1. Bull Moose says:

    Honestly, I am shocked.

    Romney is trailing horribly in his race to be elected, why would Jack decide now to back him?

    I’m reading the article now myself and it doesn’t offer a clear reason for the endorsement.

  2. Icarus says:

    Bull, a theory:

    Kingston is possibly looking at a statewide race in the near future.

    The early Romney supporters in GA are the “big money” Atlanta crowd. They bet early, and they bet big. This time, the also bet wrong.

    They need someone with “a title” to give their early mistake credibility. Kingston can always use well funded friends in the Atlanta area.

    Seems like a good match to me.

    Your mileage may vary.

  3. joe4cobb says:

    Romney is still the favorite nationally. Georgia will not elect the next Republican Nominee. He’s joining the team who has a great chance to win the White House, not Georgia.

  4. TrueConservative says:

    All candidates that sell out Gods truth for that phoney, will never win a state wide race in Georgia….

  5. TrueConservative says:

    Kingston, Gingrey, Pricea nd any other
    Christian who backs Romney should be ashamed of themselves for selling out
    Christ for a few dollars and/or moments of earthly political power.

  6. SFrazier says:

    The problem TC, is that national Christian leaders and most pastors are too afraid to speak out against this cult, it is no wonder why the vast majority of Christians are totally ignorant about what this cult believes. In addition, they have
    been brainwashed by the masterful PR efforts of the Mormon cult to have people believe they are Christians. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! Mitt Romney is no more a Christian the Osama Bin Laden is! Romney,
    like all members of his satanic cult, is a LIAR! He goes out on the campaign trail and talks about his belief in God, Jesus, and the Bible, and that he is just like any other Christian. Romney has been very clever and calculating in perpetuating the lie that he is a

  7. SFrazier says:

    Yeah, sure Buzz, get real. This is a two way race between the Huck and Rudy. After Huck beats the snot out of Mitt in Iowa, McCain will win NH. Kingston has just committed political suicise. What an idiot…

  8. Bull Moose says:

    I’m not surprised they are endorsing someone, I’m surprised they are endorsing Romney.

    I mean, for me, the one Republican who has the most consistent conservative voting record is John McCain. He also has the most experience and is ready to lead from day one.

    From there, my criteria would be who could be the Democrats. With all do respect to Mitt Romney and his background, in this election, I do not think that he can beat any of the Democrats.

    My 2nd choice is Rudy Guiliani.

  9. TPSoCal says:

    I am a christian conservative and I have no problem voting for Romney. He’s not my first choice, but I will not judge a presidential candidate based on his faith. Wow, I am just stunned by the comments above from fellow believers. I do not agree with Mormonism in any way shape or form, but it is a mainstream faith. We should judge our candidates based on their positions on issues that matter and their character, but not on whether they are Mormon or not. I am a Bible believing Christian, but I will vote for Romney way before I would vote for Huckabee.

  10. SFrazier says:

    The jesus of Mormon theology is not God incarnateas the Bible teaches. The Mormon jesus was not supernaturally conceived by the Holy Ghost, but the natural offspring of their

  11. StevePerkins says:

    Wow. I’m not a Romney supporter, but I’m still literally shocked by this thread.

    There has been plenty of speculation on whether the Mormon-factor will hurt Romney, but the discussion has always been in the abstract third-person sense. Stuff like, “Well, of course *I* don’t have a problem with it… but *some* people might.” It’s been the same kind of tone people use when they talk about racial politics… “Well of course *I’m* not racist, but other voters are likely to feel that way.”

    Reading some of the comments on thread gives me a feeling similar to when I’m hanging out with a small group of conservatives in private, and they start throwing the n-word around. I freeze, thinking, “Oh crap, you ARE those ‘some other people’ that we refer to!”

    I don’t exactly plan a conversion to LDS anytime soon, and Mitt Romney does come across as a pretty phony candidate. Nevertheless, he represents his faith much better than some of the people here do.

  12. SFrazier says:

    Since I am African American, I don’t see what race has to do with this Steve. Unless ofcoarse you have a guilty coscience. Mitt Romney goes around telling Christians

  13. SFrazier says:

    conscience–sorry, I attended an urban H.S. before UGA. But B4 you start your racist thoughts Perkins. My SAT scores were in the top 10% in the nation.

  14. ConservativeCaucus says:

    Can we please talk politics and not religion here? I am sure that there are plenty of religious sites with rules similar to this one where you can share your views there.

    One’s religion does not make you more or less qualified to be the President.

    Let’s stick to ideas, record, vision for the future, ability to lead, temperment, judgement, personal appeal, etc.

    It seems to me that we have a very rich field of GOP candidates, most of whom would make very good Presidents. My favorite is Huckabee, but I could make a strong argument for Thompson, McCain, Giuliani and Romney… and Hunter and Ron Paul.

    And, since I mentioned Ron Paul… congrats to him and his supporters: you guys keep making people scratch their heads about your ability to raise serious money. The GOP better stand up and take notice – there is something to him and the message he is bringing to the American people.

  15. StevePerkins says:

    1) I don’t believe you’re actually black. I’ve never seen your posting nickname here before, and assume you’re trolling.

    2) It’s insulting for you to blame your bad grammar and spelling on your education in “an urban high school”. (You should be blaming it on your education at UGA instead)

    3) The correct term is “long-haired panty waist”, not “waste”. More importantly, I’m *balding*… you doof.

  16. Ms_midtown says:

    Buzz Brockway -is correcto – The Republican race is so wide open there is nothing to loose or risk endorsing any candidate, there will be no grudges when the nominee is decided. Unlike the Democrats, where a non-Hillary endorsement could mean having a DNC, a former president and either a new president or spitefull\most powerful senator out for payback.

  17. Bill Simon says:


    A few things things to keep in mind with regard to the uber-religious supporters on Peach Pundit:

    1) SFrazier probably is a true believer in what he/she is writing with regard to his Christian beliefs, while…

    2) TrueConservative is only a caricature of what he has observed over the years with regard to the extreme religious fundamentalists, and he doesn’t believe anything he is typing; he is just engaging in a little game. If you read his stuff more closely, you’ll figure out that he loves to get on here and just set people like Steve Perkins or Debbie off the charts with his religious prose.

    He probably laughs himself to sleep every night…and, probably has quite the sore stomach. 🙂

  18. GodHatesTrash says:

    Well, there’s no doubt that Joseph Smith was a 19th century flim-flam man, a snake-oil salesman of the first rank.

    Of course, the clowns that started the Baptist faith in the 16th century were of the same stripe…

    It was Peter, the first Bishop of Rome, and the other Apostles upon whom Jesus disposed His Christian Church. Protestantism, like Mormonism, sprang from the crazy sick egos of megalomaniacs, charlatans, and perverts, not from Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ…

  19. RuralDem says:

    I think it is hilarious how Republicans can support the GOP John Kerry.

    I just hope those of you who support Romney do not consider John Kerry a flip-flopper.

    I want a President that can bring the nation together, and well, to be honest, I guess Mitt Romney could do that due to his special ability to talk out of both sides of his mouth.

    What do you Romney supporters think about his little claim that the NRA backed him, when they did not? Romney is nothing more than a desperate politician.

    We need someone in office who truly stands for something. The only thing Romney stands for is whatever view is popular in the room he’s speaking in.

  20. RuralDem says:


    As a Democrat, I hope y’all do nominate Romney 🙂

    Which, the last thing I want to see is an Obama vs Romney match up. It is scary to picture either of them running the country.

  21. Doug Deal says:

    Maybe Kingston just thinks Romney is the better man for the job.

    Yet another problem with politics, everything is either done to curry favor with someone or everyone thinks it everything is done soley to curry favor with someone.

    If these are the type of people we think are worthy to hold office, we deserve the candidates we get.

  22. drjay says:

    maybe what we should all be ushing for is a obama/keyes rematch so keyes can smack him down nationally to make up for his loss in illinois in 04…

  23. Jace Walden says:

    Ron Paul’s remarks are always pretty good.

    Unfortunately, his comments aren’t going to win him any points in the hearts and minds of the Religious Right, who think it’s government’s job to turn America into a Christian Theocracy.

    Then again, he probably never had their support anyway. As James Dobson would say, Paul isn’t “Christian enough.”

    Paul raised over 6 million in one day. He’s not out of this race yet. He also said that he had not completely ruled out the minute possibility of running as an independant if he doesn’t get the nomination.

  24. Debbie, Debbie, Debbie,,,, taking the same liberty that the media did with Huckabee’s mormonism comments,,, this man is a polite loose cannon. To brand someone as a facist is a pretty heavy charge.

    I certainly hope he’ll be held to the same scrutiny, but of course he won’t.

    I really enjoyed Huckabee’s interview on Larry King last night. It was insightful.

  25. debbie0040 says:

    I thought his comments were good about Huckabee inferrring he is the only Christian in the race.

    Paul just made a quote about facist. He made it clear that he may not agree with that quote.

    I am sick and tired of Huckabee supporters saying that Huckabee is the only Christian in the race and true Christians should support Huckabee.

    I am a true Christian but I am disgusted by the fact that I believe Huckabee is using religion and Christianity to distract from his pitiful record. I will not be distracted…

  26. debbie0040 says:

    Huckabee infers that he is the Christian in the race. Many Huckabee supporters have said he is the only Christian in the race .

    Maurice, you have never inferred that in any way, but others have.

  27. John Konop says:

    Debbie, do you agree with Ms. Huffington?

    HuffingtonPost: The evangelical crowd was fine when it was just a resource to be cynically exploited every few years in demagogic anti-gay get-out-the-vote campaigns. But now the holy-rolling monster the GOP

  28. GodHatesTrash says:

    Finally, some Repukes are getting the message I’ve been preaching for the last couple of years – evangelical Protestantism is a mental disorder.

  29. GOPeach says:


    I think Ron Paul would make a great president… and I think he has a very good point with THE WAY war was declared upon Osama Bin Laden…

    We have a BIG mess to clean up…

    The message has been sent that we will not tolerate ISLAMOFACISM in the USA!!!!

    If they want that in the Middle East … so be it.

  30. Jace Walden says:

    Ron Paul would be the best President we’ve had in over 100 years.

    It’s funny, I have never lived through a “good President”.

    I was 6 when Reagan left office, I don’t remember anything first hand about him. Every President since Reagan at least, has been a disaster.

  31. kendrial says:

    Kingston stated at the 1st district convention that he would most likely support Romney. So, I am not suprised.

  32. debbie0040 says:


    Representative Earl Ehrhart Co-Chair
    Senator Tommie Williams Co-Chair
    Senator John Douglas Vice-Chair
    Representative Jim Cole Vice-Chair
    Representative Tom Graves Vice-Chair

    Senator Eric Johnson
    Senator Bill Cowsert
    Senator Greg Goggans
    Senator Bill Hamrick
    Senator Lee Hawkins
    Senator Bill Heath
    Senator Bill Jackson
    Senator Jack Murphy
    Senator Chip Rogers
    Senator David Shafer
    Senator Preston Smith
    Senator Cecil Staton
    Senator Don Thomas
    Senator Mitch Seabaugh

    Representative Amos Amerson
    Representative Terry Barnard
    Representative Timothy Bearden
    Representative Tommy Benton
    Representative Mark Butler
    Representative Buddy Carter
    Representative Jim Cole
    Representative Doug Collins
    Representative Clay Cox
    Representative Burke Day
    Representative Tom Dickson
    Representative Earl Ehrhart
    Representative Terry England
    Representative Ron Forster
    Representative Allen Freeman
    Representative Rich Golick
    Representative Tom Graves
    Representative Mark Hamilton
    Representative John Heard
    Representative Calvin Hill
    Representative Billy Horne
    Representative Penny Houston
    Representative Sean Jerguson
    Representative Tom Knox
    Representative Barry Loudermilk
    Representative Roger Lane
    Representative Bob Lane
    Representative John Lunsford
    Representative Howard Maxwell
    Representative John Meadows
    Representative Jay Neal
    Representative Allen Peake
    Representative John Yates
    Representative Cecily Hill
    Representative James Mills

    Fmr Senator Brian Kemp
    Fmr. Rep. Chuck Harper
    Fmr. Senator Bill Stephens

  33. RuralDem says:

    Are these Georgia legislators who supported the draft Fred movement, or are these actual endorsements?

    His “leadership team” is frightening. He needs a true leader like Senator Johnson on his leadership team.

  34. I Am Jacks Post says:

    How about we step back from religion and instead take swings at Jack Kingston for being the wasteful, pork barrel, spending slut that he is?

  35. TrueConservative says:

    Debbie, every single one of those reps and Senators wished they had endorsed Huckabee. The ones with character will come to the light, but even if they don’t, the will never overcome the prayers of true believers.

  36. TrueConservative says:

    I got a feeling Casey Cagle will, he is a man of character with a hunble beginnings like Huckabee.

  37. TrueConservative says:

    This dude hit the nail in the head in the Cherokee Tribune:

    I am a Christian. I am a conservative. I believe the Christian experience of faith cannot be set alongside other aspects of life: it pervades the other aspects. Therefore, politics is simply one more sector of existence in which a Christian’s faith is to be lived out.
    I was deeply disturbed by some leading politicians at the Georgia GOP convention who claim to put Christ first, yet tried to convince me that Mitt Romney, a Mormon, should be my choice for president. Christians don’t recognize Joseph Smith as a prophet, nor do we believe we attain godhood while populating a planet with spirit children. As a brother in Christ, I would like to remind these leaders that everything we do in life should be guided by eternal goals, not earthly goals.
    Georgia Christian voters will show these “Judas” Christian politicians that we are sophisticated enough not to turn the presidential race into a plutocracy that makes it about how much money a candidate has raised, instead of about the character and innovative leadership that the candidate will bring to the presidency.
    Phill Dacosta
    Ball Ground

  38. Jace, I’m comfortable with my choice.

    For me it is not a Christian Right thing, it is about someone tackling tough issues. What he did for Arkansas was admirable, in my opinion. I oppose useless tax increases, however, roads don’t pave themselves. Someone has to fund the educational apparatus and educators deserve a decent living wage.

    On the federal level, the dynamic is far different. K Street has a sweet tooth for these legislators. I believe you’ll see a strong effective leader.

    But what do I know, I’m a mindless robot… yeah right.

    Jace, you said to do a little research, perhaps you should pick up the phone and make some calls to Arkansas and get the facts.

    You were young, but when Bill Clinton won the Democrat nomination, there was an uproar from people in Arkansas. There was a literal market for Bill Clinton scandal videos of all nature. There is nothing on this man.

    Could it actually be, he is who he says he is?

  39. I’m certainly for lower taxes, but some who claim their conservative are not. They’re anarchists.

    I don’t know one Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or any other group that doesn’t want the very same things. The free for all environment on this board is hysterically insane. What’s unfortunate, is some are elected leaders hiding behind monikers.

  40. GodHatesTrash says:

    Well, it looks like the Huckleberry has the KKKhristianist KKKrusaders behind him… Jump on board Debbie, in your heart of hearts you are one of them…

  41. debbie0040 says:

    Jones always inferrred that his religion was right and everyone else was wrong. If they did not believe his way then they were not true believers. That is exactly what True conservative does..

  42. Jace Walden says:

    perhaps you should pick up the phone and make some calls to Arkansas and get the facts.


    Everything I have said about Huckabee’s record, can back up with documentation from several sources. I have done so on other threads. I guess you have ignored them. That’s fine.

    I don’t want to argue with you anymore, Maurice. The truth is, I say stuff like “mindless robots” for shock value. I don’t actually think you’re a mindless robot. I think you’re a good guy, who at his core stands for small government.

    That is why for the life of me I cannot understand why you would back Huckabee. I agree that there isn’t a lot of choice out there, but in my opinion, Huckabee and Romney are the two biggest phonies from either party running in this election. But I could support Romney before Huckabee.

    Anyway, I do apologize for offending you. I tend to be very abrasive (to a lot of people) when discussing politics, and I’m sorry.

    I really wish you would reconsider your support for Huckabee though.

  43. debbie0040 says:

    Maurice, facts have been posted from Arkansas- videos, newspaper articles. The Arkansas Eagle Forum does not like Huckabee and some GOP Elected officials in Arkansas have been very critical of Huckabee.

    I would support any of the other Republican candidates before I would support Huckabee…

  44. Debbie and Jace, I’m suggesting dig a little deeper. Case and point, Roughly two years ago I begin involving myself in another race from which there was a lot of trash being thrown. Mostly from one direction, however, it went both ways.

    After reading some of the information, I picked up the darn phone and made some calls. I spoke with individuals in Alabama, which led me to some individuals in other states. The calls led to numerous other calls and much deeper research.

    Every word I printed was legitimate and didn’t carry a lot of adjectives and adverbs. It stood for itself. — One of the issues was the man was contracting for a candidate, while at the same time contracting with an organization who was working for his client’s defeat. The very basic elements of integrity and loyalty were destroyed.

    But if I remember correctly, Debbie, you weren’t concerned with the facts. I believe your comment was, all’s fair in politics.

    Some of these posts are mere drivel, based on information posted on other blogs (aka, online gossip columns), but fact finding is not that difficult and you’ll be surprised what friendly relationships you develop.

    My support of Huckabee is very simplistic. The man has the right termperment. He stays on course and doesn’t involve himself in mindless rhetoric. His opponents and their operatives and attemped to smear him with all manner of smear (family issues, words taken from context). Y’all made a ton of hooplah out of the mormon comment. If you’ve ever dealt with the media, sometimes it happens not always, but sometimes. It did to me last summer. It wasn’t all that bad, but did ruffle a few feathers.

    I have major concerns with what is happening to our economy. We have no fair trade anymore. China is dumping their goods on our markets and ridiculously low undercut prices. We’ve destroyed our manufacturing on core resources. Not a thing has been done about it. K Street still rules.

  45. debbie0040 says:

    We Must Stop AMNESTY in the Elections!

    (Please forward, post, and distribute this info far and wide!)

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    While our movement is on fire with almost unanimous condemnation of the Huckabee ‘touchback’ AMNESTY trick and the betrayal of Jim Gilchrist from the Minutemen, the general public and the voters are under a very false impression today.

    While our networks are buzzing with the truth, unfortunate comments by Mike Huckabee and Jim Gilchrist on the major networks of Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and CBS have the public currently hearing…

    “That Mike Huckabee is tough on illegal immigration, will make the illegals leave, and those Minutemen support him.”

    We apologize for hitting you with this on top of the Christmas holiday, but we need immediate action from you to turn this situation around.

    As things stand, Mike Huckabee is poised to win the Iowa primary on Jan 3 and his win will be based on lies. A win by Huckabee using these deceptive tactics will set a precedent with his victory that will be hard for our movement to stop in other states!

    Jim Gilchrist has been confronted with the facts by best seller author Dr. Jerome Corsi who co-authored a book with Jim Gilchrist. Despite this confrontation and the signed letter by over 85 organization leaders in our movement, Gilchrist is sticking with his endorsement.

    We need you to take the following actions immediately. We must reverse the Huckabee surge. By doing so, the GOP field will be open to a surge by another candidate who could be more honest and synchronized with the public on immigration issues.

    Telling the public the truth and bringing Huckabee’s numbers down will likely benefit the campaigns of Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter, Fred Thompson, and possibly Mitt Romney.

    Please join us in the following actions.

    1. Please read the following material front to back and watch the video.

    Immigration Watchdog says ‘Adios Jim Gilchrist and Mike Huckabee’

    Gilchrist endorsement of Huckabee splits movement by Dr. Jerome Corsi
    (Not really split 85 to 1)

    ALIPAC Release discussed on Rush Limbaugh radio Show!

    National Release 84 Leaders Rebuke Minuteman’s Endorsement of Mike Huckabee

    2. Please turn on your radios, access our national talk radio directory and send copies of these articles and our press releases to each talk show.

    ALIPAC’s National Talk Radio Contact Directory

    3. Monitor and call in every talk show you can to relay the contents of these items to the public. GET THE INFO ON THE AIR WITH CALLS INTO SHOW! If you hear Huckabee or Gilchrist on the air, move to intercept them with the truth!

    While our activists are hitting the air waves, ALIPAC President William Gheen will be on many talk shows trying to repair the damage that is being done to our cause by Huckabee and Gilchrist.

    Later today, you will receive another e-mail alert detailing our plans to take emergency action to warn the voters of Iowa before Jan 3.

    We must stop Huckabee and Gilchrist from perpetrating this fraud on the voters. We must stop AMNESTY in the elections!

    We must work together because the Huckabee plan would have most of the illegal aliens voting by the next election and the next wave of millions of illegal aliens on their way.

    The ALIPAC Team

  46. TrueConservative says:

    Debbie, did Ralph teach you to go that low. I follow Jesus Christ and Him only. I understand that God does not need me, but he honors me time and time again by using me to candidates after His heart into office. In return, I have never taken favors because I know and fear Gods power. I pray morning, night, and day for candidates whose Christian faith defines them. It is not good enough for their faith to merely influence their decisions, it must drive their decisions. I will not apologize for being sold out for Gods truth. I am fully aware that I am a rotten sinner that is only saved by His Grace. I have met with Huckabee and with prayer and fasting and am 100% sure that he is our answer to prayer. I know God does not need me, but every morning I rise at 5am and get on my knees and ask God to honor me by using me.

  47. ConservativeCaucus says:


    It is extremely dangerous to make the claims you are making. I support and pray for Huckabee, but when you say you are 100% sure that “he is our answer to prayer,” do you mean that he is definitely your choice?

  48. TrueConservative says:

    There is nothing dangerous about God answering prayer. It is time to pray for my country and go to bed.

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