says:


    I.e. nothing that really counts.

    Georgia fans counting a victory in yet another game that hasn’t been played. At least this one is actually scheduled.

  7. Icarus says:

    Oh, Doug.

    So Sad.

    If a team is now crowned National Champions by the AP, then it doesn’t count?

    I guess GA Tech can give up their claim on 1990 then.

  8. Doug Deal says:


    Bad analogy. In the 1942 Championship, it is more like if Georgia wins the Driving Budha’s College Zen Index. Is it too early to make the banners and update next year’s media guide?

    I suppose the Bulldogs also have a few Red&Black national championships to hang as well, since we are making all polls equally weighted.

  9. GOPeach says:

    I beg to differ…

    I’d say JAWJAH BUH DAWG AMLUM pretty much fill 80% of the seats at the KAP AH TUHL!

    Why … every candidate has to say they have red and black underwear.

  10. rugby_fan says:

    UGA won’t cover the spread.

    Utah and Boise State showed that you can’t count out mid-major western schools.

    Don’t forget, UGA lost to six and six South Carolina, got lucky against both Alabama and Vanderbilt, and gave up 34 to Troy.

    But the puppies are truly deserving to play for a national championship.

  11. Icarus says:

    I’m sorry, but why do fans of the team playing on blue turf at the “Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl” have room to talk smack about any team in a BCS Bowl?

    31-17 my friends, 31-17.

  12. Doug Deal says:


    I am a fan of the team I grew up with, Ohio State, not Tech. I think college teams should be representative of the school they represent, and Tech is not supposed to have students with 750 SAT scores.

  13. Bill Simon says:


    YOU SEC guys are always claiming that any SEC team is far superior to any ACC team. So, it should be expected that UGA wins over Tech.

    So, again, I am eagerly looking forward to the possibility of UGA getting smacked around in the Sugar Bowl.

  14. rugby_fan says:


    They are now known as the Warriors, dropping the “Rainbow” moniker several years ago.


    I agree. A rational debate about college football is probably one not worth having.

    That said, every ounce of my rationality, okay, my one ounce of rationality is telling me that the puppies will not cover the spread against the Warriors.

  15. Bill Simon says:


    Living vicariously or living large, it will be a great feeling if the puppies get their snouts slapped repeatedly with a rolled-up copy of the Times-Picayune newspaper.

  16. Jace Walden says:

    Being a libertarian, it’s hard for me to justify any federal/state spending that could have been better handled through the private sector. The more I ponder it though, the more I think there is an exception:

    If Georgia were to ever expand Sanford Stadium or build a new Football Stadium, the taxpayers should be liable for the bill.

    The University of Georgia Football Team has given a lot to this nation over the years. It has provided the people of this nation with years and years of top-caliber football. It has provided the highest quality players to the NFL. More so than any other school.

    UGA Football has consistently owned everyone at everything. There is no organization or individual in the world more deserving of our gratitude and support than the Dawgs.

    The taxpayers owe a debt to the Bulldogs for years of proud service in the name of dominating college football. It is only fitting that the next stadium or stadium expansion be offered by the taxpayers as a tribute to the greatness of Georgia Football.


  17. Icarus says:

    Can’t imagine a new Stadium. The major change needs to be adding Vince Dooley’s name to Sanford Stadium.

    And possibly a taxpayer funded addition of luxury suites, that are made available to supporters of the dogs who post on PeachPundit…

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