Price has Opposition in the Primary

And it is not Peach Pundit regular, John Konop.

Retired Marine Corps Col. Mike Boyce, back from a 10-month stint as an infrastructure contractor in Iraq, is seeking to challenge Rep. Tom Price for his 6th District seat.The 58-year-old Republican said he is running because of the need to enforce laws on illegal immigration and his concerns about the economy, Georgia’s water woes and the war on terrorism.

I guess there are several Republicans in the district who dislike Price enough to waste time and money in a primary they most assuredly will lose.


  1. joe4cobb says:

    I only served two years in the Guard but it’s my sense that Hauncho is very politically inexperienced who has never worn the uniform. Although I like Tom, and will support him Boyce has every right to run. I do believe if he does run he will only hurt himslf, politically, down the road. We need people like Boyce running for office but taking on a suicide mission will kill him down the road.

  2. Mike Hauncho says:

    What expert? Bill Simon?


    My comment had nothing to do with his military experience. It was based on the fact that Price has strong support in his district, especially in his own Party. So this guys run for COngress will be short. I have no problem with candidates running against incumbents but there are times when the odds are against you and your differences are not enough to oust the current office holder.

    John Konop sucks.

  3. Bill Simon says:


    Your presumed assumptions of fact aside (i.e., everyone loves Tom Price, therefore Tom is a great representative), you know absolutely nothing about Boyce, but yet, you’re ready to just throw his candidacy out.

  4. Mike Hauncho says:


    My mom says to tell you hello and asks if you ever found your hampster?


    I never said everyone loves Tom. What I said was he has “strong support in his district.” That means he has the numbers to win and unless his opponent is either a well known candidate or Tom has done something really bad, that he is going to win fairly easily.

    It must be sad to have so much anger and distrust for others and so few people who actually care about you.

  5. Jace Walden says:

    Associated Press/10/14/2006:

    [A] thorough examination of Georgia Congressman Top Price has revealed that the Republican’s head is not actually attached to his body, John Jones reports […] after months of research, the AP has learned that the missing head actually resides in the anal cavity of President George W. Bush […]

  6. Romegaguy says:

    Mike I have no idea who the expert is but that is what John said so it must be true, right? I asked who it was but he never replied….

  7. SFrazier says:

    The honorable Erick, do you think it is appropriate for an elected leader to call a taxpaying citizen of your community a profane word

  8. AlanR says:

    No offense to Tom, but primaries are a good thing. If Boyce brings up issues that catch the attention of a portion of the R electorate, or gives voice to a portion of the R electorate, Tom will be forced to listen and that’s good.

    Its the only way to keep them grounded at home instead of in DC. Look what happened to the class of 1994.

  9. GodHatesTrash says:

    Mike – the last time I saw your Mom was about 9 months before you were born – maybe the condom leaked…

    (You should be nice to me and the the thousand other guys that might be your daddy.)

  10. joe4cobb says:

    Erick, i dont expect this blog to turn in to some nasty , obnoxious tit-for-tat. “God hates Trash” needs to be banned. He stepped way over the line and Mike is right behind him.

  11. Carole says:

    I imagine we’ll hear much more from Boyce. Marines aren’t known for taking an action without a really good plan in place.

  12. Mike Hauncho says:


    I am actually very politically experienced and I have not worn a uniform. I actually do not see where the uniform comes into play. I never said the guy should not run, what I did say was that you would not hear of the guy after this meaning he will have a terribly hard time against Price. As a condidate you have to know when to pick your fights and going against a member of your own party who is very well liked and supported is not the time. You are correct about hurting his political future but since we know nothing about him and considering his first political move he may not be a candidate down the road anyways.

    By the way, what did I say that crossed the line? All I did was make a joke in response to a very distasteful, yet expected, comment from Trash. If I crossed the line I apologize but I think that was well within limits.

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