Baker for Clinton


Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton won another round in the battle for Georgia’s coveted black vote on Monday as she picked up endorsements from the state’s only two black statewide elected officials.

Attorney General Thurbert Baker and Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond threw their support behind the New York senator.


  1. The Comma Guy says:

    Better question – does it really matter? By the time Georgia has its primary, the field will have been narrowed down. It’s a shame that the folks in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada get to decide who runs for president.

  2. Icarus says:

    Please excuse this threadjack, but I don’t have fancy front page posting rights, and this topic was covered three threads down.

    Today is the special election to replace Dan Lakly in the GA House. There are 4 folks running:

    Ramsey: The “establishment” candidate,
    Brown: The “anti-establishment” candidate and former PTC mayor,
    Madden: The “Democrat”,
    Becker: The only female in the race.

    Smart money would usually put the first two in a runoff, but in a special election one week before Chrismas, who knows?

    Again, sorry for the threadjack. Will now return you to discussing Thurbert’s love for Hillary…

  3. GOPeach says:


    Thanks for sending that. It really is a spin job in the mind of Bill Clinton but then again, it could be a little political thing that should happen no matter WHO becomes PRESIDENT!

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