Ike Hall named as Georgia Coordinator for Ron Paul.

From an email I received from the Paul campaign:

Ike has long been a campaigner for peace, free markets and individual liberty. He is a member of both Veterans for Peace and the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He has followed Ron Paul’s speeches and writings for many years and as soon as he heard that Dr. Paul was running for President, he poured all of his energy into the campaign.

Ike has been active in the Atlanta Ron Paul 2008 Meetup since its inception and has helped to found several more Ron Paul Meetups in Georgia. He has assisted the grassroots campaign by educating other Ron Paul supporters in political campaigning and delegate selection and by organizing local events. He sees his appointment as Georgia State Coordinator as the natural extension of his current grassroots activities.

“The supporters in the Georgia Ron Paul Meetup Groups were instrumental in supporting my bid to become Georgia State Coordinator. I’m grateful to all of my friends in the Ron Paul Revolution. With their help, we can win Georgia for Dr. Paul on February 5.”

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  1. NonPartisanGA says:

    Voting for Ron Paul would be like voting for Pat Paulsen, Ralph Nader or Cynthia McKinney.

    The electorate does not take him seriously and his ideas are as comical as Pat’s proposed constitutional amendments:


    If folks in Boston can throw away a million to his campaign in one day, that just proves the adage that a fool and his money are easily parted.

  2. Still Looking says:

    Say what you will about the Democrats; but when the convention is over, the party will unify around the nominee. That is not the case with GOP whose eventual nominee will be Dead Man Walking.

  3. Rick Day says:

    To the so-called “non-partisan”:

    First they ignore us
    Then they mock us
    Then they fight us
    Then we win

    – a more famous nonpartisan than you.

    So how is your status-quo candidate doing to perpetuate your fear of others?

    LOLs at you and yours. I repeat again, LOL!

  4. Listen Here says:

    The only Republican left is Ron Paul. Comparing him to Pat Paulsen, Ralph Nader or Cynthia McKinney is silly.

  5. ChuckEaton says:

    I won’t be voting for Ron Paul (I don’t think we can return to Isolationism and I think terroism will be the most important issue of our lifetime), but certainly not all of his ideas are comical.

    He’s got some great points and I think we’ve gotten so far away from the original intent of our Founding Fathers his ideas are now considered strange – which is scary.

    I think if you were to take any of our Founding Fathers and place them in this country today, they would be considered extreme radicals.

  6. Carpe Forem says:

    The Founding Fathers were considered radicals then too, but they were correct. So that is what the American people have to decide this election. Do they want to be Big Government loyalist or do they want to join the Ron Paul R3volution for freedom, peace and prosperity?
    I’ll take the later, as one who believes in the American idea should.

  7. John Konop says:


    You think the key to fighting terrorism is nation building? Anyone who thinks Iraq is a functioning democracy is kidding themselves. The key to a functioning democracy is the ability to respect minority rights. The Middle East is a tribal society that has no respect for minority rights and is still living in the Middle Ages.

    The reason violence is down is via giving local control to the tribes. I early on supported this strategy years ago it is called containment. Yet do not fool yourself in thinking that this is a long term strategy that will create a strong federal democracy style government.

    This is a short term plan that buys us time to get off the need of Middle East oil.

  8. NonPartisanGA says:

    Boy that Ron Paul Koole-Aide must be strong. All kidding aside in spite of your committment to RP, do you guys seriously think he is electable in the primary much left the general election?

  9. StevePerkins says:

    I don’t know what frustrates me more sometimes… Paul’s opponents, or his supporters.

    Six months ago, Paul was an absolute joke. During the first couple of debates, Rudy Guiliani openly laughed the entire time Paul tried to answer any question. Six months (and $25 million) later, Rudy’s not laughing anymore… and Paul’s not treated as a joke.

    Still, the “r3lovution” guys just CAN’T pull their heads from their arses and capitalize on this. I’ve actually noticed a couple of formerly-adversarial hands reached out lately, but the Paul folks slap them away for no reason whatsoever. Someone like Chuck says, “You know, I’m still not 100% with you, but I guess I agree with a lot of what the man’s saying.” The appropriate response is to work the crack that’s opened up in the door, not slam it with some nonsense such as, “Well screw you for not being 100% with us!”

    I don’t know how the primaries are going to turn out, and I don’t know how Paul would do against a Democrat in the general election (I DO know that this obsession with “electability” as the end-all-be-all has turned the GOP primaries into a “musical chairs” joke, liable to produce a weak nominee no matter what because nobody really believed in him on principle). However, even if Paul runs out of steam, my HOPE is his candidacy is something that can be built upon… to get true small-government values a place at the table alongside the “abortion and gays” crowd currently running the show. It sometimes feels like this emphasis on actually ACCOMPLISHING SOMETHING puts me in the minority… too many other Paul supporters just want to sit in the corner and whine like kids. For too many people, thumbing their nose from the sidelines is the entire point… they don’t WANT the burden of actually accomplishing anything. It’s such a waste of opportunity Dr. Paul is putting out there.

  10. John Konop says:


    My view on Iraq is different from Ron Paul. The comment I made are my views not Ron Paul. I am not part of the Ron Paul campaign.

    As I said in the past I do think he is the best candidate on spending and less government. I am not 100% with him on all issues. I am still undecided.

  11. joe says:

    Except for Ron Paul, all of the GOP candidates could switch parties without having to compromise principles. While I know he is wrong about Iraq, I also know that Ron Paul is right about most other things. I can’t say that about anybody from the liberal wing of the GOP.

  12. IndyInjun says:

    Steve Perkins,

    I agree that we must be somewhat conciliatory to reconstitute the winning GOP coalition behind Dr. Paul and like you, I sense that more than a few here have softened their stances and we should welcome them aboard.

    After all, it is all about saving this great country, isn’t it? Even during the Revolution there was this same synthesis as the Tories came over.

    To those who remain leery of Dr. Paul’s Iraw stance, it is hoped that you would consider these things. Paul voted FOR going after Osama, while correctly protesting the Iraq war on the basis that Pakistan was the real danger source. In this he has been proven correct. Also, he has said that the withdrawal will be at the prudent pace dictated by generals. A third factor, is that the USA is going to be FORCED by financial considerations to leave Iraq by 2009, irrespective of whom the POTUS is. Dr. Paul has spent 20 years warning of these financial perils. Finally, the USA is paying a huge % of GDP to defend Japan, Inc. and Korea, Inc., direct competitors and this is NUTS.

    One wishes that Dr. Paul had a deep voice and an imposing presence that the masses seem to crave, but I look at the 9 books he has written on economics and see a principled man who is the best qualified to bring financial sanity back and shore up the monetary system by reigning in the Fed.

    Anyone who mocks Dr. Paul as crazy or fringe needs to take a good look at what the financiers who control the GOP have wrought. What they have done to the US financial system should make everyone weak in the knees.

    Let’s restore the Republic and the Constitution behind Ron Paul!

    Make no mistake though, this is a MOVEMENT that aims to retake the GOP back to its PRINCIPLES and there are a lot of folks who don’t welcome us.

    We welcome the help there, too.

    Let’s quit calling names and roll up our sleeves.

    Go home anf find a picture of Washington crossing the Delaware, consider the gravity of the situation we are in, and take matters into your hands as those frostbitten patriots did.

    Somehow we have to figure out how to gently get through to the religious right and get them to look DEEPER into the candidates. The one they are lining up behind cannot win us our country back and he won’t live up to his promises , given his history and the impossibility of if.

    Not one Paul supporter agrees with him on everything, but he is our best hope – right now our ONLY hope – to set things right for our kids.

  13. JonHodges says:

    Why do you think Dr. Paul is wrong about Iraq?

    That is his defining issue. It goes back to the morality of forcing our idea of government, which by the way is nothing to copy right now, seriously flawed monetary policy, and the fact that we simply cannot afford it as a nation. We can save so much money by defending our own borders. Let the Iraqi’s defend their borders. We made a huge mistake going in, and the best solution is to bring home the troops. That is why Dr. Paul leads in donations from active and reserve military, they too want to come home.

  14. JC says:

    With what we have left what are the choices?

    Romney has NO track record of conservatism. I watched a video of him debating Kennedy when he ran for the Senate. He needs to get elected to congress as a conservative first to prove his conservatism with a voting record. He may not “change back” officially, but I am not convinced that he has any conservative fire burning in his bosom.

    McCain, who by no possible definition is a conservative. Think McCain-Feingold. He’s a hot-head who’s temper does not belong to a chief executive. War on terrorism? Perpetual war? Sounds like something out of 1984! We are going broke and cannot afford it. He doesn’t understand economics which is our most serious challenge. With a failed economy, what are we going to do? Call China for another cash advance. He is another Dole 1996 in the works.

    Huckabee, who is certainly not a fiscal conservative and has a record of weakness on immigration. He’s been endorsed by the NH NEA. If he doesn’t do well in the South on Tuesday, no more money and he’s finished.

    Paul, who has a 30 year track record which no one in their right mind can say that is not conservative. He sounds like Goldwater in 1964 and Reagan in 1964, 1986 and 1980. Even Matt Towery asserts that Reagan would vote for Paul. YouTube: Matt Towery’s Webcast for 12-26-07

    His opponents try to make him sound fringe and call him names, but I’ve read his position on foreign policy. He is not a damned isolationist, he’s not for stirring up hornets nest and sending your son and daughter into it. But you’ve got to read for it to make sense. At least read the reviews on Paul Sperry’s books Crude Politics and Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington. Or Former CIA Bin Laden Unit chief Michael Scheuer’s books. YouTube: Michael Scheuer on the Sept 2007 bin laden message

    He has always voted as a conservative. He doesn’t do politician BS. You always know exactly where he stands. He is also a real free-market proponent. He proposes trimming government back to the size which we can afford, saving social security for the old folks, giving youngsters a chance to save for their own retirement, real tax reform.. not just shifting it around, eliminating the IRS, and returning the bulk of government to the states and the people like the Constitution requires, so we can govern ourselves and experience unprecedented economic growth. You can bet the farm he will veto pork and insane spending. He will stand up to the Democrats. He wants to spend money here at home, not propping up dictators on the other side of the world. He won’t lie to you and he won’t steal from you. He won’t take bribes from special interests. He isn’t getting the answers whispered to him through hidden earphones. He knows that the only toward lasting economic prosperity for us is to get the dollar back on sound footing by stopping the Fed from printing money, the cause of higher prices.

    Get real people. What’s wrong with that?This guy is our ideal candidate. He is the only one who can stop the Hillobama express. He is getting the money exponentially. He will not stop as long as he has money. He is getting more support every day. Plus, if he doesn’t get the nomination, I cannot imagine with this much momentum that there will not be a strong conservative 3rd party backlash which will net at least enough votes to send a McCain/Romney ticket to the showers. And it won’t take many since the GOP base has shrunk drastically since 2000. We have got to change if we expect to survive politically. Stop listening to the pundits. Research and think for yourself. Check out Paul’s issue positions on his website. He is the only hope the party has for a victory in November. Otherwise get ready for President Hillobama.

    The future starts Tuesday.

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