Petrino “Miserable” in Atlanta

Poor Bobby. I am sure $14.25 million will cheer you up. This season certainly showed you are worth much more than that.

Arthur Blank was too meddlesome with the Falcons and former coach Bobby Petrino’s family was “miserable in Atlanta.” Those are the latest salvos in the continuing fallout from Petrino’s sudden departure from Atlanta Falcons head coach to the head coach at Arkansas.

NB: For the UGA fans, see if UGA would benefit from a playoff here, I’ve run several different simulations and only once did they go to the semi-finals. But really, they are deserving to play for the title.

Also, the AJC has a gallery of GT’s year in Athletics. Highlights include a photo-op with last year’s ACC division title and a victory over 3-9 Notre Dame.


  1. Icarus says:

    There’s nothing like taking a $2Million pay cut and hollerin “Wooo Pig, Souey!” ad nausium to make a family happy.

    And if he thinks Arthur Blank was “meddlesome” (he does own the team, you know?), I can’t wait until he meets the present Arkansas booster club…

  2. Icarus says:

    I just can’t wait the 24-36 months it will inevitably take for the Arkansas AD to be giving interviews saying he feels betrayed and lied to when Petrino uses the meddlesome Arkansas folks as an excuse to bolt.

    Still can’t figure out who’s going to be dumb enough to fall for his act again, but my money is on Auburn.

  3. GAWire says:

    I truly hope that by “they are deserving to play for the title” you’re not referring to UGA and some assenine idea that they should be in the national championship. If so, I need to talk to you about some great property in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward that I’d love to sell you for a great price.

  4. Mike Hauncho says:

    Patrino has bee called every name in the book so far except a racist. Well that is about to change. I think he could not take the diverse culture this city has and it drove him crazy. He is a racist.

    If Al Sharpton can scream it so can I.

  5. Icarus says:

    How can Petrino be called a racist when it was Atlanta’s proposed ban on “baggy pants” that finally put him over the edge?

  6. GodHatesTrash says:

    When the history of Home Depot gets written, it wonn’t surprise when we find out that the brains behind it all wasn’t Arthur Blank.

    Sell the Falcons, Arthur.

    Enough of Amateur Hour.

  7. Harry says:

    Rather than calling Petrino a racist, I’d rather say Blank was trying to be overly politically correct in his micromanagement of the Falcons and Petrino, including wording of the pre-game prayers and the choice of the starting QB’s skin color.

  8. CHelf says:

    Well let’s look at this history of Blank’s involvement: firing Reeves which was a mistake, hiring Jim Mora Jr. and basing draft picks and plays around one coach which was a mistake, coddling Mike Vick repeatedly after multiple transgressions, and then hiring Bobby Petrino who did not fit the players or plays already built into the team. One poor decision after another has given us this current losing team. Needless to say letting the losing team loose before cameras and microphones to act like a 5 year old girl having a tantrum before the world didn’t help either. The team was cut off on much of their access during the Vick debacles. Why let the entire team share the family’s dirty laundry in such a childish manner? Why no be the better people and just say we’re going to move on and work on actually winning?

    Who really wants to come in to this mess? Gripe all you want about Petrino. But the underlying cancer of this team still remains. Seeing the history of this organization under this management and ownership over the past few years makes me wonder if anyone would not only WANT to come here but could do anything about fixing it.

  9. Icarus says:

    Either that or he was tired of season ticket holders not showing up because they were searching for Duane Allman.

  10. Rick Day says:

    I finally got enough bonus points on my Falcon Card (100,000) to earn a dinner with Mr. Blank, which I will reserve this winter. Hopefully his hotty redhead wife will join us.

    If there is anything special you want me to convey as my ‘conservative Republican friends’, feel free to email me.

  11. SFrazier says:

    The honorable Erick, do you think it is appropriate for an elected leader to call a taxpaying citizen of your community a profane word

  12. Clint Austin says:

    UGA has the longest winning streak of any college football team in the continental United States – playing one of the toughest schedules during that timeframe and beating 3 ranked teams during that span.

    Only GT math nerds could devise a “system” that would not put UGA into a playoff at this point! (Yes, Bill Simon – I’m talking about your school)


  13. rugby_fan says:

    Here is some math from a non GT alum.

    Two losses, one to a team that lost the conference championship game (meaning the second best team in the conference), and one to a six and six team.

    OSU lost once.

    So what I am seeing is that UGA couldn’t get it done as often as OSU, couldn’t get it done in their division, and yet somehow deserve a spot in the BCS title game.

    You know what, if whining and ignoring the facts is what is taught in Athens, then you can continue to believe somehow UGA is one of the two best teams in the country.

  14. liberator says:

    OSU didn’t play anybody worth a flip. Heck Northside of Warner Robins could beat em. The Dawgs and Hawaii are playing for the National Title. Petrino didn’t like Atlanta? He must not have been to the Pink Pony or Cheetah?

  15. rugby_fan says:

    Hey liberator:

    UGA lost to a team (South Carolina) that wasn’t worth a flip.

    When you look at UGA’s losses, the Bulldogs don’t seem so high and mighty.

  16. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Just for the record, I just ran the simulator linked above for the very first time, using the BCS Top 16 rankings — Guess who won? GEORGIA!

    Round 1: Defeated Florida 34-31
    Round 2: Defeated Oklahoma 31-27
    Semi-Finals: Defeated Tennessee 32-21
    Finals: Defeated USC 30-25

    Beginners luck, I suppose.

  17. liberator says:

    Rugby fan that was early in the season while our freshmen were getting broke in. By the Florida game they were ready to show the world they were the nation’s best team. They will prove it when they beat Hawaii in the real national title game. Ohio State and LSU are pretenders.

  18. rugby_fan says:


    I bet if there were a rematch of Florida and Georgia, Florida would win.

    But you know what, you can’t prove it.

    All I am saying is that UGA couldn’t beat a six and six team and lost to Tennessee in a match that wasn’t even close. I am not sure how blinded by reality you have to be to say that UGA would have a shot at winning that game were it to be played again. Didn’t UT win by 25?

    As bad as OSU may be, they won which is a bloody shit ton more than UGA can claim.

  19. Jace Walden says:


    I agree with you that UGA shouldn’t be in the National Championship game, but I would put any team in the SEC with less than 4 losses up against Ohio State any day of the week.

    You correctly point out that Georgia had two awful losses and Ohio State only had one. However you conveniently ignore the fact that Ohio State only had ONE quality win, possibly two if you count the unranked Wolverines. That win was against Wisconsin, and they don’t even crack the Top 15 in the BCS. The only team ranked above 15 that Ohio State has played all year, was Illinois…..and Ohio State lost to Illinois.

    Georgia had quality wins against Auburn (23rd), Florida (12th), and Kentucky (if you count Michigan for OSU, then you have to count Kentucky for UGA)

    Ohio State only played 6 bowl-bound teams, and beat 5 of them.

    Georgia played 7 bowl-bound teams, and beat 6 of them.

    Additionally, Georgia didn’t have the luxury of playing out of conference power houses like Akron, Kent State, and Youngstown State…although Troy and Western Carolina weren’t powerhouses–Georgia did play a bowl-bound Out of Conference Oklahoma State and a bowl-bound Out of Conference GA Tech.

    I’m not saying that Georgia belongs in the big dance, but if you’re going to narrow the choice down between Ohio State and Georgia…then Georgia is the better team.

    The Championship Game should be LSU vs. Oklahoma.

  20. Icarus says:


    $2.5 Mil for Jimbo to sit around and take Bobby’s pulse every day?

    I think you’ll be understanding 28 years in the next decade.

  21. rugby_fan says:

    I am not exactly sure how that would be possible.

    FSU last won a national championship in 1999.

    If they go the the entire teens without a championship, that would be 20 years.

  22. whitemalevoters says:


    Refresh my memory….the last time you guys played Georgia….what was the score?

    26-13? A loss in the Sugar Bowl? Is that right?

  23. whitemalevoters says:


    You should be able to tell us what it feels like going 28 years.

    It took FSU 45 years after starting a football program to win its first.

    When the FSU football program started, Georgia had already one its first.

    How does 45 years feel?

  24. Doug Deal says:

    Reading this discussion makes it quite clear why we have the lousy government and lousy elected official we do. You people see what you want to see in everything.

    If the exact same circumstances flipped for your team and your rival you would take the opposite side of the “debate” with equal certainty. It does not make you good fans, it makes you dumb.

    Sadly, this is exactly how the same lot of you argue political points.

  25. Jace Walden says:

    All hail the great Doug Deal, the man who is far above all of us lowly College Football zealots. Praise be to the Doug!

    Seriously though, Doug…College Football is one of those topics where it is appropriate/expected for a person to be a logic-denying apologist of whatever team he/she wishes. It’s okay. And if you look a little closer, with the exception of Whitemalevoters, you’ll see the people arguing on this thread (Me, Rugby, Icarus) with absolute zealotry, are the same who do the exact opposite of Sadly, this is exactly how the same lot of you argue political points.

    Some things on the curriculum of discussion in life don’t have to go through approval at the Doug Deal school of argument.

    I guess what I’m trying to say, Doug is if you don’t like the conversation, no one is forcing you to join it. I’m sure there are a lot of more “mature” threads that are more worthy of your attention. 😉

  26. Icarus says:

    Whitemalevoters should notice the Georgia O-Line has rhythm when doing Soulja Boy.

    Whitemalevoters should try this at home before trying it in public.

  27. Doug Deal says:


    Okay, I was going for rhetorical symmetry, so I will retract that part as it applies to you Rugby and Icarus. But it is how most people argue political points, so it was false but accurate. 😉

    However, acting a homer just makes you lose credibility, especially when everyone knows OSU will crush hapless LSU. Expect it to be over by 5 minutes left in the first quarter.

  28. Icarus says:


    Was the marijuana crop a little late to bloom around Macon this year?

    I hope you still have some of your stash left after the first quarter of the NC game. You may need it.

  29. Jace Walden says:


    I am a confirmed apologist of the Georgia Bulldogs. I hate Ohio State more than any other team in any other sport anywhere.

    Thus I must remind you that Ohio State’s record against SEC teams since 1950 is 1-9-1.

  30. Icarus says:

    Teams Icarus Hates:

    5. Florida (My God I hate Florida)
    4. Ohio State (My God I hate Ohio State for making me pull for Florida in a NC game.)
    3. GA Tech (My God I hate it when their fans claim they’re really Ohio State fans because they’re embarassed they went to a college with no women, except their football team.)
    2. Notre Dame (Think God likes Notre Dame? I’m pretty sure he wasn’t consulted on Charlie Weiss’s contract extension)
    1. Whomever is playing UGA.

  31. rugby_fan says:


    Much like I have been in contact with Elvis lo these many years, I have had regular communications with Pope Benny (as I like to call him), and he told me that he was in fact a Boston College supporter.

    It is a smart thing to deduce that God then must not be supporting the Eagles instead of the Irish this year.

    The question then of course becomes why didn’t BC win a national championship.

    Two reasons; first I called in a special favor for the FSU game and second, Benny got caught up in the Rugby World Cup.

    After all, rugby is the game they play in heaven.

    My god I hate Florida.

  32. Doug Deal says:


    I am honored to deserve special mention in your hate list.


    Unconquered in the realm of (dishonesty) , it would seem.

    Everyone else,

    When Ohio State wins by three touchdowns or more, I promise not to come here and rub it in. Also, when the SEC has a losing bowl record, going 0-3 against the Big 10, I also promise not to rub it in.

    Everyone knows that college football success is cyclical, but the Big 10 has been on top for so long, the cycle may be several millennia, but you guys will one day get a chance. Just keep practicing against powerhouses like Troy, Louisiana-Lafayette and Lousiana Tech.

  33. Icarus says:


    You’re welcome.

    Care to take a look at last year’s SEC vs. Big 10 Bowl record? How long, exactly, have you guys been on top? Having Kirk Herbstreet proclaim it does not make it so.

  34. Icarus says:

    And this just in,

    Petrino “miserable” in Arkansas, spotted this morning on a “recruiting visit” to Morgantown.

  35. rugby_fan says:

    Bowden has long ceded control to any one of his lieutenants.

    I’ve often said once he stopped calling plays the winning stopped as well.

    Now that he is not in charge no one is willing to accept any sort of blame for poor play or misconduct.

    Oh well….When Mark Richt becomes the coach. He’ll fix it all.

  36. Jace Walden says:

    Mark Richt is the coach at UGA.

    He has no reason to be seduced by the scent of a lesser stag.

    If you’re waiting on Mark Richt to come fix things…………you’re going to be waiting a LONG time.

  37. Jace Walden says:


    You are correct. And I hate that so much.

    I’m about to say something that I really don’t like to admit.

    On years where each of the major conferences is having a good year (not this year obviously), if you take the top 2-3 teams from each conference, you’re not going to see much difference. Every conference has a lot of talent in teams 1-3.

    I think where the “SEC is Strongest” argument is most legitimate is in teams 4-12. I think the conference is by far the “deeper” conference, as far as talent on down the line.

    But on a good year for all conferences, it’s really hard to separate the 1-3 teams.

  38. Icarus says:

    Sorry Doug,

    The complete ass-whooping that Florida put on Ohio State last year seems to have clouded my memory.

  39. Doug Deal says:


    So sad when Georgia fans try to poach glory from Florida. But, that’s what happens when you have so little of your own, root for conference “rivals” and pretend your team had something to do with it.

    When Georgia gets “rainbowed”, does this mean Hawai’i is better than all the rest of the SEC, except Tennessee and South Carolina?

  40. rugby_fan says:

    “He has no reason to be seduced by the scent of a lesser stag.”

    Of course he doesn’t he has no allegiance or warm feelings for the program which gave him his name.

    I guess that is why he maintains a membership at a Tallahassee church and has an exit clause in his contract for one unspecified school.

    Must be.

  41. Icarus says:

    So now Pete Carroll is supposedly being lured by the Falcons.

    And again, “sources” have leaked this to ESPN.

    I conclude 2 things.

    1) Pete Carroll is getting his annual fix by having his ego stroked by the national media over an open NFL position, and

    2) Arthur Blank is again being used to get someone else to write a bigger check.

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