This Will Only Help

Any form of precipitation, even if it comes with cold weather, is a good thing.

This week’s record December warm spell will be only a memory this weekend, as forecasters are predicted a cold rain for metro Atlanta and a chance of snow in the North Georgia mountains.

One cold front moved through the state overnight, and a second, much stronger front due to arrive early Sunday will send temperatures plummeting, the National Weather Service said.

I must say, I enjoyed the effects of global warming this week. 70 degree weather in December could not possibly be a bad thing.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Is the precip because of the public prayer session held by Sonny?

    Here’s a question: Approximatley 600 miles away and to the north of North Georgia, they are getting slammed with precipitation. In his prayer session, did Sonny actually specify where he was asking God for moisture? Ya know…ya gotta be specific with God…He really doesn’t read between or over the lines very well.

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